Installation nightmares (rant)


Aug 15, 2005
I had this Windows XP disc for years, and every time I would install it, there would be so many problems installed with it that Spybot falters.
I have several well known applications and redundant extras that eventually deleted them as far as I know.

The new problem is with my connection suddenly dying in certain locations and slowing to a crawl in others. I believe it is either some minor program that does it, or with certain microsoft updates like the V.92 modem upgrade that I avoid. I mailed to tech support for PeoplePC and half of it got ignored, but addressed another problem that doesn't solve the connection problem.
I have re-installed over 20 times (over the years) with today being the third in a week.
The problem should be solved any time soon, but I wish to get broadband and not pay the AOL pricing of other ISP's in my area.
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