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Installing BTS - Delete Warlords?

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Sentoa, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Sentoa

    Sentoa Samaka 3ajiba

    Jul 24, 2003
    Washington, DC
    I have Vanilla Civ 4 and the Warlords expansion installed on my computer. Since BTS includes Warlords (from what I've read on the board), can I uninstall it in order to reduce space?
  2. Steiner-Davion

    Steiner-Davion Warlord

    Sep 9, 2005
    Yes it is true, that you do not need to have Warlords installed in order to install/play BtS. HOWEVER, BtS does not include any of the Scenarios or Mods from Warlords.
  3. Virulent

    Virulent King

    Sep 9, 2006
    If want to uninstall Warlords make sure you do it before installing BtS.

    When you install BtS it checks to see if Warlords is present, if it is then BtS doesn't install any of the Warlords content (music, movies, leaderheads etc.). If you uninstall Warlords afterwards, it removes all of the Warlords content which messes up BtS. Which means you have to reinstall BtS again.

    Since you need the main Warlords files regardless, uninstalling Warlords results in just removing the scenario files which are pretty small compared to the main game data. So you shouldn't really bother unless you are pressed for space.

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