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Ingame Editor


May 23, 2011

This mod provides an in-game editor for Civ5 to change the map on the fly or to serve as a cheating tool. It was inspired by the built-in Civ4 in-game world builder.
The license is GPL v3.

Notes and features
  • Edit a hex or paint the map: You can either paint the map (left click for 1 tile at once, right click for 7 tiles at once) or select a hex and edit it. The screenshot above illustrates the tile selection (in red).
  • Build the world: Change terrain, feature, natural wonder, resource, improvements, routes, rivers, ownership, continent arts.
  • Units: Add new units or remove them, give your new units up to nine promotions.
  • Cities: Customize the cities as you want: increase population, change buildings, change religions, etc.
  • Civilizations: Change a leader's gold, faith, culture,give free techs or policies, edit relationships to seed wars or achieve a global peace, etc.
  • Technologies: Grant or remove technologies, grant a tech and all of its prerequisites at once, grant a whole era at once.
  • Social policies: Lock or unlock branches (even the ones you're not supposed to have at the same time) and grant/remove any social policy.
  • Tool tips: The detailed tool tips are here to help you better learn the game by remembering how far an element can be improved.
  • Respect the constrains... or not: Elements that should not be possible in the standard game (fishes on a hill for example) are grayed to help you design a natural map. But you're free to ignore those restrictions if you want.
  • Not tied to savegames: You can save and reload your game without IGE if you want, or use IGE with a game that has been started without it.
  • Gentle with your game: IGE itself is not lightweight. However, when IGE is closed, it absolutely does not interfere with your game, it does not consume a single CPU cycle and it has a negligible memory consumption. It just keeps its bits shut and let you enjoy full performances.

  • Most of the UI relies on the localized strings provided by Civ5 (for units' names, etc) and therefore most of the UI will be in your client's language even if IGE does not specifically support it.
  • Besides of that, IGE comes with complete localizations in English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese.
  • The displayed screenshots come from an old version of IGE on a French client, before the French localization was introduced. Nowadays, everything would be in French.
  • I welcome all translations, it's easy and fast to do. Here is the guide: writing a translation.

  • Can be used with or without Gods and Kings and/or Brave new world. With or without DLC.
  • Should be compatible with any other mod: does not modify any of the original files and supports mods that declare new resources, features, policies, techs, etc.
  • Macs: compatible with the Steam and AppStore versions, see installing mods on mac.

Civ5 bugs that cannot be fixed
Do not be afraid by that list, IGE is perfectly fine for the vast majority of users. It's just it could be better without those bugs.
  • On some computers the game crashes when selecting another player or taking seat. A "safe mode" (right-click the *IGE* label) is available as a workaround at the expense of a couple of features. Taking seat will still crash.
  • The terrain graphics are not updated after some changes, you need to save and reload.
  • "Glance at map" feature: some yield icons are not updated on tiles you shouldn't be able to see.
  • "Glance at map" feature: the minimap's fog is not restored after you close IGE.
  • No message on the city screen for the "we love the king" days triggered through IGE.

Frequently requested features that won't be done.
Remember that mods can only modify civ5 through the API provided to modder by Firaxis.
  • A shrinkable UI: no! Civ5 is no Windows or iOS and its UI systems are therefore pretty basic. Modifying the UI to automatically adjust its size to your screen would require a lot of work.
  • Espionage: there is no API to cheat with it.
  • Religions: there is no API to modify existing religions (aside of founding them, and adding two beliefs once).
  • Archeology: there is not API to properly create sites, great works, or boost tourism.
  • Units' religions: there is no API to change the religion of a unit, hence the dirty trick used to spawn religious units.
  • Diplomacy: there is no API to directly modify a civ's attitude towards. A mod could achieve a similar behavior through GameEvents but it would be incompatible with some scenarios and tied to savegames.

Common problems and workarounds
  • I can't see the IGE label (1) It was not loaded: DO NOT CLICK "BACK"!
  • I can't see the IGE label (2) Sometimes civ5 loads no mods if one of the selected mods couldn't be loaded (for example a total conversion mod was enabled but you try to reload a savegame created without it).
  • I can't see the IGE label (3) Disable mods that have been removed from Steam, such as Hulfgar's postmodern expansion. Look for them on the web or CivFanatics and install them manually.
  • Missing NotificationIconsFreeSocialPolicy.dds. You do use an outdated (and probably cracked) version of the game.
  • Steam installation fails. See how to repair Steam install.
  • Changing the position of the IGE label. You can easily customize it, see how to change the position.. It is simple and takes less than one minute.

Installation and launch
Notes below are for PC only. Mac users should look at the FAQ for Civ5 on the Mac.
  • Unzip the archive in "My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Mods". You should have, among others, a file such as "My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Mods/Ingame Editor (v10)/Ingame Editor (v10).modinfo"
  • Delete older versions if any and flush the cache (delete all files in "My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Cache").
  • Start or restart Civilization 5.
  • Enable the mod. Click "mods", then "browse mods" and check it.
  • Start or load a game from the mods menu. From "browse mods", click "next" at the bottom right, check that IGE is listed, click "single player" (on top). Start a new game or load an old one.
  • Click :c5capital:IGE:c5capital: on the top right corner, near the current year and turn labels.

  • Special thanks to ねこちゃん for the localizability effort and the Chinese translation.
  • Al Qamar for the German translation.
  • Emerald Viper for the Spanish translation.
  • Error404 for the Italian translation.
  • Zodiak69 for the Russian translation.
  • CJ_GOROH for the Japanese translation.
  • CivFanatics and you, people, lurking there, testing, providing feedback, suggestions or critics. IGE owes you a lot. :)

Willing to contribute?
You can either post your contributions here or use our Sourceforge (IGE) page (SVN), as you prefer. If you want commit rights on SF, just let me know your username and I will register you.

Download sources
  • The CivFanatics database
  • The attached files at the bottom of this thread (one file per version, you only need the most recent).
  • The Steam workshop for Civ5 (category: other).


  • Ingame Editor (v 38).zip
    560.1 KB · Views: 50,980
  • Ingame Editor (v 39.1).zip
    566 KB · Views: 263,254
Troubleshooting (before you report a bug)
Do you think you found a bug ? I will be glad to fix it but I need your help. First let's spot the cause of the problem. ;)

Do you use a legal and up-to-date version of the game ?
Please do not report bugs if you play with modified or obsolete versions of the game. As much as you want to use this mod, trying to find ghost bugs will only make me lose my time. :(

Flush cache and completely erase previous versions
For many mods, previous versions tend to conflict with recent ones, even when they're not loaded. So a good habit in case of bugs is to delete the old version and flush the cache.
  • Quit civilization 5
  • Delete the old version's folder in My Documents\My Games\Civ5\Mods
  • Delete all files and folders in My Documents\My Games\Civ5\Cache

Test without any other mod
Although IGE should be compatible with all mods, some of them may add unexpected, strange, or malformed data. Nothing I can't fix though, as long as you can identify the culprit.
  • First test IGE without any other mod loaded (use a fresh new game).
  • Then enable both IGE and another mod, in order to test mods one by one.
  • If you found the culprit, then please report it in this thread, I will quickly make IGE compatible with your beloved mod.

Bug reporting

The infos I need
  • Do you play on PC or Mac?
  • Do you have the Gods & Kings expansion or not?
  • Is it a legal and up-to-date version? Please be honest, there are no FBI agents lurking on forums, they have better ways anyway.
  • A description of the problem.
  • A screenshot may help or not, it's up to you to decide.
  • If the problem is caused by a mod, the mod's name, version, and where you got it ("steam workshop" or an url).
  • IGE's error message if you got one, a LUA log otherwise. The log is always better but the error message is often enough.

Making a LUA log when needed
  • Close civilization V.
  • Open config.ini with the notepad (My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5)
  • Search for the line "LoggingEnabled = 0" and replace it with "LoggingEnabled = 1". Do the same with "EnableLuaDebugLibrary = 0": set it to 1. If this line does not exist, add it before LoggingEnabled.
  • Save config.ini and close
  • Start civilization V.
  • Start a new game with IGE enabled, open it and reproduce the problem.
  • Close civilization V (may not be necessary, not sure, you may check for an error line at the bottom of the log)
  • Add lua.log in your post, either as an attachment (compressed to zip or renamed to lua.txt), or within a spoiler markup.
  • If you don't know how to attach a file to your post, click "go advanced" to use the advanced edition mode, then click "manage attachments".

Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)
Wow, nice work.

It's amazing how this or infoaddict are not by default ingame. Fans can do it and the company can't? Come on.
Lovely work. Can you check to see if an editor placed marble gives the wonder construction benefit to nearby cities?

I'll give full feedback when I have a chance to install
Hello and thank you for your comments.

Unfortunately, I am not in position to play Civ V right now. However, I think marble in general should be fine. Nevertheless, the game sometimes has troubles updating data related to resources, it can happen even in a regular game, without this mod, when a worker builds an improvement on a resource. If this kind of things ever happen, just remove the marble and add it again.

PS : I discovered a couple of bugs, I will release a fix by tomorrow, along with a couple of enhancements.
I was right in my thoughts on marble. The city does not recognize it as something that should be giving an effect to wonder construction. Perhaps reloads fix this, but as of now, nada. I will assume similar issues would occur with false mountains/rivers/etc
Thank you for the report, Sneaks. I investigated it and determined that the game did not update correctly. Fortunately, I found a trick to fix it : anytime you change a plot, I remove the current ownership then restore it. This way the update process is correctly triggered by the game. :)

Just for clarification : there is no "fake" resource/feature/etc. I use the very same functions than the map generators. The problems all lie in the fact that Civ5 does not correctly update itself and that there is no way to explicitly request it.

New version with the fix should be available soon, both here and in the ingame mods browser, I will posr a changelog.
I just posted v3. I never mentioned v2 because it was a mere header change for the ingame mods browser.

* The "none" resource now does its job.
* In painting mode, the mouse button release is now correctly detected when the mouse is over the main panel.
* Removing a lake now works.
* The maritime natural wonders will now produce correct terrains and graphics.
* Resources bonuses, especially the one given by marble to wonders building speed, are now always correctly detected by the game.
* All options except rivers are now available from the painting mode.

* You can now edit a hex's ownership and its artset (african, american, asian, european).
* The river diagram now displays a blue spot for unconnected entry points from adjacent hexes'rivers.
* Various UI changes : it is now a bit higher and use regular tabs. As a result, it is now more natural and it gives me room for future improvements (like units plopping and techs edition). I also dropped the flat/hills/mountains buttons that caused troubles for some color-blind people.
Seriously spectacular work! I will do some more bug hunting for v3
Nice work something this game really needed, thanx much for the effort and the sharing.
Great job on the mod, I really like it!

There's a bug where fishing boats are grayed out for fish (and possibly the other resources) and even legitimate improvements are grayed out. It's not really important (like that marble problem) but I figured I'd let you know anyways.
Theres a problem with the mod Civilization NIGHTS.

When i load both mods and discover a new technology, new buildings or wonders do not appear in the city building screen.
EDIT : another problem is that the techs are doubled in the tech selection screen (the small window on the left)

Also, i think its important to say that this mod is not savegame compatible.

great work though!
Hello Ouyeah.

Thank you for the report but I am quite puzzled. I do not see how this mod could conflict with any other mod : it does not change any data, window or anything else. The only possibility I could think of would be a naming conflict but I took care of this by using a custom "IGE_" prefix. Or NIGHTS using very bad practices. Could you please double-check the problem and ensure my mod is reponsible of the conflict ? I am pretty sure it is not.

Also, please, what do you mean by "not savegame compatible" ? As soon as you explicitly enabled Ingame Editor (IGE) in the "mods" menu, you can start or reload a savegame through the "mods" menu and the mod will be enabled.

However, IGE does not change your savegames : you can start a game with IGE, then save, disable IGE and reload.

Thanks for quick answer. I knew something was wrong indeed.
I deleted cache folder and the file inside ModUserData and everything went back to normal.

thanks again for this useful mod.
I think you need to add a scrollbar or new tab, because not all civs will show up when trying to edit a tile's ownership.
Thank you for the double check ! :)

Thank you for the report. I thought the height would be fine but I did not test it on a huge map. Seems like I was wrong, doh.

Anyway, I have to find a new layout to match those constrains :
* One-click accessibility for 90% of things.
* Compatibility with mods adding many new items (resources, etc).
* Fix the bug you reported and add support for city-states ownership.
* Unit spawning (how to order the units ?).
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