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Inquisitors and the Spanish UHV

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall: Europe' started by Ianchen99, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Ianchen99

    Ianchen99 Chieftain

    Oct 29, 2017
    So I have been playing Spain on Empreor difficulty, all i can say is that the game really depends on how strong the Cordobans are. If they are weak (aka no crossbowman/berber cav), you can easily killl them (with ur initial units), take over Toledo and Cordoba and they'll collapse. If not, might as well, just restart. They seems to not fall off at all and will become a tech leader if left alone. Also the defensive crusade is really based on luck (you'll never know when it'll come and who it'll benefit). One time, Portugal and I were both fighting Cordoba, but the pope decides to aid Portugal instead.

    So for the first point i want to make is: Have some interaction with the pope (maybe spent X amount of gold to get favours from him like asking him for a crusade/ Excommunicate another nation?)

    Another problem i faced with Spain is the first UHV: YES, you have plenty of time to get rid of Islam/Judaism or even Orthodoxy?? in YOUR cities, but it's NOT POSSIBLE to exterminate those religions in neighboring countries (Portugal and Aragon). Even, if they are your vassals and you give them your inquisitors, they just NEVER use them. Also, in Empreor difficulty, it is very possible to find Protestantism before 1492, so that means that even if i did get rid of the other non-Catholic beliefs in Iberia, Protestantism would screw me over.

    So this forces me to KILL Portugal and Aragon early so that i can use my Inquisitors properly (which really makes no sense in history).

    So for the 2nd point: I would like either an update to Spain's unique power (Ability to use inquisitors in neighboring countries with open borders?) or make Inquisitor a stealth unit that can destroy religions in a neighboring city??

    Also the Tercio, the unique Spanish unit is so late game, that you really have no use for it. Maybe like my 2nd point, just make the Inquisitor a unique unit with the additional perks mentioned above?

    The final point i would want to make is that Protestantism right now just spawns randomly? I had a game with Aragon and Genoa as vassals and they both turn Protestant? Also Portugal turn Protestant.... Maybe add a modifier that makes certain countries (aka Sweden, England, Germany) more likely to go Protestant and others like (Austria, Spain) stay Catholic? A Protestant Austria just makes no sense..... :(
  2. gilgames

    gilgames Priest-King

    Apr 5, 2012
    Budapest, Hungary
    I did it years ago.

    Rule no.1: you must kill all iberian civ. To properly control all cities in iberia.
    Rule no.2: do it fast before they get out of control and spawn a ton of bad cities.
    For that you need 1 good city with stables tu pump out ALs. And dont loomse them. So by the time you kill cordoba, you have an army to smash others.
    Then its a race for colonies. The last is easy if you did the first 2 uvhs.

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