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Insignus Civilization(Just a Plan)

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Unreleased Mods' started by mbit99, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. mbit99

    mbit99 Chieftain

    Nov 12, 2017
    Name: Insignius Empire(CIV VI Mod Master Plan)

    Leader: Leomurd Mortus(King Mortus XIII)
    ???? - ???? AD

    Opening Words

    "Oh Great King of Insignus, Your Majesty and Wise Leomurd. Your charisma bring your kingdom to it's greatest era and you have make your people lived in a better place. Oh, King Leomurd, your virtue brings happiness to countless Insignian people and protect them from any harm. Will you do it once more and stand against the test of time?"

    Leader Bonus: "For My Country"
    +3 Culture +4 Science +5 Production +10 Gold for each every Relic, Artifact, Sculture, and Great Works in addition to usual culture. +50% Bonus strength to all unit if they attack warmongers' or a civilization that attacks one of their cities before you attack them back. Grants 2 extra wildcard slots in any government.

    Civilization Ability: "Efficiency is Priority"
    Increase +50% of Production, Faith, Gold, Food, Culture, & Science in every district that they create or get. Reduce Settlers, and Workers' production cost by -50%. Maintenance Cost of roads, soldiers, and building reduced by -50% of the original cost.

    Hidden Agenda: "Fair Merchantilism"
    Likes civilizations that has great faith and military. Hates the civs that makes Wonders, Research, Great Works before they do, or a civilization that put a spy in their territory.

    Unique Army: "Royal Soldier"(Replaces: Infantry)
    Increase 50% Strength when they doing combat in their own territory and +75% if they doing combat in enemy's territory. Gives +10% Production in a city where they stand and their buffs could be stacked until 3 times. And their buff still intact even they evolved to next era Infantry unit.

    Unique Building: "All Purpose Tower"(Place in any empty tiles or besides the district)
    Receive 50% more Great Engineer, Great Merchant, Great Prophet, Great Scientist, Great Writer, Great Artist, and Great Musician. Grants +20% Production +10 Housing, +10 Science, +10 Tourism, also grants +20% more defense to the city. If placed near Campus and/or Industrial Zone, the building's bonus will added by +10%.

    Wonder: "Omni Tower"(Build in any tiles)
    "If you could do all things in a spot, then why not you do it?" -King Signus I-
    -Reduce the movement cost in the city where is raised to zero and the other city of your civilization by 50% of the real cost to your units, and Increase civilization defense by +20%.
    -100% reduction in effectiveness of enemy spies in all city in your civilization.
    -+3 any Great Work slot. +1 All Great Person Points. +50% of total Science in your civilization. +10 Extra Trader. Increase by +100% the yields of all tiles in the city where this wonder is built, while +50% in the other cities of your civilization.

    Civilization Logo: A circle with X symbol which made by swords, and flames in the upper middle part of the circle

    Appearance: A tall yet well-built black haired man, black eyes, wears a formal all-black outfit and always bring sword in his right hand and book in his left hand. Has a beard and his hair is a shoulder-long. Not to forget mentioning golden glove in his hand that made of highest quality silk.

    Leomurd Lines: (All of this is not voiced)

    Agenda-based Approval: I appreciate you if you don't continuing what you have done so far.

    Agenda-based Disapproval: Stop this or you will be a threat of Insignius Empire.

    Attacked: My country's people and live or peace? I would even sell my soul for Insignius!

    Declares War: You asked for this, don't blame me for what's going to happen.

    Defeated: Long live... Insignius....

    Greeting: Welcome to the Insignius Empire. My name is King Mortus XIII, and please to behave while you were in this country and refrain yourself to do harm.

    Denunciation: Let the world know who you really are!

    Requests a Declaration of Friendship: May we be friends? Our empire will have the benefit for the future if you do that.

    Player Accepts His Declaration of Friendship: Thank you so much, I look for what will happened in the future.

    Player Declines His Declaration of Friendship: It's ok, maybe you aren't ready yet

    Accepts Player's Declaration of Friendship:
    You have my support, both Insignius and your empire will be stronger if we united.

    Decline Players Decalaration of Friendship:
    I'm sorry, I must refuse, this is for the good of the people.

    (Well, 3d graphics, programming, and drawing things is my weakness, I could only create the words, sorry :( )
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017

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