Intermarium - The East-Central European Alliance


Sep 25, 2012
Intermarium or The East-Central European Alliance broke away from Slavic Federation. It is a decentralized, democratic and conservative/centre-right union which includes Ukraine, Poland, Romania and some other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It's economy is mostly based on the agriculture and military industry.

This mod doesn't contain leader art! If you like idea of the mod and want to help with painting then please contact me

Leader: Grand Hetman Denis Ostrogski
Unique Ability: -20% land unit maintenance and free Vivarium building in every city
Historical predecessors:
Kievan Rus
Union between Polish kingdom and Great Dutchy of Lithuania, Ruthenia and Samogitia
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth ("Rzeczpospolita) and especially project of the Polish–Lithuanian–Ruthenian Commonwealth
and even Austro-Hungarian Empire , Austrian_Empire and Habsburg_Monarchy

Note: most of the city names used in mod are names of the real Earth towns that are very small today but have played a significant role in the past. For example Chyhyryn

Lore: East-Central European Alliance
Spoiler :


After the Great Mistake and collapse of the EU new democratic Russia managed to regain trust of the former Socialist republics. They finally joined Slavic Federation - but with many conditions. The most important of them - the right to have national parliaments and the right to have national military units which were still fully integrated into the Armed Forces of Slavic Federation. And at first everything was going well.
Time was going by, and the Slavic Federation was slowly changing. Year by year SF was becoming more centralised, less democratic, more similar to USSR and Russian Empire. Independent media were being closed, local politicians were bribed by the Moscow and local governments were slowly losing authorities. Of course it caused a significant rise of nationalist and anti-Kremlin sentiments in most of the Eastern and Central European countries.
Finally the Kremlin decided to cancel national military formations. This initiative caused a huge wave of demonstrations and civil unrest. Pro-government media kept telling that protests were inspired by the ARC and Franko-Iberia secret services and SF central government didn''t want to compromise. Police tried to break up the demonstrations which resulted into few thousands of killed demonstrators.
After that political opposition formed the revolutional government and called local military to protect people from Kremlin. Most generals were already bribed by the central government but some were not. They quickly formed revolutionary headquarters which was supported by most soldiers and lower officers. Pro-government officers and officials escaped or were arrested by the army or killed by the mob. Slavic Federation was standing on the brink of the brutal civil war.
Fortunately Kremlin didn''t risk starting the out-and-out warfare. Central government permitted to conduct a democratic referendum at which most of the Eastern and Central European countries decided to leave the Slavic Federation.

Rseczpospolita of Many Nations

Back in the early 1900 Polish leader Josef Pilsudski suggested to create a democratic federation of the countries between Germany and Russia which would be called Intermarium - "Located between seas". Break-away from SF nations decided to recall this idea and create a new political, economical and military union. It was named East-Central European Alliance, or shortly Intermarium, and included Poland, Ukraine, Romania and many smaller neighbouring states. At first alliance suffered from the serious economic crisis but then it finally managed to rebuild its economy.
Today Intermarium is a democratic and decentralised union which mostly relies on the agriculture and powerful military industry - the union feeds and arms about 20% of the world! Most political parties traditionally tend to be conservative and centre-right. Old customs are diligently maintained - for example many military and political ranks were returned from the past.

Conquest of space

Intermarium has notable scientific and industrial potential which is by tradition especially strong in the military sphere. That''s why all key space development of alliance are of military origin and only then they became civil. However achievements of ECEA in space conquest are also due to the private corporations - the state actively encourages business activity connected to the space.

Lore: Denis Ostrogski

Spoiler :

Grand Standard-Bearer
"The Sarmatian Knight"

Before the revolution

Slovak with Ukrainian roots, Denis Ostrogski is the late descendant of the famous noble family. His ancestors were magnates, high officials and military commanders in the Grand Dutchy of Lithunia and Polish-Lithunian Commonwealth. Maybe that was having such a significant surname that caused Denis'' love for history, military and politics. Young man entered the military academy and soon became officer of the Slavic Federation Artillery. Brave and clever officer took part in several military conflicts. By the time of the anti-Kremlin crisis Denis Ostrogski was a brigade colonel.

Charismatic leader

During the protests Denis at first was neutral hoping for a compromise between demonstrators and the central government. Hower as crisis was worsening Denis'' attitude towards Kremlin was becoming more negative. Finally he initiated contacts with the opposition leaders and started organising the military coup. During following events Ostrogski became a popular leader. Before elections to the Intermarium Parliament many parties invited him to join them. Denis decided to leave army and become a politician. However Ostrogski still was an extraordinary military expert and after elections he accepted a post of Grand Hetman - a person who combined jobs of the Minister of Defence and the Chief of the General Staff.

To the new horizons!

After the Seeding Denis understood that the new colony needs a popular and experienced leader. That''s why he decided to leave his successful politician career and volunteered to lead one of the space missions.


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