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InfoAddict for Beyond Earth


Oct 29, 2014
A Beyond Earth version of robk's popular InfoAddict!
All credit goes to robk for the original version, I just updated it for Beyond Earth. (see the original thread here )

Updated for Rising Tide!

Steam Workshop link

Adds time based graphs showing many civilization details such as score, military power, energy, health, affinity levels, etc. Visual representation of civilization relationships (trade, war, etc). Contains a global rankings with different stats as well (demographics, etc).

NOTE: This mod will only work correctly for games that have been started AFTER the mod has been enabled!

InfoAddict button can be seen from the '+' menu in the bottom right corner, next to Economic Overview, Military Overview, and so on.

New Features Added for Beyond Earth:

  • Added an Affinity stat to both the HistoricalData view, and the FactBook data view. This will show the number of affinity levels each civ has accumulated over time.

Known Issues:

  • Rising Tide: During the diplomacy screen, the "check InfoAddict" button is gone.
  • Translations for FR,DE,ES still match the original InfoAddict. i.e. shows 'Gold' instead of Energy. 'Happiness' instead of 'Health', and so on. No translation for 'Affinity' and 'Affinities' menus.
  • In the Political Data panel, some global relation data (political and economic) might not draw lines properly between civ icons, while the data still appears on the mouse-over menu.


  • Subscribe in the Steam Workshop
  • Download the .zip file attached to this thread and extract to your Civ Beyond Earth Mods folder. (Usually 'My Documents\My Games\Civ... Beyond Earth\MODS\')


V5 Update (10/31/2015)
  • Fixed issues for Rising Tide that would prevent the game from being loaded properly. (Thanks to RickF7666 for the fixes).

V4 Update (11/23/2014)
Will not affect games saved with a previous version.
  • Very nice UI improvements (from RickF7666)
    • Increased InfoAddict window size
    • New window 'theme'
    • Better stat organization and thicker drawn lines. Less clutter on FactBook page (i.e. one page now)
  • Updated German translation for Beyond Earth by Abred_vs_Annwn
V3 Update (10/31/2014)
This update will not affect games saved with the previous version.
  • Slightly increased line alpha in the historical data screen.
  • Civ Relations Panel:
    • Removed 'Defensive Pact' and 'Research Agreement' buttons
    • Renamed 'Declaration of Friendship' to 'Cooperation Agreement' (will still be old values for FR,DE,ES)
    • Fixed an instance where the Open Borders line would not appear.
    • Fixed the icon for the Energy Per Turn tooltip. (Showed the Gold resource instead of Energy Icon)
    • Fixed an instance where the Cooperation Agreement would not appear.


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Awesome deal !!! thanks for this.:goodjob:
You need to copy InfoAddictText_EN.xml into SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth\assets\Gameplay\XML\Text\en_US\


  • Subscribe in the Steam Workshop
  • Download the .zip file attached to this thread and extract to your Civ Beyond Earth Mods folder. (Usually 'My Documents\My Games\Civ... Beyond Earth\MODS\')

Don't know if I'm just being dumb, but I can't see any Zip files attached to this thread :confused:
Thanks :thumbsup:

EDIT: still in the moderation queue :( Is there anything we can do to speed up the moderation?
EDIT2: got it! thx.

Awesome job overall, thanks a lot! I don't know if you're watching the thread, but I wanted to report a (admittedly very minor) bug.

When you enable the option to have smoother lines instead of a step-by-step graph (I think piecewise constant is the right mathematical term), you end up having no line connecting the data points when the values do not change from one year to another. To replicate the issue, just look at the graphs at the very beginning of a game, when most values are flat for the first 5 turns at least, and you'll be under the impression that there is no graph at all: then when one value increases, you'll see the segment connecting the old and the new value, but not the flat, horizontal lines corresponding to the lapse of time during which the value was unchanged.

I hope I'm clear enough, if not don't hesitate to pm me. But again, thanks for your time anyway, this is hugely useful!
Hi lb1785, thank you for reporting that, I will take a look into the drawing routine for it and see if I can fix it/make it smoother!
Brilliant mod! Have played it for few hundred turns on a very big map from custom mod with 12 sponsors. So I guess my suggestions would be useful enough :)
1)add "whole world" entry to the Factbook and (optional) percent for all empires.
For example would be very nice to know that there are 23 000 000 people in the whole world and 18% of them are yours.
2)where military add also percent from population. Something like you have 3.2% military from the population - and you understand that your country is really militarized
3)"Literacy rate - 18%" in sci fi setting looks very strange. What about
"post-secondary education - 18%"? That one would look more appropriate.
4)GNP per capita rating
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