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Interest in a FFH Succession Game?


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Apr 5, 2006
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Howdy all, just gauging the interest in a Fall From Heaven Succession Game? A Succession Game is where a team of players (5-6 is ideal) take turns playing the game and post (informative and amusing) reports in the game thread. It was all the rage back in the day! Here are a couple of examples.

Spoiler Deviant Mind SG Etiquette Rules :

Alpha: The quality of your report outweighs the quality of your play. We're here to have fun, and, of course, winning is fun, but losing in style is preferable to a boring win.

Bravo: Reports should be detailed, with plenty of screen shots and player commentary, explanations, musings, etc; a bare-bones/no commentary, auto-log dump will not suffice. Shots of the F9 screens and overview shots of the empire are nice too, once in a while.

Charlie: Punctuality rocks! 24/48 means post a "got it" within 24 hours of when the last save was posted, and play within 48 hours of that got it. Waiting 47 hours to ask for a skip is lame. Punk out two times in a row, and you'll be dropped from the roster. Skips and swaps are fine, but try to let us know sooner, rather than later.

Delta: Major game decisions (war/peace declarations, religion swaps, city placement, etc) should be arrived at via group consensus.

1. If the team disagrees with you, either argue your case better, or do it their way. Do NOT just blow them off and do it your way because it's your turn.
2. However, if there's no consensus and you're up, do it your way and explain why. Conversely, if someone else is up, don't whine when they do it their way.
3. Similarly, overruling techs or city builds is rude and should be done via consensus, barring an emergency.
4. In extraordinary situations, sometimes an opportunity presents itself that the group didn't foresee. If the consequences of it are great, players should stop, and refer the question to the group.

Echo: Be Excellent to Each Other. Being a better player does not give you the right to belittle anyone else or their play. Other people are going to disagree with you on major decisions; get used to the idea, and play nice. If not, take your ball and go home.

Foxtrot: Thread spam is good. We're here to play in a friendly environment. Trash talking, poking fun, gentle ribbing, virtual noogies, and generally horsing around are all encouraged. However, don’t be jerk.

Golf: Automate sparingly.
1. Workers should almost never be automated, except perhaps late-game or building a trade network. However, if you have to, set your game options to “disallow automated worker forest chopping and keep previous improvements.
2. Use of the Emphasis buttons is fine, but let the group know and explain your reasoning (specialization is a major game decision). If you prevent growth in a city, let the group know and remind them to take it off. Do NOT let the governor select build orders.
3. Sending units on go-to routes that last beyond your set is acceptable only if they’re heading for a rally point or if you otherwise inform your teammates.

Hotel: NEVER fortify Great People. Is it so hard to push the spacebar 15 times??

India: Sign spamming is rude. Signs can be helpful reminders, but too many signs makes them easily ignored. Once a sign is no longer valid, delete it. [The only exception to this are city specialization signs.]

The infamous pholkhero is attempting to learn the game and a SG would be a great place to start.

I only have the base game (no mod mods), so would need to establish the version as well.

Anyways, if this sounds like your kinda thing sign up!

King Bulrush
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reporting in :salute:

can't wait to screw it up in a fantasy way

You guys need to stop all this nonsense!

no, wait, this one's ok

reporting in :salute:

can't wait to screw it up in a fantasy way
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Don't everyone rush in and all :shifty:

So we can start something up (here or in the Civ IV SG forum) anyways as a training game of sorts. But what to play....

FfH is a pretty broad game, much more than Civ IV. Every civ you play has a really distinct set of advantages and therefore a different way of playing.

Orcs are at peace with the barbarians until they get too powerful, so you don't have to worry about them at the start.
Amurites are spellcasters
Sheaim literally want to end the world
Elves are mass-terraforming machines
Hippus are war hungry horselords
Balseraphs are just insane
Calabrim are vampires


What takes your fancy?
Hiya, Oz. It's not that I'm not interested, it's that I can't commit to the time involved. Sounds like great fun, though! I prefer Amurites when I play to win, but love to experiment with all of them.
I could join, though I have no experience with such style of play. I'm a bit confused as to if I understand how the "group consensus" part works though: You play in accordance with what the group decided, then make your report (with some sort of story element), list the major decisions to come, then the group decides again? How does that work for the first turn?

As to the specific civ, I usually play Kuriotates but am willing to try anything.
Hello! I have seen no further activity in this thread. Is it too late to sign in?
I have no experience with succession games (outside of reading threads such as this one), but I have wanted for a very long time to try once.

As for my FFH2 experience, lately I have played mostly MNAI or MNAI based mods and my favourite civ are the Bannor (but I have no expectation of staying in my confort zone for a succession game). Also, I must admit that I am not a very good player in general. I hope I will be able to fit in however.
Good to hear, not too late, has just been a busy time and was going to get something started on this in the next week or two.

Also, I must admit that I am not a very good player in general. I hope I will be able to fit in however.

You'll fit in perfectly with us then. We do tend to lose a decent proportion of our SGs but always in great style and a lot of fun.
Good to hear, not too late, has just been a busy time and was going to get something started on this in the next week or two.

Great news then! Are any details about the game decided already? (for ex.: are we playing the unmodded game or "vanilla plus" - MNAI or similar mods)?
in this game, as with so many things in my life, i have no clue :D
OK, MNAI works for me. I started up a game on Emporer and forgot how much improved the AI was and got steamrolled early by Auric.

How about playing as the Amurites and working towards a Tower of Mastery victory. New victory condition and high use of spells would be a good introduction. Was thinking Prince/Monarch, Huge Terra Map (for lots of empty spaces for barbs to fill). If there are no thoughts to the contrary, I'll roll a start in the next day or two.
Hello all!

Short introduction: Longtime lurker of the forums here. Any open spot left in this succession game?

Longish? introduction: I have played civ 4 a lot and ffh2 is one of my favourite mods. Never participated in a succession game before, but read through several succession games recently.
I have played multiple ffh2 mods, including MNAI, so I grasp the basic gameplay quite well. Only issue is that I get bored after I reach a "winning" position and start a new game :)

In any case, I will follow this thread with great interest. And yes, base ffh2 AI is nothing compared to MNAI, I had to learn this the hard way... and not use aggressive AI option as I usually do
I was able to open the file. Just to make sure (since I am new to this) I have saved the game again on my computer and I am uploading the file for others to test. (I have not moved any unit nor taken any other action. This is just a test to make sure that my own save games will work for others.
(By the way, is this the definitive starting position or is it just a test? Have you already decided upon all the game settings?)


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i'm trying to open up the saves, but they're not compatible w the FfH that comes w steam's civ4. downloaded the mnai mod, and tried to install that, and it said i didn't have the FfH mod? thoughts??
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