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Infantry, Amphibious Infantry, Marines


Oct 30, 2022
One thing that never made much sense to me was that, sans the Berserk, the only amphibious unit is the Marine. IRL amphibious warfare is not exclusive to Marines, nor is that their main purpose. Dating back to Ancient Times soldiers have attacked from onboard ships. I was thinking about having Infantry be amphibious. If I recall, @Civinator does this with infantry in CCM. I also added Motorized Infantry as a prereq to Mechanized Infantry. I was thinking that making infantry, amphibious, could be their advantage over faster motorized/mech infantry.

However, if I do that, what is the purpose of the Marine? What purpose could they serve? Especially since I made the American UU the USMC. Could the USMC be the American UU for Infantry?
I think that difference is in tactics. Infantry is mostly defensive unit, their purpose is to hold their position in trenches, as you mentioned in other post. Meanwhile purpose of Marines is primarily offensive operations. IMO Marines should be cheaper and appear earlier in tech tree.
If marines would not be the only amphibious units in your mod, maybe you can try give them HN flag: they may be special units to conduct covert operations.
Or maybe two different upgrade lines of "light" and "heavy" attackers. Only light attackers might have amphibious ability, maybe even stealth attack for some of them.
I remember that in Civ1 units could attack coastal targets from a boat - it was definitely a good idea to remove that as a general unit trait in later versions.
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