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Instruction Thread - 1330 AD - Saturday, January 21st, 11:00 am CST

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy VII' started by ravensfire, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Term 6, Game Session 4, 1330 AD

    This will be an online session.
    The Designated Player is: Ravensfire

    Start Date/Time: FRIDAY, January 20th, 6:30 pm CST
    GMT: Saturday, January 21st, 12:30 am

    Relevant Links:
    Current Save
    Previous Turnchat Thread

    Please use the "title" part of your instruction post to state your office title.

    Instruction Checklist:
    President - Instructions posted
    Minister of Defense - No instructions posted
    Minister of Foreign Affairs - No instructions posted
    Minister of Trade and Technology - No instructions posted

    Governor of Olympus - Instructions posted
    Governor of Civatonia - Instructions posted
    Governor of Styx - No instructions posted
    Governor of Augean Stables - no Instructions posted
    Governor of Priapos - No instructions posted
    Expatriate Governor - Instructions posted

    Please use the following compass for directions:

    Only elected officials may post in this thread!
  2. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West

    Sorry all, need to move the session to Friday evening to avoid a last-minute schedule conflict (play civ, or take a young lady out for the day - not a tough call).

    -- Ravensfire
  3. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Use the slider in preference to specialists, maintaining the minimum necessary to prevent rioting, if only recently captured cities will riot, consider using specialists in that city rather than losing a lot of gpt to prevent minor cities rioting


    General: Keep science high to achieve the techs in the minimum number of turns without defecit spending. A temporary small negative gpt is allowed as long as we have sufficient funds. Always check over the last few turns and reduce the science rate if it is possible to do so and still get the tech in the same time.

    In case of emergency it is allowable to reduce science slightly to gain some additional gold necessary.
    Do not let our treasury run dry!

    Treasury Spending:
    Prioritise the 192 gold for a temple rush in Istakhr.
    If there is enough gold to still leave us with a reserve of approx 150-200 gold, Istakhr should also be given priority to rush a Library if required after there are some shields in the box.

    After allowing for the priorities above, any other spending should allow us to keep a cushion of approx 150-200 gold to be used in emergencies.

    We want to build ToE and Hoover, but it is currently too early to do so as our prebuilds will run out before we research the techs. The DP should reassess the situation suitable cities have built factories.

    Great Leaders:
    Next Military Leader: If early into the session rush Battlefield Medicine as first choice in a city that can be quickly switched with no shields in the box and preferrably one of the outlying cities that need culture. After that if there’s an obvious choice from the discussion thread please take it, otherwise please stop

    Scientific Leader: Depending on what Wonders are available, grab (in order of priority) Smith's, Bach's or Shakespeare's. Smith's or Bach's should be built in a city that can be quickly switched with no shields in the box and preferrably one of the outlying cities that need culture. Shakespeare's should be built in a very high food city that will get much larger than the others. Please do not waste shields, by rushing in a city with lots of shields stored.

    Please use non-German slaves to build the following colonies:
    A colony on the Silks by Rome
    Another colony (on turn 0) on the Incense that will not be claimed by the French.
    A colony on the Gems

    There are several large stacks of Workers (12 slaves or equivalent) that can build a section of rail on flat land in one turn. Preferably rail in 1 turn rather than eg: split the stacks and rail 2 tiles in 2 turns. It is more efficient and allows the Workers to be moved after 1 turn if they are threatened without wasting their efforts.

    Preferably use the workers in stacks that multiply to the equivalent of 12 slaves eg: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12. A native is equivalent to 2 slaves. There are a few stacks of eg: 7 slaves in which case the extra slave is completely wasted, such stacks need to be split/joined so as to prevent the waste – the odd workers could be used for the colonies or blockading.

    The Minister of Defence is able to use the Workers to prevent settling/blockade duty, the DP should balance this requirement against the railing that is required. The DP should also use Slaves rather than native Workers for blockade duty and have the workers roading/railing or do something rather than just fortify whilst they are blockading. Do not put the workers where they could be captured, use troops for those positions.

    Try and complete governor worker instructions if requested and safe to do.

    Road/rail the Saltpetre by Rome when it is safe to do so.

    Keep our Workers safe, but that shouldn’t mean hiding in cities!
  4. RegentMan

    RegentMan Chieftain

    May 7, 2003
    Washington State
    ravensfire, you dog! ;)

    Thank you Furiey for the heads up. With industrialization coming to be, a factory would be of great importance. Please start one up/switch from current build queue upon industrialization's discovery. Until then please continuing building what's being built.
  5. TimBentley

    TimBentley Chieftain

    Apr 26, 2004
    Troy, MI
    Don't accept flips.

    Build queue:
    colosseum as factory prebuild->cavalries

    turn 0: switch forest, both irrigated grasses to N grass, 2SW grass, 2SE BG (0f, 21s, 4fpt, 24spt)
    turn 6: switch N grass to 2NW plain, NNE grass to NNW plain (if the hills are railroaded, switch to more food) (24f, 165s, 2fpt, 25spt)
    turn 9: factory done, start cavalry (30f, 0s, 2fpt, 40spt)

    Worker actions:
    Have both hills railroaded by turn 9
    Priorities: railroad hills; railroad irrigated grass; mine and railroad ESE grass; chop, mine, and railroad forests (in that case, switching to higher food would probably be best)

    Build queue:

    turn 0: switch 2NE grass to NE desert (40f, 84s, 0fpt, 25spt)
    turn 2: switch floodplain to 2NE grass (40f, 134s, -2fpt, 26spt)
    turn 3: hospital done, start factory (or colosseum prebuild)
    switch NE desert to floodplain (38f, 0s, 2fpt, 24spt)
    turn 4: new citizen should be working N plain
    switch NW desert to floodplain, switch 2NE grass to SW plain (0f, 25s, 8fpt, 22spt)
    turn 7: floodplain should be railroaded by now (24f, 91s, 9fpt, 22spt)
    turn 11: switch new citizen from desert to SE grass(0f, 181s, 11fpt, 22spt)
    turn 13: factory done (22f, 0s, 11fpt, 22spt)

    Worker actions:
    Have 2NE grass railroaded by turn 2, floodplain railroaded by turn 4, floodplain railroaded by turn 7
    Priorities: finish SE grass, railroad 2NE grass, railroad floodplains, railroad plains, railroad mountain, railroad irrigated grasses

    Build queue:

    turn 0: (0f, 52s, 5fpt, 8spt)
    turn 2: switch new citizen from iron mountain to 2NE grass(0f, 72s, 7fpt, 8spt)
    turn 3: courthouse done, start on university
    switch 2NE grass to iron mountain (7f, 0s, 3fpt, 18spt)
    turn 4: switch new citizen from hill to 2NE grass (0f, 24s, 5fpt, 18spt)
    turn 6: new citizen should be working hill
    switch mountains to N, NNW grasses (0f, 66s, 10fpt, 10spt)
    turn 7: the people love you
    new citizen should be working coal mountain
    switch NNW grass to SW hill (10f, 84s, 6fpt, 24spt)
    turn 8: switch SW hill to NNW grass (16f, 108s, 8fpt, 18spt)
    turn 11: new citizen should be working iron mountain (full granary)
    switch NNW grass to SW hill (0f, 170s, 3fpt, 32spt)
    turn 12: university done, start on factory (3f, 0s, 3fpt, 32spt)

    Worker actions:
    Priorities: railroad hills and grasses and coal mountain, irrigate and railroad deserts, mine and railroad mountains

    Build queue:

    turn 0: rush temple for 192g
    switch citizens to SE and NE floodplains (0f, 60s, 7fpt, 1spt)
    turn 1: finish temple, start library (7f, 0s, 7fpt, 1spt)
    turn 3: new citizen should be working mountain (0f, 4s, 5fpt, 3spt)
    turn 7: citizens should be working 2 floodplains, mountain, SSE fur (0f, 17s, 7fpt, 4spt)
    turn 8: switch floodplain to 2SE fur (7f, 21s, 6fpt, 5spt)
    turn 9: switch fur to floodplain (13f, 26s, 7fpt, 4spt)
    turn 10: switch new citizen from fur to floodplain (0f, 31s, 10fpt, 4spt)
    turn 12: library->worker
    citizens should now always work 3 floodplains, 2 furs, mountain (0f, 0s, 11fpt, 5spt)

    Worker actions:
    Have floodplain railroaded by turn 7, 2SE fur railroaded by turn 8, floodplain railroaded by turn 10
    Priorities: railroad floodplain, railroad 2SE fur, railroad floodplain, railroad floodplains and plains, railroad mountains and desert, chop (although shields would be wasted), mine, railroad forest

    The micromanagement may be altered based on worker actions.
  6. Rik Meleet

    Rik Meleet Top predator Retired Moderator

    Apr 11, 2003
    Nijmegen Netherlands
    I may not have time to post proper instructions.

    Policy - Let Olympus grow. Build Hospital and Factory. Then build units.
  7. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Turn 1 save: http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/DG7_AD1335_turn1.sav
    NOTE - no turn 0 save due to a mis-key - sorry!
    Turn 5 save: http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/DG7_AD1355_turn5.sav
    Ending Save: http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/DG7_AD1385_turn11.sav
    Chat log: http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/DG7_AD1355_Chatlog.zip

    Summary - Due to DP brain spasm, most of the TC was spent chasing around french settlers, laughing at the English and finally(!) getting things set for the invasion of Persia.

    TB - I'm pretty darn sure that I (once again) screwed up your planning. The cities are in good shape, but I Ishtakr is probably smaller than it should be. Sorry :(

    All core cities have Factories, and we're in GREAT shape for trying for several wonders.

    And again, sorry for the last minute schedule change - I hope I didn't inconvienence anyone too bad.

    -- Ravensfire
  8. TimBentley

    TimBentley Chieftain

    Apr 26, 2004
    Troy, MI
    That's okay; most DPs have missed some micromanagement (I can't remember messing up my own, but messing up my planning occasionally makes up for that). That's what I get for detailed instructions (in addition to better cities ;) ).
    Edit: We got some workers, looks more like the other plan I was considering.
  9. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Dang, only looked at the thread title. :(

    Maybe when a mod comes across one of those changes, the thread title could be edited as a public service? (pokes Rik who could have changed it before the chat :rolleyes: )

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