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Info on how to add units in 1.21

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by Caesar_Augustus, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Caesar_Augustus

    Caesar_Augustus in vino veritas

    Mar 10, 2002
    (well, at least until someone makes a new hacked editor or Firaxis releases something)

    BEFORE installing the new patch:

    1) Make a new Civ3 Editor directory anywhere you want (ex: c:\civ3editor)

    2) Go into your main Civ3 directory, and copy the following files:

    (Note: This will probably work with just copying the Civ3Edit.exe file; I did this and there were no problems).

    3) Paste the copied files into your new Civ3Editor Directory (following the example above, c:\civ3edit)

    4) Install the patch

    5) If you want to add units, FIRST use your old Civ3Editor to add them, then save the *.bic file.

    6) Use the new editor to edit the *.bic file if you want to add any of the 1.21 abilities (such as lethal bombardment)


    (if you want to do this and you've already installed the patch, you'll have to re-install the game, follow the above steps, and then re-install the patch)

    Really a no-brainer, and not TOO much of a hassle; however note that *.bic files saved with the NEW editor will not open with the old editor. So if a new unit comes along that you really want, this can be a real pain.

    A solution would be to back up all of your pre-1.21 *.bic files in the old editor directory, and never save them with the new editor.

    Hope this'll help a few; at least it should save some HD space for those who installed the entire game into a new directory so they could use the editor!

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