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Instruction Thread, Monday Jan 16, 2200 MST (0500 GMT Tuesday)

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy VII' started by DaveShack, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Term 6, Game Session 3, 1290 AD

    This will be an online session.
    The Designated Player is: DaveShack

    Start Date/Time: Monday, January 16, 10 PM MST
    GMT: Tuesday, January 13, 5:00

    Relevant Links:
    Current Save
    Previous Turnchat Thread

    Please use the "title" part of your instruction post to state your office title.

    Instruction Checklist:
    President - Instructions posted
    Minister of Defense - Instructions posted
    Minister of Foreign Affairs - Instructions posted
    Minister of Trade and Technology - No instructions posted

    Governor of Olympus - Instructions posted
    Governor of Civatonia - No instructions posted
    Governor of Styx - Instructions posted
    Governor of Augean Stables - no Instructions posted
    Governor of Priapos - No instructions posted
    Expatriate Governor - Instructions posted

    Please use the following compass for directions:

    Only elected officials may post in this thread!
  2. TimBentley

    TimBentley Chieftain

    Apr 26, 2004
    Troy, MI
    Don't accept flips. Istakhr will be the city to capture from Persia.

    Build queue:
    colosseum as hospital prebuild->colosseum as factory prebuild

    turn 0: (40f, 20s, 0fpt, 20spt)
    turn 2: switch to hospital
    turn 7: finish hospital, start colosseum as factory prebuild
    switch to +1fpt, micromanage as the worker situation allows

    Worker actions:
    the workers won't be useful here until about turn 7

    Build queue:

    turn 0: switch SW plain to W floodplain
    switch SE grass to NNE floodplain (7f, 87s, 7fpt, 19spt)
    turn 1: switch SSW plain to SE grass (14f, 106s, 9fpt, 18spt)
    turn 4: finish bank, start hospital (40f, 0s, 9fpt, 18spt)
    micromanage as the worker situation allows, try to finish the hospital by turn 10 (average 26 2/3 spt)
    Note: Capturing Istakhr will increase corruption (this would cause an extra corrupted shield when uncorrupted shields are divisible by 2 and not divisible by 4)

    Worker actions:
    railroad wheats and SSW plain first, then other worked tiles

    Build queue:
    iron works->courthouse->university

    turn 0: (8f, 300s, 4fpt, 2spt)
    turn 1: finish iron works, start courthouse (12f, 0s, 4fpt, 4spt)
    turn 3: switch new citizen from coal mountain to S hill (0f, 12s, 3fpt, 8spt)
    turn 4: switch hill to floodplain (3f, 20s, 7fpt, 4spt)
    turn 5: new citizen should be working coal mountain (0f, 28s, 5fpt, 8spt)
    turn 7: new citizen should be working iron mountain (0f, 50s, 3fpt, 14spt)
    turn 8: switch iron mountain to 2NE grass (3f, 64s, 7fpt, 8spt)
    turn 9: switch coal and iron mountains to grasses (0f, 78s, 11fpt, 4spt)
    turn 10: courthouse finished, start on university
    switch new citizen from coal mountain to S hill (0f, 0s, 10fpt, 10spt)
    turn 11: the people love you!
    new citizen should be working coal mountain
    switch NNW grass to iron mountain (0f (or is it 10?), 20s, 5fpt, 28spt)
    Note: Capturing Istakhr will increase corruption (although I don't think it will slow the courthouse build)

    Worker actions:
    railroad irrigated grass, hills, and mountains; workers may not be safe here, but you could try to get the courthouse completed on turn 9

    The micromanagement for Besancon and Rome may be altered based on worker actions.
  3. Rik Meleet

    Rik Meleet Top predator Retired Moderator

    Apr 11, 2003
    Nijmegen Netherlands
    Micromanage Olympus to:

    Buildqueue: Continue using "Heroic Epic" as prebuild for hospital. Switch to hospital when Sanitation is learned.

    When hospital is build, restart on "Heroic Epic" (or "Military Academy" if "Heroic Epic" is assigned elsewhere) as a prebuild for Factory. When industrialization is learned, switch to factory.
    When factory is completed, start on riflemen.

    The first tile to use when Olympus grows is the tile marked red in the screenshot.

    Tile improvement:
    Top priority: railroad the tiles that are being used, except the forested tiles.
    Second priority: Chop the forests.
    Third priority: Mine the cleared forest tiles.
    fourth priority: railroad the cleared forest tiles.
  4. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    War on Persia


    As you can see, we gather the forces in two areas - Pompeii and Bactra. If there's a better location to gather than indicated on the map, feel free to use it.

    Move the newly created army up, and load the two Elite* Cavalry regiments, plus an additional Veteran cavalry regiment from the Bactra force into it.

    Once all troops are in position, we are ready to declare WAR!

    When we begin, we eliminate the Colony and all Persian troops nearby. The two armies then move to destroy their respective cities, regroup to eliminate Tyre, then head for the Reset Point. We'll hold some forces back for landings from the island, but the bulk will then head for the West.

    Once the three cities are eliminated, please move the bulk of the units to the western gather point, leaving 1 Musket, 3 Cav and the MI behind to watch for landings.

    7 Cannon
    Pyrric Army (3 Cavalry)
    1 Rifleman
    7 Cavalry
    1 Cruader
    1 Medieval Infantry

    8 Cannon
    New Army (3 Cavalry)
    2 Musketmen
    6 Cavalry
    4 Crusaders

    *NOTE - numbers are approximations, and may be changed by DP if needed.

    The forces aournd Rome will remain as a guard against attack in that area, concentrating on defending Rome itself and the coal mine.

    The force defending the Saltpeter Colony will be 2 Rifleman and the Cannon in Berlin. The offensive troops around Berlin will move to Olympus to watch for Japanese landings and Persian troops. These units will eliminate all Persian troops in Fanatikos territory on the way.

    Once the 3 cities have fallen, move the forces to the point indicated on the West map. Use the units around Rome to capture Istakhar. Use your judgement for the path.

    Battle plan West:

    DP's discretion about pace of moves - this is a deliberate conquest, not a lightening strike. Grind them into oblivion! Remember, raze all cities!

    NavalThere are several Japanese ships south of us. Do NOT attack them with the Frigate in Styx. Please move that ship towards the western Persia cities for recon and bombardment as the opportunity presents. DP discretion. The Caravel is at your disposal, please try not to lose it - it's got a good crew!

    War the JapanThere is a strong chance that there are troops on those Japanese ships. Should they land, use the forces in Olympus and Styx to eliminate them.

    DP's call.

    In all other areas, the DP is given complete discretion.

    -- Ravensfire, Minister of Defense
  5. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Use the slider in preference to specialists, maintaining the minimum necessary to prevent rioting, if only recently captured cities will riot, consider using specialists in that city rather than losing a lot of gpt to prevent minor cities rioting

    Turn 0: Set science to 60% for Sanitation in 2
    Turn 1: drop science to the lowest level possible for Sanitation in 1
    Turn 2: set science to complete the next tech in the minimum turns whilst still maintaining a positive income. A small temporary negative gpt is allowable if we have enough free gold and it allows us to get a tech earlier. Always try reducing the slider possible over the last few turns of a tech and set it to the mimimum possible to still get the tech in the same number of turns.
    In case of emergency it is allowable to reduce science slightly to gain some additional gold necessary.
    Do not let our treasury run dry!

    Treasury Spending:
    Avoid rushes and upgrades until we have made our alliances with the French and have built up a cushion of approx 150-200 gold. After that give priority to rushing culture in Istkar (once it is ours) and military upgrades, but try and keep that buffer.

    Complete Newton’s in Priapos, or if we are beaten to it select another Wonder and grab that. Stop the chat if necessary if the present forum discussions do not give enough guidance.
    Please note: the Heroic Epic in Olympus is a Hospital prebuild.

    Great Leaders:
    Ajax: Build a Cavalry Army with the 2 Elite* Cavalry and 1 Veteran Cavalry
    Next Military Leader: If early into the session and there’s an obvious choice from the discussion thread please take it, otherwise please stop
    Scientific Leader: There’s been little discussion on this, so please stop the chat if we’re so fortunate.

    Please protect our Saltpetre colony in the South and our Incense colony by Rome.
    Build a colony on the Silks by Rome when it is safe to do so and can be defended.
    Build a colony on the Gems by Rome when it is safe to do so and can be defended.

    There are several large stacks of Workers (12 slaves or equivalent) that can build a section of rail in one turn. There are also a few smaller stacks that can be used for other tasks.

    Prior to War: Use the Worker stacks to develop tiles (by cities or to the front) that it will not be safe to develop once war has been declare. Ensure that the Workers are evacuated from these regions before war is declared.

    From the turn we declare: Develop around our cities (Styx and Priapos are largely developed, Civantonia, Augean Stables, Berlin and Besancon are not yet developed much at all). Follow governor instructions for specific improvements otherwise focus on railing mines or irrigation first depending on whether the city needs more production or growth. Worker may be used if strategic road/rail is required but they must be kept safe and defended if within potential attack distance.

    When Rome expands, road the Saltpetre by Rome when it is safe to do so.

    Keep our Workers safe, but that shouldn’t mean hiding in cities!

    A comment: Priapos can be MMd to get Newton’s in 3 at –1fpt. The citizen was knocked off the BG that would have allowed it to achieve this without –fpt by the Japanese landing.
  6. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Declare war with Persia when troops are in position.
    Attempt to negotiate an alliance with France vs Persia, if terms are good enough. DP's discretion on terms.
    If we can get a reasonable peace with Japan then do so -- but don't give them anything that Persia might be able to use against us.
  7. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Chat started.

    Turn 0 save

    Turn 5 save

    Turn 8, ending save

    The initial set of war aims have been met, with the capture of Ishtakhr and razing of Bactra, Pompeii, and Tyre.
    Alliance made with France vs Persia
    Made peace with Japan as part of a decent tech trade, sanitation for 3 techs, 100g, 47gpt.
    England demanded Iron, the "executive decision maker" came up tails so we told them to shove off, and they declared war.

    Upcoming decisions: wonders everywhere, take any of them? stop France from settling "our" incense? we're weak, build / upgrade more military?

    Chat log

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