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Mar 1, 2003
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Current Version: Current version is 0.9.9b --Released 28 November 2010

-Updating is easy, simply download and install, the installer will uninstall the old version on your computer, and update the mod. The current version 0.9.9b is save game compatible with version 0.9.9, and 0.9.9a but will not load save games from earlier versions.

Version 0.9.9b patch: LoR 0.9.9a has a pretty major bug in it that makes World Wonders not work. If your version of LoR is 0.9.9a, you can patch to 0.9.9b easily with a 1MB patch. Earlier builds require a full reinstall, as described above. The 0.9.9b patch for version 0.9.9a can be found here:

You can check the version of your copy of LoR in game, by accessing the BUG interface options (click the bug icon n the top left of the screen or press ctrl + alt + o ), Under the systems tab, on the top right section of the page lists the current version of LoR. Also you may check your version number, and read the current changelog by opening the Legends of Revolution changelog file, it's a text file in the docs folder of the mod (LoR, like most mods will be found in your ...Beyond the Sword\Mods\ directory, along the Program Files and NOT My Documents path). The version is located at the top of the document

BtS must be updated to the current official version of 3.19 for LoR to work. Usually the installer will not allow you to install LoR if you're not updated, however if the Registry isn't a standard BtS registry the user may still install if not updated. If your copy of BtS is not up to date LoR will crash when initializing. Even if you think your copy of BtS is up to date, be aware that the automatic updater fails, and says it has patched BtS when it has not. If LoR is crashing when initializing then your copy of BtS is not patched, this is the only explanation (other then hacking your copy of BtS and altering the core files). So if LoR cannot start up, download and manually install the 3.19 patch, found here:

BtS 3.19 patch -If LoR wol't start you need to download and install this official 3.19 BtS patch, also it's just good to be updated to the official version

BUG user interface options: To access a myriad of interface options for the UI press ctrl + alt + o, or click the BUG icon at the top left of the screen, this will bring up the BUG options.

Other Notes: To get the latest version of LoR, and to get an overview of many of the new components and features in LoR, check out the main download thread, found here:

Legends of Revolution, Main Download and Information Thread

Q: I know I patched BtS, why wol't the installer let me install this mod?
The installer is correct, your copy of BtS is not patched to 3.19. Probably what has happened is you have used the in game automatic updater; this thing often fails, then lies to the user and tells them that BtS has been patched when it has not! You need to install the patch manually; you can find the patch here on Civfanatics in the downloads section, also the installer gives you a link that will automatically download the patch from Firaxis's website.

Q: Can I play LoR in multiplayer?
LoR 0.9.9 works in MP. However we the RevDCM team are not able to put in as much work on Multiplayer as we'd like. While the game runs flawlessly in Single Player, and we have fixed all known issues with Multiplayer in the last update to the RevDCM core, there may be some sync issues that occur. If you play Multiplayer, and experience issues, please let us know in the RevolutionDCM development thread, with a description of what occurs and give us a save file to check out. There simply has not been enough feedback, and I am unable to test RevolutionDCM or LoR in multiplayer to know if it is fully functional, though I know it is functional. One major note though, to play Multiplayer games, you must have your custom assets folder cleared of all files, otherwise it will break.

Q: Why do you call this an unofficial expansion pack, aren't there a lot of those?
Sort of. The goal of this mod is not to add content for contents sake. Most of the expansion based mods are filled with lots of things, dozens of new leaders, civs, units, etc. This Mod definitively adds a couple of these things, but they are tempered. The additions are in line with what you'd see in a commercially available expansion pack. Further this mod is very stable, there are no known bugs in it. And finally it includes all the known common sense modcomps that have been created by the community, such as BUG, and Better AI.

Q: I downloaded this mod before, and saw there was an update, so I downloaded it and installed. When I updated to the new version diplomacy texts stop working, I can't interact with other civs at all (or any other bug noticed right after updating to a new version)?
You have windows 7, and the security settings are set to be crazy and overprotective. Not much I can do here from my end, and having your Windows 7 security protocols set that high is going to break other software on your computer when you update. Basically alot of software, including this mod, is set up so that it's installer checks for any previous versions of itself when running, if a previous version is detected the installer will execute the uninstaller for the software so that the old version is completely removed and there are no errant files left over that cause issues with the update. Unfortunately if Windows 7 has it's security settings selected to be a fascist it blocks the uninstaller from actually doing anything, yet it allows it to execute, basically lying to the user and making them think everything is working right. Then when the installer runs and installs the files from the new version, all the old errant files that aren't directly overwritten are still around and breaks the update. This will definitely happen with LoR and will occur for other software applications. For LoR you can get around this by running LoR's uninstaller manually before updating, so that the old version is completely removed, rather then relying on the installer to auto-execute it. Also you should consider toning down your Windows 7 security settings to be more sane.

Q: The art looks all messed up, I mean really bad, there are multiple unit models, and they switch to new ones, and the buttons are all blurry, and even though I run the game in frozen animations mode some models like the worker still animate. What's a matter with the unit art?
The main mod cannot be run in frozen animation mode. The Ethnic art just wol't work in the frozen mode. You must turn animations on for this mod to work correctly in the full mod.

Q: Does this mod run slower then standard BtS, I hear that happens with alot of big mods?
Firstly, this mod has been built around performance. I have taken great care to only use reasonably sized textured and poly count models, more so then any other modpack available, bar none. Poly count and texture size is the #1 cause of slowdown and MAF crashes (memory allocation failures), in fact the model standards for Legends of Revolution isn't that much different then BtS.

In previous version of LoR there were some other attributes that would cause slow down. Mainly the betterAI component, a smarter AI has more to think about, and if the computer resources are already being overloaded, this can cause the game to stall longer in between turns. However since LoR 0.9.6, and higher, the CAR mod has been incorporated in BBAI, no significant slow down has been noted in the new versions of BBAI (testing showed somewhere around a 4% increase in turn time, which is negligible and not noticeable for humans). BUG does introduce a feature which can cause slow down: Plot List Enhancements. These can be used to more quickly gain information from unit stacks, etc. Unfortunately the code for them is all in python, and is a bit overloaded, IMHO, that said alot of people will only play with the PLE. If you are noticing slow down and reduced performance accessing the BUG options (press Ctrl + Alt + O), and disabling the Plot List Enhancements (or PLE) options will definitely improve things. Lastly because this is meant to simulate an expansion pack and has come out more then 2 years after BtS, the poly count and texture size limit is slightly larger then Stock BtS. All of these combined really don't add to much, but it is still slightly more resource intensive then Beyond the Sword is. The main ways to improve performance are to reduce your map size, or get more RAM for your computer.

Q: Why does the Perfect World map script freeze, isn't this a critical bug?
Perfect World takes about 5 minutes to generate a Standard Size map on my computer (My computer is old though, it only takes about a minute to build a Huge map on a modern computer, I think I timed it once and it took about 100 minutes to build a huge map on this old thing I use :lol:). It basically runs a tectonics and then a meteorological simulation to generate a realistic looking map; this takes a while. My guess is it's not freezing, you're just not giving it enough time to finish.

Here is a link to to the Perfect World map script thread if you want to read more information on it:

Q: Is there anyway I can help out the project?
There are quite a few ways, for sure. Just downloading it and playing it good; those of us who built this mod just like knowing it gets played. If you enjoy it, please also rate it :) The biggest help in my mind would be to spread the word, let people know about the mod. LoR has been released considerably later then most mods, and as such doesn't have a very large fanbase. Getting it more exposure would help quite a bit. Word of mouth and just telling people about the mod is good, and there are other ways to improve it's exposure; such as starting a succession game, I'd personally love to read one; writing down a story in an interesting format in the stories and tales forum would be cool also. If you're a fan of civilization these are interesting to read sometimes, especially the succession games which can have very novel approaches to playing civ; the succession games and stories and tales forums can be found here:

Civilization IV: Succession Games Forum
Civilization IV: Stories and Tales Forum

These are all the commonly asked questions and issues I frequently deal with, and I hope this is a good page to jump to for users that are interested in LoR. Please let me know if there is anything I am forgetting, and feel free to use this thread to ask questions. If anything comes up that I think is noteworthy I'll post it on this page. And thanks for playing Legends of Revolution.
This thread is the webpage linked to in the internet link that installs with LoR. I hope is presents all the useful information new users of the mod are looking for in a coherent and concise fashion. If you have any questions or suggestions about this link or LoR in general, please let me know.

If you followed that link here and are unfamiliar with the civfanatics website, I encourage you to look around; this website is full of stuff to interest fans of the Civilization games. If you are interested in other mods, there are many available in these projects and development forums, and in the modpacks section of the creation and development forum. Also many tutorials for those interested in modding the game to their own liking and preferences. To be honest though, many mods available for civ4 are pretty incoherent and unstable; so I recommend taking a look at their threads or forums and look for issues. Multiple reports of bugs, without the creator ever addressing the report is a sure sign the mod isn't well kept and unstable (in contrast you will see here in LoR every bug report is addressed in a timely fashion, and major issues only occur immediately after a major update).

Thankfully though there are also many modmakers who take great pride in their work and produce a top quality program. One of the great things about Civ4 is that once you have it, with all the top quality user made content out there, you can basically get half a dozen well made games for the price of one. Below is a list of some of the mods I would like to highlight, these are stable and easy to use, and worth taking a look at if their concept interests you:

Based on SMAC, this sci fi based mod puts the user in charge of a civilization on an alien planet. The player can be either colonists or indigenous life forms of varying creeds all vying for dominance. This mod is incredibly well designed, and is an entire own game in it's own right. Seriously Firaxis could port this mod over and sell it as it's own game, and it would rake in as much cash as Colonization. It's a very good game in it's own right, and an incredibly well made mod.

History of Three Kingdoms
This mod places the player in charge of one of the kingdoms in feudal China. The mod adds many concepts that are interesting in their own right, such as legions, and discipline promotions. This is by far the best mod available for a feudal age scenario, and is again basically like a game in it's own right.

Fall From Heaven 2
This mod is so famous, I'm not going to bother talking it up. It has nearly half a million players, which should speak for itself. If dark fantasy interests you at all, you need to try this game.
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