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Information Department

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game: Citizens' started by Strider, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. Strider

    Strider In Retrospect

    Jan 7, 2002
    The Information department is the hub of the democracy game. Most things you want to find know can be found here.

    If you have any suggestions, please post them in this thread. DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. ANY POSTS MADE WILL BE ASKED TO BE DELETED.

    The Information Department Hub
    Posted screenshots from the save. Please turn on all map options when taking a screenshot.

    Democracy Game Help Guide-
    A help guide to aid people in understanding demogame concepts.

    History of Licentia

    Religious Information

    National Intelligence Agency-
    A break-down of each foreign civilization in the game. Including their military power and attitude.

    Open Jobs:
    Information Department related

    Elected Official(s):
    Term 4:
    Sec of State- Daveshack (thread)
    Censor- Ravensfire (thread)
    Minister of the Interior- GeorgeOP (thread)
    Minister of Science- Sigma (thread)
    Minister of Culture- Methos (thread)
    Public Defender- Donsig (thread)
    Governor of Boaring Wallow- Tubby Rower (thread)
    Governor of Abydos- Civgeneral (thread)
    Governor of Micalian's Gate- Whomp (thread)
    President- Strider (thread)
    Secretary of War- Robboo (thread)
    Judge Advocate- Nobody (thread)
    Chief Justice - Black_Hole (thread)
    Designated Players - Sigma, Nobody, Daveshack, Whomp. (thread)

    Term 3:
    Sec of State- Chieftess (thread)
    Censor- Swissempire (thread)
    Minister of the Interior- Bengeance (thread)
    Minister of Science- Sigma (thread)
    Minister of Culture- Beorn-eL-Feared
    Public Defender- Ravensfire (thread)
    Governor of Boaring Wallow- Tubby Rower (thread)
    Governor of Abydos- Civgeneral (thread)
    Governor of Micalian's Gate- Daveshack (thread)
    President- Chillaxation (thread)
    Secretary of War- Robboo (thread)
    Judge Advocate- Veera Anlai (thread)
    Chief Justice - Curufinwe (thread)
    Designated Players - Whomp, Tubby Rower, Daveshack, Bengeance, Chieftess. (thread)

    Save Information
    380 AD:
    Worker: 4
    Archer: 5
    War Chariot 2
    Warrior: 3
    Axemen: 9
    Spearmen: 2

    180 AD:
    Worker: 3
    Archer: 2
    War Chariot 1
    Warrior: 4
    Axemen: 6
    Spearmen: 1

    Foreign Affairs: Circa 380 AD
    Russia: Pleased (+3)
    Open Borders​
    Germany: Pleased (+3)
    Open Borders​
    Mongols: Cautious (+1)
    Open Borders​

    Civics and Religions
    Our Civics *Bolded is current
    Slavery; Tribalism​

    Recent Activity (40 BC):
    City Management:
    Whip the Settler in BW?

    Cut the Russian road?

    Demogame History:
    240 BC:
    Taoism or Catapults
    City 4 Settlement location

    420 BC:
    Secretary of War:
    Fight or wait?
    Mongolian Settler (poll)

    600 BC:
    Science Ministry:
    Research After Alphabet
    Research After Alphabet (poll)
    Science Discussion: Which Techs Are We Will To Trade?
    Tech Trading Policy (poll)

    Secretary of State
    Germany Trade (poll)
    Russia Trade (poll)
    Relations Poll: Mongolia
    Relations Poll: Germany
    Relations Poll: Russia
    Open borders with Mongolia (poll)

    760 BC:

    Secretary of State
    Open Borders with Mongolia (Poll)
    Open Borders with Mongolia (discussion)

    City Mangement
    City 2 Build Queue and tile management
  2. Bengeance

    Bengeance Civ Retributioner

    Dec 7, 2005
    Horse Plains near Abydos
    At the dawn of time there were a people known to themselves as Licentians who had wandered the earth until they found a suitable place for them to settle down. They founded a city on the shores of Lake Wallow. The city was called Boaring Wallow and the city grew.

    From humble beginnings more people came to Boaring Wallow and more were born there. In time enough people joined the city that the local government was able to hire workers to help improve the land around Boaring Wallow. Just to the northeast of the city there had long been an area full of wild pigs. With the help of the new workers these wild pigs were tamed and became the staple of the new city diet and economy.

    In addition to the wild pigs there were also small communities growing up around the city near the River Wallow. These farming villages provided much food and income for the growing city. But the people of Boaring Wallow were not confined to thier growing city. They had long explored the world around them and in their travels they had met three other races known as the Mongolians, the Germans, and the Russians. They also heard stories of other races and great cities but no one had ever met any of these people and many thought them just myths.

    As Boaring Wallow grew and its people explored the earth they found other places where people wanted to live. They decided to found other cities under the Licentian flag and to grow and expand the borders of their great country. They founded two grand new cities. Abydos, on a river near the lands of the Mongols. It was placed near to the edge of the wild jungle but also near fields full of grain and a plain that was home to large herds of wild horses. The Licentian people also founded a city known as Micalian's Gate. It was founded on the shores of the Sea of Chip north of Boaring Wallow. It was a beautiful location full of beaches and seascapes, but also very close to a bountiful copper mine in the hills east of town.

    In the decades following 600BC the Licentian people took on a more active role in the world. We began to interact with the other nations around us. We gratiously shared our marvelous inventions, both writing and our alphabet with the poor backward nations that surround us. In gratitude these pitiful nations offered us technologies they considered worthwhile. While we appreciated the gesture we knew that we had given far more than we recieved and hoped that our neighbors realized this as well.

    Unfortunately, Genghis Khan leader of the Mongol hordes has sent is younger brother, Genghis Bob to settle in the lands rightly claimed by Licentia. This undeserved aggresion on the part of Genghis Bob, is likely to lead to the first war among the nations of the earth.

    At this time the Licentian people have grown their nation from one small city on the shore of Lake Wallow to a prosperous and growing group of three cities. They have explored much of the world and thier adventuring spirit is now looking toward the ocean and dreaming of new lands to explore. They have built up a strong military based on the powerful and deadly axemen trained in Boaring Wallow. Many plans and dreams are still in their future and we are looking forward to many years of prosperity and growth for the young nation of Licentia.
  3. Oldbus

    Oldbus Chief of Confusion

    Oct 6, 2005
    Bureau of Religion

    Updated: 215 AD by Oldbus

    Religion in Licentia

    State religion - none

    City religions:
    Boaring Wallow - none
    Abydos - none
    Micalian's Gate - none
    Toot Uncommon - none
    Auda City - none
    Old Sarai - none
    Ning-hsai - none
    Turfan - none

    Licentian religion
    We were aiming to found Taoism (see this poll) by researching Philosophy first (it is now 7 turns away), but we were beaten to it by an unknown nation.

    Religion in our Rivals

    Mongolia - none
    Germany - none
    Russia - none

    There appears to be no religion at all on our continent.

    World Religions

    Date founded/Place founded/Influence %/Influence change since last update:

    Buddhism - 3640 BC, unknown, 7, -
    Christianity - 505 BC, unknown, 2, -
    Confucianism - 925 BC, unknown, 6, +1
    Hinduism - 2350 BC, unknown, 13, -
    Judaism - 1570 BC, unknown, 9, +4
    Taoism - 110 AD BC, unknown, 2, n/a

    Not yet founded:

  4. Oldbus

    Oldbus Chief of Confusion

    Oct 6, 2005
    The Great Atlas

    Please go to the Cartography Office thread in the DG Government forum.

    6th Edition

    Published 785 AD

    by the Cartography Office, Ministry of War

    Chief Cartographer: Oldbus

    Dedicated to our great and noble officials and to the Great Cartographer, Sirian.


    This is meant to be a collection of pointers to various screenshots and maps we have spread across various threads. At some point it may even have some general purpose maps.

    Current Information

    Screenshots from most recent turnchat

    May 29th, 785 AD: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=172500

    May 25th: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=171739

    May 16th, 500 AD: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=171207

    May 10th: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=170257

    April 29th, 215 AD: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=168810

    General Turnchat/Summary thread (not always updated): http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=132272

    National Intelligence Agency reports (includes maps): http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=155974

    Secretary of War Term 5 maps (have been updated to 500 AD): http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=169722

    Secretary of War Term 6 (no maps yet): http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=172518

    City screenshots

    Independent Cities

    Boaring Wallow 0E0N
    Area City

    Micalian's Gate 0E4N
    Area City

    Karakorum -9E-13N
    Area City

    Beshbalik -6E-17N
    Area City
  5. Oldbus

    Oldbus Chief of Confusion

    Oct 6, 2005
    State of Auda Minor

    Auda City 3E-8N
    Area City

    Toot Uncommon 6E-13N
    Area City

    Ning-hsia 4E-18N
    Area City
  6. Oldbus

    Oldbus Chief of Confusion

    Oct 6, 2005
    State of West Licentia

    Abydos -4E-10N
    Area City

    Old Sarai 0E-12N
    Area City

    Turfan -1E-17N
    Area City

    Regional Culture Maps


  7. Oldbus

    Oldbus Chief of Confusion

    Oct 6, 2005
    Cartographic Notes

    The World

    In ages past, when the tribes of hunters that would form the great nation of Licentia were wandering across the world, it was believed that the world was flat. With the great advances in learning that came with civilisation, it was then discovered to be a sphere. Some very clever folks then discovered that the world was not a true globe, but a shape called a spheroid. And they were smug. Frankly, everyone else had a bit of a laugh when further discoveries showed that the true shape of the world was not a spheroid after all, but a sidoid - very like a sphere but with some strange properties.

    Despite all advances, it is still not known precisely where upon the world surface our great nation is and we wait for further research.

    Mapping the world

    The process of creating a two dimensional map from a three dimensional surface is called a projection. Due to the unusual properties of a sidoid, only a sirianal projection is suitable for mapping our world. A sirianal projection maintains equal area, but distorts distances. In particular, distances in the directions which are 45 degrees from the 4 cardinal points appear on the maps to be approximately 1.41 times as far as they are on the ground (the exact relationship is square root of 2).

    Some of the small-scale regional maps produced by the cartography office are a conventional orthogonal sirian projection, but many of the larger-scale maps are shown with a perspective view which distorts distances towards the top of the map.

    Map grid

    Most of the maps produced by the Cartography Office have a grid to help locating features. The origin of the grid is the glorious city of Boaring Wallow (0E0N). Grid squares east and north of Boaring Wallow have positive numbers and those to the south and west have negative numbers (for example, Micalian's Gate has a grid reference of 0E4N and Abydos' reference is -4E-10N).

    The reference numbers actually refer to the south-west corner of the grid square and if more precision is required then tenths of a square may be estimated (e.g. our Glorious Leader's Palace front door is approximately 0.7E0.4N).

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