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Instruction Thread, Saturday April 16, 3pm MST, 6pm EDT, 2200 GMT

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy VI' started by DaveShack, Apr 13, 2005.

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  1. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    In order to meet the law (or at least come close) in the face of incompatibilities between the law and the schedule, this TCIT must be opened earlier than normal, before its preceeding session has even started.

    Saturday April 16, 3pm MST, 6pm EDT, 2200 GMT

    Previous Instruction Thread

    starting save: TBD
  2. MOTH

    MOTH Emperor

    Aug 13, 2004
    mostly lurking
    Culuture: If we capture any cities with >1 population consider a pop-rush towards a temple instead of starving them down. This is at DP's discretion.

    Notary of Names:
    City Names:
    Bombay should be renamed as New London.
    Other than that the next 7 cities acquired should be name in the following order:
    Over There
    Ela Springs
    The Black Hole
    If Coastal: Gilgame's Landing; Non-coastal: Sebadoh

    Military Unit Names
    The next units built after that should be named in the following order:
    1. First naval unit should be named Old Ironsides (even if made of wood)
    2. additional unit name queue (lots of options as we might build boats)
    Lord Hwok-puk's levy; crimson surf if naval
    TrebuMage; Nukemage_Naval if naval
    Helo; Lucky Sinker if naval
    Illuminatti; HMS Aotea if naval
    Knights of the Arpha; Arphaboat is naval
    The Royal Engineers; Da Pontoon if naval
    Honourless Knight; Sail-less caravel if naval
    Steven's *insert unit name*; U.S.S. Bill Clinton if naval
    Qhebecois; NCSS Chicoutimi if naval
    1st King's Guard if Cavalry (otherwise will wait)
    Knights Hospitallers; HMS Carlskrona if naval
    Sir Antony; Seaking if naval
    Tonatiuh; Tlaloc if naval
    Daggers End; From Sand to Sea if naval
    Iron Horde of Excellence
    Bertie's 2nd pint; Bertie's grog if naval
    Soldiers of the RoboPig Templar; The RoboPig Raft if naval
    Old Scorpion guard
    22nd Longbows; HMCS Skeena II if naval
    Sir Imegonnahityouwithamace; The Four if naval
  3. Ginger_Ale

    Ginger_Ale Lurker Retired Moderator

    Jul 23, 2004
    Red Sox Nation
    Domestic Consulate

    Settlement Density: Cities should be founded to gain around 13 tiles per city, including the city center. This allows us to have cities without hospitals. Keep this placement until the desert near the Dutch city of Holwerd. After that, cities can be put closer together for easier defense, more culture, and specialist farms. Try to achive the 14 city mark, by means necessary, to acheive the ability to build the Forbidden Palace. If we reach the 14 city mark, please stop the chat for discussion of the placement of FP, and possibility of relocating the Palace. Keep the Indian settlement layout - capture cities, don't raze intentionally [autorazing is an exception].

    City Production: Cities should try to achive their target goals of spt noted by the DoI. This can be achived by switching laborers around if needed as prescribed by the Governor. However, when moving from a tile to one with less commerce, and with the use of the luxury slider in effect, make sure the city does not plunge into city disorder.

    Governments: Simply, if we get Republic, or the chance to trade for Republic, buy Republic. Of course, this is also up to the Director of Commerce regarding trading, and if we should buy it. If we are in the middle of the war, do not revolt. Wait until we finish the war to revolt.
  4. Octavian X

    Octavian X is not a pipe.

    Jan 11, 2002
    deceiving people with images
    After currency is complete, begin bare minimum research on the winner of this poll. 50 turns is always a comparitively short time in demogame years, anyway.

    Use only the smallest amount of the scinece slider possible, likely about 10%. If we can turn a citizen into a scientist somewhere, though, use him for research instead of the slider. As always, use the lux slider to keep the cities from riotting.

    Contact Gandhi of the Indians during the preturn. Sign a peace treaty with him, and take away all his gold (82g) and the cities of Calcutta and Lahore. The (First) War of Indian Annexation has ended sucessfully. :hammer:

    No tech trades are authorized for this session. Keep an eye out for The Republic, though. If it becomes known to two or three civs during the chat, and purchasing it is feasible, please stop the chat for discussion.
  5. snipelfritz

    snipelfritz Crazy about the Demogame

    Dec 31, 2003
    The Demogame Forums!!!

    Seeing as there are no settlers on the queue. Keep up the good work is all I can say.
  6. RegentMan

    RegentMan Deity

    May 7, 2003
    Washington State
    *Finish researching currency
    *(Note: sorry for linking to a poll. I will not be on again until this evening.) Research the winner in the R & T T2 P2 at the minimum science rate/lone scientist (whichever is more feasible)
    *Should the above poll remain a tie, please begin research on the R & T consul's preference: engineering
  7. Bertie

    Bertie Prince

    Feb 25, 2005
    Because the office of External Consul is vacant, I am posting this as acting Deputy. (As an FYI, I will continue in this position in order to facilitate gameplay only until a new Consul is appointed.) Specific instructions appear first; the Term 2 Policy appears next, for reference purposes.

    Specific Instructions for 4/16/2005 Turnchat

    1. War has been waged on India and the objectives of the External Consul have been met. The Director of Commerce has issued instructions for a specific peace settlement, which we support.
    2. Currency will be a monopoly tech. We support the Director of Commerce’s decision not to seek trades this turnchat. Our position on currency is not to trade it as long as it remains a monopoly tech.
    3. Our army will need to heal the next few turns, and no doubt the COA will issue instructions for positioning our troops in preparation for a war against the Netherlands. This will take several turns, but it’s likely we will be ready for a war towards the end of this turnchat. Currently the Director of Commerce has not issued instructions for declaring war. When the President is satisfied that we are sufficiently prepared for war, we request the chat be stopped so that a formal declaration of war can be sought.
    4. It has been the policy of the External Consul to accede to demands made by the Netherlands before we go to war with them. However, we will be at war with them within the next 10 turns. Should they make a demand, we leave it to the discretion of the President as to whether we should meet their demand. Our preference is not to; but game circumstances may suggest otherwise.
    5. Establish embassies with the Byzantines and the French when fiscally prudent.
    6. Should the Byzantines, Chinese, or French request an MA against the Persians, accept it (trying, of course, to strike an advantageous deal) unless in the President’s opinion game circumstances suggest otherwise.

    External Consulate - Policy for Term 2

    Long Term Trading
    1. Trading should be performed to maximize profit.
    2. Monopoly techs should not be bought unless a subsequent 2 for 1 deal (or better) is available.
    3. Strategic and Luxury commodities should not be sold to Countries that we believe we may be at war with during this term.
    4. No GPT based deals should be entered into with any Country that we believe we may be at war with within the following 20 turns.
    5. In the event of a war with India, any peace deal should maximize the gain of technological advancements.
    6. In the event of a war with The Netherlands, any peace deal should maximize the gain of territory.
    7. A harbor should be built in a town that is connected to our capital as soon as is practicable, and in any case, within 10 turns of a harbor being constructed by a prospective trading partner.
    8. Trading for Horseback Riding should be delayed for as long as possible to allow for the building of chariots. The precise timing for the purchase of this tech should be made by the Commander of the Armed Forces.

    Long Term Foreign Affairs
    China should be developed as a trading partner, and as a buffer against more distant civilizations.

    1. Any demands made by civilizations further from us than China should be refused.
    2. Any demands made by India or The Netherlands made before war with these respective countries should be met. We should pay them.
    3. Once our nation has reached a size of 12 cities, no demands should be paid, and this paragraph supercedes paragraphs 1 and 2 in this case.
    4. When treasury allows, further embassies should be established and wars instigated between distant nations. The more tangled and complex the alliances the better.
    5. Portugal and the Pyramids are a priority target for the time immediately following a government switch.

    Long Term War Plans

    1. War must be declared on India on or before 700BC.
    The aims of this war are:-

    a) Capture the Indian Capital to secure the iron resource.
    b) Secure a source of silks
    c) Provide a strong strategic position from which to launch a war against the Netherlands
    d) Use the peace negotiation to gain territory.

    2. War must be declared on The Netherlands on or before 400BC.
    The aims of this war are:-

    a) Deprive The Netherlands of Iron
    b) Deprive The Netherlands of Horses
    c) Secure a source of Spices
    d) Deprive the Netherlands of High Food City sites
    e) Maximize territorial gain through peace negotiation.
  8. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    DoI Instructions:

    Again, continue with this guide, and follow the city-laborer patterns.

    I'm giving the DP a present tonight. If the workers finish roading/mining the above cities, or they can't improve it anymore, the DP may work other cities. The priority is to connect these cities.
  9. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Blood Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Commander of the Armed Forces
    If peace is declared, regroup the Indian Army Assault Group in Bombay.
    Swords for the Dutch conflict (Newly build units) shall assemble one tile north of Provolutia's cattle resource (If The Hauge's borders dont expand). If The Hauge does expand it's borders then assemble the Dutch Assault Group on Provolutia's cattle.

    I have been given responsibilities from Noldy to care for his province this tern.
    Camelot: Horsemen, Swords, Spearmen, Swords
    Provolutia: Spearmen, Swordsmen, Horsemen
    Roosting Tree: Swordsmen, Swordsmen
    Donsignia: Swordsmen, Swordsmen, Swordsmen
    Bentley: Swordsmen, Swordsmen, Swordsmen
    Oxford: Barracks
    Bombay: Barracks
    Delhi: Warrior, Barracks
  10. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Blood Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    This was a relativly short turnchat. We have finaly ended the war against the Indians and aquired their gold and cities. We have discovered currency and ushered in a new age. I have discovered that a scientific leader has been created (possibly after the discovery of currency). I have decided to halt the chat to discuss what to do with the scientific leader since there were no discussions in the forums on what to do if we get a SL nor any wonders discussion.

    Other issues that also need to be discussed is the vacancy in the razed city location. ATM, I am conserned about the grouping of Indian stack that are moving to the razed indian city. The good part is that the stack only contained an archer and 3 spears.

    Pre-turn save
    Turn 1

    Someone with a non-No Name Script shall post the log (When I create them under the NNS, it creates a messy log)
  11. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
  12. mad-bax

    mad-bax Deity GOTM Staff

    Jan 24, 2003
    Seems to have been a fairly quiet session. ;)
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