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Infrastructure: Expanding and enhancing buildings and districts

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Unreleased Mods' started by korn469, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. korn469

    korn469 Chieftain

    Aug 27, 2001
    I am seeking help, ideas, and collaborators for a mod that will expand and enhance both districts and buildings. I am looking to increase strategic choices in the game by greatly increasing the number of mutually exclusive buildings available in a district. By preventing players from building everything, it will encourage them to try to match their buildings to their game situation.

    I plan on implementing this mod in various stages and when it's in its final phase my goal for the mod is for it to be the preferred way to play Civ 6. I want it to be on the must have/must use mod list.

    Here's how I plan on developing it:

    Phase I: Planning phase. In this phase, I will seek feedback about the preliminary ideas I am presenting here. Also, I am not an artist, and I hope to find somebody who would like to become involved with this mod who is an artist. I don't think this mod will take a coder, but it may, so hopefully we can find a coder if required. This phase will end when the buildings all have all their traits assigned to them.

    Phase II: Implementation phase. In this phase the mod will make the changes to all the districts and buildings, as well as adding all the new buildings. Preliminary art creation will happen during the phase (or substitution art if I cannot find an artist to collaborate on the mod).

    Phase III: Polishing phase. Playtest. Implement final art. Make balance changes as needed.

    Phase IV: Maintenance phase. Will update the mod as new patches and expansions come out, will continue to playtest and make changes as needed.

    I will keep these first two posts updated until we're ready to put it up for download and then I will start a mod thread for it.
  2. korn469

    korn469 Chieftain

    Aug 27, 2001
    Reserved pending update

    District: Aerodrome
    Hanger - (Tier I) +25% combat experience for air units trained in this city. +2 air unit slots in Aerodrome district. +2 Production.
    Early Warning Radar - (Tier II, mutually exclusive) Can see any units without stealth within 8 hexes around on a standard map. Grants +5 strength to units involved in air warfare within its sight range, requires radio
    Weather Radar - (Tier II mutually exclusive) Grants +1 gold to all worked tiles within 6 hexes, requires radio
    Regional Terminal - (Tier III mutually exclusive) Grants +1 tourism and +1 gold to all worked tiles within 2 hexes, requires flight
    Air freight terminal - (Tier III mutually exclusive) Grants +1 trade routes and city can form a trading post with any city with an aerodrome. +3 production, requires flight
    International Terminal - (Tier IV mutually exclusive) Grants +1 tourism to any item with tourism in a 6 hex range, requires advanced flight
    Air Force Base - (Tier IV mutually exclusive) +50% combat experience for air units trained in this city. +2 air unit slots in the district. +1 great general, requires advanced flight

    District: Aqueduct
    Sewer - (Tier I) +2 Housing
    Reservoir - (Tier II, mutually exclusive) +2 Housing, district must be adjacent to a lake or a river, requires sewer
    Desalination plant - (Tier II, mutually exclusive) +2 Housing, requires electricity, district must be adjacent to the coast, requires sewer
    Water Treatment Plant - (Tier III, mutually exclusive) +1 amenity, +1 food
    Landfill - (Tier III, mutually exclusive) +1 amenity, +1 production
    Industrial Water Tower - (Tier IV, mutually exclusive) +2 production to mines, quarries, oil wells, and industrial districts within 6 hexes, requires sewer
    Irrigation canals - (Tier IV, mutually exclusive) +2 food to farms within 6 hexes, requires sewer

    District: Campus
    Library - no change
    University - no change
    Research Lab - no change
    Observatory - (Tier IV, mutually exclusive) +4 science, +1 citizen slot, +1 Great Scientist ppt, maintenance 2 gpt, requires scientific theory, no building requirement,
    Public School - (Tier IV, mutually exclusive) +2 science, +2 culture, +1 citizen slot, maintenance 2 gpt, requires industrialization, no building requirement
    Data Center - (Tier V) +1 science for every data center in the civ, +1 citizen slot, +2 Great Scientists ppt, maintenance 5 gpt, requires telecommunications, requires research lab

    District: City Center
    Ancient Wall
    Medieval Walls
    Renaissance Walls
    Court House
    Police Station
    Post office - Creates a trading post for every city in the civ that has a post office. 2 gpt. Requires printing. No building requirement.
    City Park - +2 Amenities, -1 Housing, maintenance 1 gpt, requires ?

    District: Commercial Hub
    Stock Exchange
    Advertising Firm
    Shipping Firm
    possibilities, might not be feasible
    Telecom Firm
    Human Resources Office
    Insurance Company
    Tech Company
    Mining Company
    Food and Beverage Company
    Manufacturing Company
    Oil Company
    Electric Utility

    District: Encampment
    Barracks (Tier I, mutually exclusive)
    Stable (Tier I, mutually exclusive)
    Military Academy
    SAM Site
    Artillery firing range
    training site?
    Might be better as projects to add abilities to units stationed in encampment with a training site
    Jungle Warfare School
    Desert Warfare School
    Artic Warfare School
    Mountain Warfare School
    Airborne School
    Maneuver Warfare School
    Amphibious Warfare School

    District: Entertainment Complex
    Dance Hall
    Radio Station
    Movie Theater

    District: Harbor
    Naval Air Station
    Container Terminal
    Passenger Terminal

    District: Holy Site
    Worship Buildings
    Food Bank
    Homeless Shelter
    Seminary School/Hawza
    Religious Broadcaster

    District: Industrial Zone
    Power Plant
    Brick Yard
    Cement Plant
    possibilities, might not be feasible
    Textile Mill
    Paper Mill
    Steel Furnace
    Oil Refinery
    Automotive Factory
    Tool and Die Mill
    Computer chip foundry

    District: Neighborhood (available with either currency, engineering or construction. Neighborhood district provides +1 housing)
    Village - (Tier I) +1 Housing
    Town - (Tier II) +1 Housing, requires village
    Suburb - (Tier III) +2 Housing, requires town, requires combustion
    Shopping Center - (Tier IV, mutually exclusive), +2 gold, +1 amenity, requires plastics, requires suburbs
    Grocery Store - (Tier IV, mutually exclusive) +2 food, +1 amenity, requires plastics, requires suburbs
    Condos - (Tier IV, mutually exclusive) +3 housing requires plastics, requires suburbs
    Residential Skyscraper - (Tier V, mutually exclusive) +5 housing, requires suburbs, requires steel
    Commercial Skyscraper - (Tier V, mutually exclusive) +5 gpt, requires suburbs, requires steel

    District: Spaceport
    Launch pad
    Vehicle Assembly Building
    Mission Control

    District: Theater Square
    Art Museum
    Archaeological Museum
    Broadcast Center
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  3. chrisgatt7

    chrisgatt7 Chieftain

    Mar 26, 2013
    Those are some very good ideas
  4. chrisgatt7

    chrisgatt7 Chieftain

    Mar 26, 2013
    I wish I was good at nodding or I would help... I also want to do a project like your except for warfare. Unfortunately warfare is plain and many concepts can be added to warfare and the concepts behind combat and strategy.
  5. korn469

    korn469 Chieftain

    Aug 27, 2001
    Chrisgatt, Thanks for the compliment. I have a long way to go to get this even to an alpha state. However, I can always use play testers if nothing else. I have ideas for what each of the new buildings do, I just haven't wrote them all down yet because of work and school
  6. Rafein

    Rafein Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2016
    Well, Brainstorming wise, I would ask do you want to be able to pick at each upgrade stage, or create a more "branching Path" upgrade line

    Using Harbor, for example. Say you go Harbor, Lighthouse, Seaport. Then choose between Production and Commercial Docks. Production Adds hammer to each water tile, Commercial, money. From there, Production branches to Military Dock ( hammers when building units,Harbor now bombards, like Encampment) and Research, Commercial branches to Sightseeing (culture) Trade (extra trade route, trade route bonus)
  7. Koppa Dasao

    Koppa Dasao Chieftain

    Oct 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2017

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