Initial Impressions


Sep 7, 2007
Well I have been playing civ 5 a bit between today and yesterday, I like a lot of things, such as the one unit per a tile, the hexes, but some of the things I dislike, the AI is frustrating, like India coming past the Ottomans and the Arabs to build a city right next to two of mine for no real feasible reason, there were no resources there, nothing of any real value other then building a city right next to me, I can not seem to find a way to select worked tiles, in my playing it seemed like every tile is worked, since losing the workability on one tile started starving my city, rough terrain didn't seem as important as people made it sound initially, it is nice granted, but it is not really vital in my play sessions, I dislike the diplomacy system, I miss them asking if you would see leaders before they opened up the diplo menu, and I absolutely hate some of the leaderheads like Sullimen, the perspective of looking up at him I dislike (sure it is minor but I still dislike it) But after all this I still think it is a huge step forward for the series once the issues are worked out and once people start modding it to be a better game.
I miss the complexity.
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