International Friendly 4- Spoiler thread


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May 22, 2005
I wanted to do it myself so i dont have to wait

My log:
Spoiler :

4000BC- move worker 1 N, decide to settle in place, Carthage set on Curragh, writing at 100%

3700BC- Carthage curragh -> warrior

3550BC- warrior -> curragh

3400BC- curragh -> warrior

3300BC- warrior -> warrior

3250BC- meet the Incas

2710BC- pop a settler :eek:

2670BC- meet Korea, trade Masonry for BW, WC + $30

2630BC- pop warrior, kill him

2590BC- Thanks MP!

writing -> philo

2430- Meet Joan

2350- Pop ANOTHER settler :eek: :eek:

Decide to kill it, :sad:

1910- get to philo first! Select lita as free tech

1870- Inca demands writing, refuse, declares war

1700- Build Collosus -> TGLB, hurry it with sciguy

1675- aforementioned hurrying makes TGLB

1650- CB, Wheel, IW

1525- Mysticism

1400- Math

1375- Curragh survives 4 ocean turns!!! :eek: see yellow borders

1350- Peace + HBR for Peace, Writing + $70, meet Mongols, see Mongols occupy Palenque (Mayan city!!) :eek:

1325- Pottery, meet Smokey

1225- MapMaking

1100- meet Ragnar

1000- meet Russia, meet everyone!!

975- Code of Laws

925- build embasseys on everyone

875- Inca wants Litature this time, give it.

750- Polytheism

570- stupidly click accept alliance VS Mongols, :lol:

550- Currency

510- ENTER MIDDLE AGES, Construction, first one in MAs


Jan 19, 2005
I guess we needed this spoiler soon after all...OCC games go fast. thanks MV. :p

Ancient Age
4000 move north to the hill and tobacco bonus. worker E to chop and sees a spice - nice!

Looking at the tech tree I am pretty dumbfounded. There are a lot of things I want to do here, so I made a little list.

- culture, to secure resources nearby sooner.
- contacts, to trade science.
- growth, to raise production and trade.
- science, to advance faster.
- republic, for more trade and production.
- wonders, Colossus, Mausoleum, Hanging Gardens.

At first I wanted the Great Library, but realized it would cut down my chances of getting a SGL. I don't know if this is a good decision though...

3950 Carthage founded, and worker starts choppin'. Researching Pottery.
3750 Curragh starts heading NW.
3450 France's borders spotted.
3400 Pottery researched. oops, I meant to go for The Wheel since no one has it. researching writing.
3350 Meet an Inca scout. That stingy bum won't trade me CB! :mad:
2850 Carthage builds Granary.
2750 with a wood chop, a 2nd curragh is built, this time it heads south.
2310 Meet Korean warrior.
2230 Meet Mayan warrior. Trade Alphabet to them for CB,Bronze,and 10gold.
2210 Writing is discovered.

Trade 1: Writing to Maya for Iron Working and Warrior Code.
Trade 2: Warrior Code and CB to Korea for The Wheel.
Trade 3: the Inca are stingy...and they are pretty advanced.

1990 Meet the Mongols.
1725 Colossus! ...and contact the Vikings.

Trade: Writing to Mongols for Horseback Riding.
Trade: Masonry to Vikes for 50 gold.

1575 Trade Writing and 8 gold to Korea for Mathematics.
1525 Carthage builds Temple.
1450 Code of Laws is discovered. Full-blast to Philosophy! Trade it to Inca for Mysticism and 50 gold.
1375 Trade Mathematics and Horseback Riding to Maya for Map Making and 25gold.
1350 Spices connected. Contact Russia.
1225 Philosophy and Republic!
1200 Maya extort Philosophy from me!! I'll get them back...
1025 Mausoleum of Mausollos! revolt to republic...3 turns.
950 Republic begins. Trade Mathematics and Philosophy to Russia for Polytheism and 15 gold. Trade Polytheism,Philosophy, and 30 gold to Korea for Currency.
850 Literature discovered. Every AI thinks it's cool to demand stuff from me. :shakehead
710Trade Currency for Construction and 5 gold and enter the middle ages.


Nov 30, 2004
I settled in place hoping for some bonus grass under the woodsy terrain. Set research to the republic slingshot, completed in 1650 with a 4 turn anarchy. We build the Colossal statue one turn before in 1675 (1700 according to the in game date). Set research to literature and got a library built in 1325.

I gifted everything to the AIs throughout the AA but they still sucked. They did provide me with math, Maps, and polytheism right before I self researched myself into the MA via Construction in 875. I was really hoping they would get construction for me but no, I had to spend 10 turns to get it myself. The scientific civs got Feudalism and Engineering.

Initial builds were 3 curraghs and a warrior. I kept the warrior home and didnt pop any huts. The Inca kept demanding things so there was a fake war that started sometime during the later part of the age.

I did get an SGL pretty early on, and with nary an ancient wonder that I really wanted, i saved him for Copernicus.


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Jan 1, 2005
Ancient Age:
Production: I started off two warriors and a granary. One warrior went exploring while the other served as MP. Luckily I was able to MM the granary so it finished one turn before growth. I believe I followed the granary with a worker, another warrior (MP) and a curragh or two and than went with the Colossus. Followed with a third curragh in an attempt at a suicide run (notice I said attempt) and eventually the MoM. I believe once I reached size 12 I was at 20 spt.

Edit: I settled in place.

Growth: I went for maximum growth right off the bat as I wanted to get to size 12 as early as possible. Luckily my exploring warrior popped a settler from a goody hut and after a six turn walk was able to merge with Carthage. This brought me from size 6 to 8. One of the many small mistakes I made was merging one of my workers at size 11. I should have kept him as I needed him in the beginning of the MA.

Research: Started off with Pottery and than Bronze Working. Not for sure if BW was worth the turns but definitely wanted the Colossus. After BW I made a beeline for Republic and than traded Philosophy and/or CoL to become the tech leader. Followed up with Currency, a short 1-turn on Construction and finished with Polytheism bringing me into the MA. I was one turn into Construction when CAII stated the Inca’s knew it so wasted the shields and made the switch. Traded later for it.

Wonders: Not wanting to fight off a 20k race I only built the Colossus and MoM.

Middle Ages:
Production/Growth: At first earning 20 spt was great (typically no wastage) but I realized once I started building wonders I wanted maximum shields I could get. So not wanting to waste the time on researching Engineering I gifted Korea into the MA hoping they would draw Engineering and did they ever! At this point my one native worker and bought slave began bg farming. As in I began chopping forest looking for bg’s. All that work and not a single bg. With the two cows being irrigated I was able to get 21 spt but found that rarely if ever was the additional shield worth it. I believe I primarily ran with 20 spt.

Research: My research path went straight for Astronomy with no sidetracks. Unfortunately the AI didn’t do very good on the bottom branch of the tree so I ended up researching from Chemistry on. I never researched a single optional tech in this age.

Wonders: Obviously Copernicus and Newton’s. These were the only two MA wonders I built.

Industrial Age:
Production/Growth: Once I entered this age I immediately began building workers. I irrigated enough tiles I could pop a worker every 3 turns. At population 20 with railroads and factory I believe I was running around 66 spt. I believe, I’m not entirely sure of this. Once the city began approaching max size I chopped all the forest and mined everything. I also noticed my culture was starting to get a little high so I sold the coliseum and cathedral. I made sure my 20k date was never predicted before 2050 AD.

Research: I immediately went towards Medicine and Sanitation. After that I traded for Steam and than Industrialization and Electricity. Somewhere in here I got a SGL which I saved for the UN. Sanitation was the only optional tech I researched and I believe the AI’s only researched a couple non-optional techs for me.

Resources: One of the reasons I’ve found to ignore Steam Power is I typically never get coal in my radius. The AI’s never trade their coal until they are done building RR’s unless they have multiple sources (which they didn’t). I don’t believe I was able to trade for coal until I was well into the IA.

Wonders: Theory of Evolution and Intelligence Agency. The Intelligence Agency was a mistake and I didn’t build it until the modern times. I had been using it as a pre-build when I screwed up and forgot about a resource I didn’t control. Rather than waste the shields I just went ahead and built it.

Modern Age:
Production: By the time I began building the shuttle parts I was topped out at 117 spt. I’m curious what the highest anyone was able to get.

Research: Interestingly the AI’s finally caught up to me and many of the MA techs were researched by the AI’s (mainly Korea). The even weirder part is I had all the necessary techs needed to build the shuttle parts before I even started on it! It’s true. Just check out the resources part below.

Resources: I had about given up on this game since I didn’t have aluminum and no one had an extra source they could trade. Well the Inca’s did but it was near a single city with no way to trade it. By this time Korea and Inca were constantly at war. I was just about to quit the game when the Inca’s captured a Korean city that caused an aluminum to become uncontrolled! I made a quick trade for the needed resource to build a transport and than ran several slaves there to build a colony. Once that was done I went non-stop building shuttle parts. I was missing a few resources so traded for those and prayed I wouldn’t lose my colony. I decided to build all the quick builds first and than build the more expensive ones. Luckily I didn’t lose my colony until I was on turn one of the last part. Talk about luck!

Wonders: Seti Program, Apollo Program, and the United Nations. Again I decided to ignore Fission (the UN tech) and hoped I could buy it off someone rather than research it. With about ten turns left on Seti I got the pop-up that Korea was starting the UN. Doing a quick investigation I realized I had plenty of time so I bought their tech off them, finished Seti, and than used that tucked away SGL to build the UN.

-Every chance I got up until the IA I bought every slave that was available. In the end I only had 11 slaves even though only eight were needed to clear pollution.
-Never had my GA, ever. I kept meaning to check that article about what wonder would kick off the GA due to wonders but continued to procrastinate.
-I only got the one SGL and tucked him away until the UN was available. Had I not got him I would have switched the Seti build to the UN and than built Seti afterwards. This would have pushed my date back some but I don’t believe it would have changed too much. I could be wrong on this.
-Wasn’t paying attention at this point and my multi-lux trade ended and Carthage rioted. Now the bad thing was I had a nuclear power plant at this point and recalled reading that there was a chance of a meltdown during a riot. Talk about on the edge of me seat after I hit that space button. I think I’m going to go back and attempt to force a meltdown and see if rioting does affect it.

Edit: The save is from the turn after victory.



Nov 30, 2004
Well my quest for a sub 1900 launch date was not made. I launched in 1934. I figure saving the 10 turns researching construction, 15 turns doing synthetic fibers (which I could have gotten from the AI later), 2 turns of rioting and 2 turns of pollution problems with not enough workers to clean it up, and 6 turns of robotics where I could have traded for it but didnt have the appropriate prebuild ready (started SS parts too late) would have brought me very close to 1900.

I reached the Industrial Age in 870. The AIs never got close to domination; the Inca, French (my MPP pal), and Mongols were all dominant. I traded for aluminum from France, and rubber and uranium from the Mongols. I was a bit concerned at the beginning of the Modern Age at the lack of resources in the hands of any one power, but AI wars helped that out.

I built:

I had originally wanted to wait until modern times to build TOE, but the Inca started it while I was still 8 turns away from motorized transport, so I ended up taking atomic theory and electronics as usual. I kicked off my golden age attacking some errant berzerks to get myself modern more quickly. This led to a somewhat concerning situation:

Notice the Viking ships and the not exactly rock solid defense. Those two rifles HAD been numidians the turn before. The vikes only brought a couple knights and one berzerk however, who were all disposed of quickly.

Culture: I finished with 19123. I sold off the temple, colosseum, and cathedral to hold back on the culture accumulation in early industrial.

How do you upload multiple pictures again? [img/, /img] didnt work I guess theres more to it?


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Feb 2, 2003
Oh boy, what a mess I made of this! I'm glad that I didn't play on Emperor.

And everything started so well!

Key dates:
entered MA in 690BC
entered IA in 880AD
entered MT in 1750AD
launched SS in 1957AD :cry:

My problem was a miscalculation with culture. In the end I revolted constantly from 1888 to 1926 to stop my culture from reaching 20K and allow the AI to research the last techs for me. If I had tried to research them , I would have reached 20K first.

I was *so* stupid. I didn't need the cath, temple or colosseum. And as for Sistine... :blush: . Luxes @ 4gp/turn were all that was required, plus war-fever from the frequent declarations from aggressive neighbours. I was actually at war with the Incans from 1675BC to 1250AD but I never fought one of their units! I let the French do that ;)

My GA came with Hoover.

I later managed to get one Modern Tech with the ToE. I couldn't delay it any longer once Russia got Sci Method. This was a shame as I deliberately avoided gifting them into the IA but one tech from the next age is better than none.

Lack of resources was a concern until the wars started to put more resources in the hands of Korea and Russia.

A coastal city is great for commerce and it pulled in plenty of beakers during my GA and again when I had a commercial dock and all scientific improvements/wonders

my final score:

Notice how much I had to rely upon the fact that culture doesn't accumulate in individual cities during anarchy.

Thanks again for the game, MP.


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Feb 2, 2003
My game log:

Spoiler :
4000 Settle on spot and set research @ max for CB. Bulid 2 warriors and then two curraghs.
3500 CB>Writing.
3400 Pop hut-barbs.
3300 After 2 warrs and 2 currs, I go for a temple.
3050 Meet Incans. They have BW, Pott and WC but not Alpha. They will not give anything useful for my tech so I don't bother.
2950 I see a pink border inland but my curragh cannot make contact here.
2900 Meet Korea. They will give us WC, BW and 10g for Mas so I take it.
2800 Temple>merc. I also decide to hire a scientist and reduce the lux/increase research.
2630 merc>worker.
2550 worker>colossus
2510 Writing>CoL.
2270 Meet France.
2070 I get a settler from a hut!
1990 The Inca have Writing so I trade with France for The Wheel
1750 Meet the Mongols-they have all our techs plus Pott, IW, Myst and HBR. (same as Incans)
1725 Join the settler to Carthage.
1700 Build colossus. Start Pyramids as prebuild to MoM. Meet Mayans. They will not even give me 11g for Writing-I take 10g.
1675 Inca demand 19g which is all I have. I decline their request for tribute-they declare war. I get an SGL for CoL and I switch the build to a merc. CoL>Phil. WW means that I can lose the entertainers.
1600 With a couple more merc, I go for the Pyramids as a prebuild.
1475 Get Rep sligshot. Go for lit after 3 turn revolution.
1400 I'm back in business-lit in 9, MoM in 10. Meet the Russians-trade The Wheel for Pott.
1250 Finally meet the Vikings to get a complete set of contacts so now I start trading. Get MM plus 15g from Mongols for Phil. Give Phil and MM to Vikings for HBR, IW and 20g. Give Phil, HBR and MM to Korea for maths. Est embassy with France and then get an alliance vs the Inca for Maths and Pottery, getting back Myst in the deal.
1200 Lit>Curr
1175 MoM>Lib
1050 Lib>market prebuild.
975 Currency>construction
900 Market>wealth.
775 Construction>Poly
730 I extend the alliance with France by using HBR.
690 I enter the MA. I gift Russia and they get Monotheism and so do Korea! I get it from Korea for Republic and set research for Theo. I don't need a cathedral yet so I continue with wealth.
630 France and Inca sign a PT but I get them to break it by giving them CoL.
570 Korea demand tribute but don't declare, Maya also demand and do declare!
450 Vikings ally with Mongols against us.
410 Theo>Edu. I sell lit to my scientific allies which enables me to research @ 100%.
210 French extend their alliance deal for free.
130 Edu>Astro. Convert prebuild into University which is built this turn and then start a prebuild for Copers. France had signed a PT again so I restart the war with another alliance, this time for currency. I sign a PT with Maya and with Mongols.
10BC Mongols demand curr and dec war when I decline.
110AD With 2 civs having Fued now, we deal with Korea giving Theo for the tech plus a little gold.
150 Astro>Banking. Copers in 6.
260 Copers>Cathedral
270 The French give us wines for the alliance vs Inca.
300 Banking>Eng.
340 Cath>Sistine
360 Eng>Inv. Korea gets it at the same time.
400 France makes peace again but we renew the alliance.
430 I now have two SGLs! Inv>Gunpowder
500 Gunpowder>Chem. Korea has planted a city 2 away from the far silk. I sell them Edu to diable the ToA.
580 Chem>Physics
610 Renew alliance deal but without the silks
640 Sistine>Leo and use an SGL to hurry it.
650 Leo>rax
660 Phys>ToG. Sell Inv to Russia.
670 rax>Merc and move non-river workers onto coastal tiles for greater commerce.
710 After a couple of mercs, I go for some trebs.
730 Mongols are KO'd and that one less person we are at war with.
750 ToG>Magnetism and rush Newton's with the other SGL.
760 Now for a couple more trebs
790 Russia has Astro :(
800 Sell Astro to Korea, Gunpowder to Russia and Chiv (from Russia) to Korea before contact is made by Russia. Get horses from France for Monarchy and start to build knights.
810 Renew alliance with French
820 Magnetism>Metallurgy. Trade my only source of silks to Russia for Ivory and Incense!
880 Entered the IA research Medicine on the route to Sanitation.
970 Medicine>Sanitation. Convert build to Harbour the a bank after this to convert to a hospital. Start chopping the forest in preparation.
980 Incans want tech for peace so I renew the pact with France again.
990 Vikings can get to us now so we give them Banking for peace. Establish embassies with all but Incans.
1000 Russia has Chem so I sell it to Korea. Trade my silks for gems and horse with the Vikings.
1030 France are losing so I gift them Chivalry
1050 Sanitation>Steam and convert prebuild to get a hospital. Set build for a colosseum.
1090 Maya demand tribute and declare when I refuse them. Rope Korea into an aliiance vs both Maya and Inca. Also rope in the Vikings to take on the Maya.
1160 Steam>Industry.
1200 Sell Physics to scientific civs for cash, iron and luxes.
1250 French have been KO'd-time for peace! I give them Nav and a war that stretches back to 1675BC over a 19g tribute demand is finally over.
1255 Industry>Electricity. Convert my current build to a factory.
1290 Buy Economics and PP from Vikings.
1300 Factory>Smith's
1305 Electricity>Rep Parts
1325 Renew 2-lux deal with Korea for 6gpt
1350 Both Korea and Russia get Steam as their free tech which is nice! Get coal from Russia for 6gpt and Iron from Korea for 14gpt.
1365 Rep Parts>Sci Method. No rubber.
1375 Get salt, trade also for m-Trad and Music Theory and upgrade knights and a couple of mercs. Sell Sani to scientific civs.
1395 Sci Method>AT
1410 Smiths>Uni Suff
1455 AT>Electronics
1485 Maya have PT with Vikings so I get Nat from the Russians for Industry. Sell it to Korea as well and then use Nat to get the Vikings back at the Maya.
1510 Electronics>Corporation. Uni Suff built. I want to hold back with ToE and Hoover to get my GA and free techs later.
1530 >Refining
1590 >Steel. Get Free Art and start Shakespeare.
1620 Vikings demand tribute but as it is only Free Art I give in to them.
1630 Steel>Combustion
1635 Russia gets Shakespeare so I convert it to Hoover.
1650 Coastal bombarment starts so I sign peace.
1655 Russia demand Rep Parts but they don't declare on me.
1680 >Mass Prod
1690 As Polution ravages the countryside Hoover Dam is built and a GA begins.
1710 Russians have Sci Method and are building ToE. :( I investigate Moscow and they won't get it for 15 turns :)
1715 Mass Prod>Mot Trans. Convert prebuild to commercial dock and then build ToE as I cannot wait for both remaining techs before building it. I sell AT to Russia for 374gpt and 139g to build up a cash reserve for the forthcoming gifting session.
1750 Gift Russia into Modern Times-they get Fission but will not trade for my gold and my rep is shot due to losing the second silk in a much earlier trade. I still gift Korea and then i'll select another tech. Korea gets Fission as well! I select computers as my second free tech. Rush a Research Lab and then I'll go for SETI. Decide not to trade for Fission yet as I want the last science wonder. rsearch set for Ecology.
1752 Lab>SETI
1774 Russia has Rockets
1776 Get Ecology. Give it with an additional 330g to Russia for Rockets. Then go to Korea and get Fission for Ecology and 1300g. They don't have any spare uranium so I just take their cash for Rockets. I still hold monopoly on Computers. I trade for Korea's spare Aluminium. Research Space Flight.
1778 Oil colony lost.
1782 I build SETI-Russia has the UN but no vote :)
1788 Start prebuild for Apollo using Intelligence Agency.
1792 Seize spare uranium from Korea.
1804 Space Flight>Satellites. Convert to Apollo. Still no rubber available.
1808 Russia has spare rubber at last. I also get oil from Inca and upgrade my rifles. Apollo built but I need more production so I will build a worker and Mass Transit so that I can clear pollution.
1812 Mass Transit rushed and up to 66sh/turn. I strt with SS engine.
1828 Satellites>Superconductor
1832 SS Engine>SS Cockpit
1842 SS Cockpit>SS Thrusters
1846 Maya KO'd and Vikinmgs declare on Russia.
1852 SS Thrusters>SS Docking Bay. Russia has Syth Fibres so I trade for this before my rubber runs out. Space plus 440g does the job and I switch the build to SS Exterior Casing.
1856 Superconductor>Miniturisation.
1858 The Russians have control of their continent and 43% of the world.
1866 I wake up to the fact that my culture is too high. I sell my temple, catheral and colosseum. I gift both Sat and Super in the hope that my rivals will get going on N-Power.
1872 I decide to sell my library and uni.
1880 SS Life Support>SS Storage/Supply
1888 I get Miniturisation and so does Russia. Next ploy is to go into anarchy to arrest the accumulation of town culture until Korea gets N-Power.
1894 Revolt again!
1898 and again!
1910 and again!
1916 Russia has a tech and it's ... stealth:(
1918 revolt again
1926 Out of anarchy and Korea and Russia both have N-power. I buy it for 9280g from Korea. SS Fuel Cells in 3 turns, Laser in 16.
1930 SS Fuel Cells> SS Docking Bay
1936 SS Docking bay>Lib
1942 Korea has the Laser. Lib>Stock exchange.
1944 Now have enough beakers invested to buy the Laser and wait for Robotics. Get it for 6887g. sell it to Russia for 8550g. I have 14 turns to a 20K culture win and 16 turns for researching Robotics! I buy a uni again.
1946 Uni only cuts one turn off the research time. Uni>SS Party Lounge.
1951 SS Party Lounge>Int Agency (as a prebuild). 5 turns @ 66sh/turn will give enough for the Stasis Chamber so I'll revolt again after four turns if Korea doesn't give me a helping hand.
1952 Korea has Robotics already! :confused: I haven't enough cash yet but my research will beat the 20K date by one turn now!
1955 Still not quite enough cash to buy Robotics and my prebuild would be ready next turn!
1956 I now have enough beakers to buy the remainder of Robotics and covert my prebuild!
1957 I've won!


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Feb 2, 2003
killercane said:
How do you upload multiple pictures again? [img/, /img] didnt work I guess theres more to it?
Look at this thread. The upload file easy link looks a little different nowdays but it should still be straightforward enough to follow.


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Feb 2, 2003
CoolioVonHoolio said:
wow. a turn log of all 447(?) turns. thats crazy.
Well no, but there is quite a bit of detail so that if I try something like this again I've got key dates to aim for, particularly with research times. I thought about editing it a little but I'm too tired right now so I've simply hidden it!


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Jan 1, 2005
Great job Tone even with the culture problem! I could have had a much, much earlier date if I only had the resources to even start. Like I said, I had all the necessary techs before I even built the first piece. :sad:

Edit: Just curious why you didn't start selling temples, cathedrals, and any other unneeded cultural buildings earlier?

Edit2: Whoops, just noticed in your turnlog that you did sell them.


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Feb 2, 2003
Methos said:
Great job Tone even with the culture problem! I could have had a much, much earlier date if I only had the resources to even start. Like I said, I had all the necessary techs before I even built the first piece. :sad:
I guess it was a learning experience for both of us then. Did you consider gifting selected AI Rockets and Fission? Looking back, creating a tech imbalanced helped me get what I needed as the more advanced civs started to dominate the map and this is ultimately how I was able to trade for aluminium, uranium and rubber.

Methos said:
Edit: Just curious why you didn't start selling temples, cathedrals, and any other unneeded cultural buildings earlier?

Edit2: Whoops, just noticed in your turnlog that you did sell them.
But nowhere near early enough. It did dawn on me a little earlier but I remember thinking that the number of turns left was equal to the number of years, rather than years left/2 when playing up to 1950. With my flawed calculations a 1920s culture victory was no problem but the difference between 50 turns to get a launch and 25 is quite dramatic. I really thought that I'd lost the game at one point once I'd realised my mistake.


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Jan 1, 2005
Tone said:
I guess it was a learning experience for both of us then. Did you consider gifting selected AI Rockets and Fission?

To be honest I can't remember now what I did. I do remember selling some of the techs and even gifting them Nuclear Power. Can't remember why though.

Need to get back to IF3, hopefully.


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Mar 24, 2002
I finished my game last night, but have been too busy with two SGs tonight to prepare a write-up. Hopefully I'll have time to prepare and post it tomorrow, otherwise you'll have to wait until Thursday to read my story. In either case, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I have attached a minimap from 1495 AD, at the onset of the first known war.


Nov 30, 2004
I would have hit 20K in 1953 due to building Shakes (cost me 5 turns to research) rather than a hospital (sanitation in 9 turns at the time). Selling the additional religious improvements really saved me from culture, though I had to rebuild them when the need to incite wars hurt the lux trading situation.

I gifted the AIs everything I could, even in Modern, and that led to a possibility that I could lose when they got robotics 6 turns before me. The free techs were steam/fission (russia) and nationalism/ecology for korea. Russia took forever to hook up their second coal source.
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