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  1. SammyKhalifa

    SammyKhalifa Deity

    Sep 18, 2003
    I'm a part-time astronaut and part-time studio musician. I live in a commune for former acrobats and have recently adopted a family of hedgehogs.

    (Or I live by myself and work in a cube pushing buttons for a living. Choose your reality.)
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  2. Giskler

    Giskler +1 Sleuthing

    May 19, 2007
    34 with a son that's about to turn 6, I'm a magazine editor and I've been playing Civ since the original came out in the 90s.
  3. Haig

    Haig Deity

    Aug 3, 2010
    37 y old massage therapist from Finland.

    Passions boxing and reading, especially history and crime/nordic crime!

    I played Civ 1 and 3 but lost interest, it was Civ:Revolution (!!!) that got me back to the game.
  4. shaglio

    shaglio The Prince of Dorkness

    Jun 15, 2001
    Lawrence, MA, USA
    I'm a 44 yo accountant and have a 7 yo daughter who has a lukewarm interest in the game. I've been playing Civ since the summer of 1992, when I slept over my cousin's house and he introduced me to the original Civ 1 on 3.5" discs.

    My daughter's class just started learning about Mesopotamia, so maybe that'll rekindle her interest in the series.
  5. bbbt

    bbbt Deity

    Oct 21, 2013
    42, data warehousing developer essentially. Been playing civ since the very first one, the pull of the series remains strong even as my overall gaming has lessened.

    In Civ I skew more culture/builder, though it's usually more conquer some nearby neighbors then switch to peaceful. I actually enjoy conquering games but just find Civ too tedious for it (both in 1UPT and with stacks of doom), and get my domination fix in other games (Age of Wonders for example).
  6. Skulbow

    Skulbow The Lonely Cyclist

    Oct 29, 2014
    Hi..don't post a lot but check forums each day. Live in Qld Australia, I am 65 retired school teacher. Love cycling and computer things inc games especially 4x.

    My dad who is over 90 played all the civ games and I used to watch him play but in those days early 90's was more interested in RTS games. I never got into Civ until 2013.

    I tried Civ V (loved it -900 hrs) and have now played CivII, (10 hours) CivIII ( 8 hours) CivIV (140 hrs) and Beyond Earth ( 380 hrs) ....and have played over 1000 hours of CivVI.
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  7. fantsu

    fantsu Prince

    May 24, 2009
    38 years old technician living with my dog.
    My first touch to civ was the original on SNES. Then I jumped on PC and been around since then. I visit these forums really unregularly, took years and years to sign in. :)

    Love civ 2 most, IV is awesome too and the hated col version of it too. I dont have much spare time to play, but now I got Switch for VI ready. I just hope I have enough time to get into it.
  8. torfish

    torfish Chieftain

    Aug 11, 2011
    I'm in my 40's. IT manager for a global medical company in the U.S. Married with four kids.

    Civ is my favorite gaming franchise. I started playing Civ 3 and became addicted on Civ 5.

    I have limited gaming time. Typically it takes me an average of 3 weeks to complete one Civ game. My preferred setup is a large continent map on kings or emperor difficulty. I enjoy the slow pace, analyzing every move, and figuring out each civilization's unique strategy. I play for fun and enjoy watching Let's Play Civ youtube videos.

    Civ 6 is very good and I no longer play Civ 5. Civ 6 is great from early to mid-game. Late game is boring. It needs an end-game focused expansion to become a great Civ game.

    My dream job is to work for Firaxis.
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  9. jddods

    jddods Prince

    Jun 12, 2011
    New Zealand
    Fond memories.

    60 year old accountant, with my youngest son (19) at home.

    Was overseas on business in 1992 and popped in to see a PBM gamer friend, he was playing Civ I on his PC, at the time I thought it was a computerised version of the Avalon Hill board game. 1996 I brought my first PC and initially borrowed a friends Civ II disks then brought my own. Played it then Civ III, didn’t like to Civ IV, so continued with Civ III, till just before Gods & Kings, when I brought Civ V. Found Civ V better than III. Love Civ VI. Tend to play more when I’ve been between relationships, over the years I’ve tried to play other history or space exploration strategy games but they never really grab me and I return to Civ.
  10. ghost88

    ghost88 Warlord

    Sep 17, 2011
    Don't usually brag on myself:mischief:. As of this post I am the oldest player here:cringe: at 66.5. Am 5 work days from singing Johnny Paycheck's only #1 song.
    Been playing "Wargames" since being introduced to them while serving in the 82d Airborne in 73( S&T's Oil Wars")
    I started with Civilizations II Gold shortly after I purchased my first Computer with Internet capabilities in around 1995 (still have my TRS Color Computer that you had to program manually).
    I have since played Civ II, III, IV, V, VI, AC, And Call to Power. Own but could not get into Colonization or Beyond Earth.
    Play style is builder because I play to kill time. Currently killing time with Moo "IV":rolleyes:
    Tried Multi Player with Risk and have no interest in repeating that experience.
  11. WillowBrook

    WillowBrook Lurker

    Sep 12, 2004
    41, married mother of two young girls, with degrees in physics, law, and history. Not sure what sort of work I'll look for when the kids are both in school, but I know I don't want to go back to patent law.

    I started playing Civ I in high school after watching my younger brother play. An uncle had given him the game on a floppy disc. Played Civ II at home when in college (good that I didn't have it at school), then discovered Civ III and these forums when in law school. Real life took over for a while, and I never played IV. Tried the demo for V, it didn't run well on the computer I had at the time. Returned to these forums when news of Civ VI showed up in my Facebook feed.

    I have about 1500 hours in the game, and I'm still achievement hunting. I tend to play longer games on larger maps, prince to emperor level, taking my time doing what I want and getting a couple of achievements per game.

    I'm moonshell2012 on Steam, been considering changing my name on here for a while...

    Edit: forgot to mention I live in the Chicago suburbs.
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  12. Prima Italia

    Prima Italia Chieftain

    Oct 21, 2017
    I am 32 years old, married, have a BSc in Chemistry but I work as an accountant and landlord. I live in England.

    I play exclusively as Rome. I like wiping out the barbarians early then Legioning the rest of the civs on the map. In Civ V I would also play as Byzantium as well.

    Other video game series I like are Mortal Kombat, Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls, Divinity and Total War.

    My other interests are football, Formula 1, fine dining, animals, computers and technology in general.
  13. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    Attorney in his thirties here. I love ancient history and typically prefer versatile civs that can excel at multiple strategies, even if I occasionally cave and play say, Macedonia or Nubia on the higher Civ VI difficulties for example.

    I started with Civ IV after seeing someone playing it covertly on his laptop during a particularly dull law school class. I had always been interested in history and was a huge fan of the Age of Empires series, as well as the Age of Wonders and Heroes of Might and Magic series. The Civilization series was different but had elements of each of those. I was hooked, despite losing most Civ IV games even on Prince (I played on Warlord to enjoy building wonders, etc). I now play on King/Immortal in Civ V and Civ VI, and occasionally win Civ IV on Noble (that game still has so much strategy to crack). I miss the wonderful feeling of having lots of impactful decisions in every turn that Civ IV had (as well as the awesome scenarios and the great quotes voiced by Leonard Nimoy), but I like the aesthetics of Civ V (art deco, amazing leader backgrounds, etc) and the ideas of Civ VI (limited stacking, religious victory--though that needs better execution), even if I find things to object to in all the Civs on aesthetic/historical grounds.
  14. Benzombie

    Benzombie Warlord

    May 18, 2017
    American Civilization
    I'm 21. Currently in College going for a Major in BCS Networking and a Minor in History.

    Started playing Civilization since I became interested with Revolution back in 2009. When I got my custom desktop in 2012, I found CIV 5 and was immediately hooked. Currently have around 1500 hours and I love it. I also play CIV 4 and 6. I try to play with all the civs and see how I can use their uniques for max enjoyment. I believe with more work and expansions, CIV 6 can be just as good and even surpass CIV 5 and 4.
  15. Zaarin

    Zaarin Diplomatic Attaché to Londo Mollari

    May 14, 2016
    Babylon 5
    About to turn 29, single (alas), have a degree in literature but work as a general transcriptionist. I, too, am a peaceful culture player. I was introduced to Civilization with Civ2 at a friend's house, but Civ3 was the first I owned. As a gamer I tend toward point-and-click adventures and RPGs (I'm all about that story), but I do enjoy a good strategy game when I want to relax (been playing Endless Space 2 more than Civ6 lately). I have a cat named Varda, adore Tolkien, have an interest in linguistics, and in terms of history am chiefly interested in the Bronze Age Near East, Medieval Europe, and Pre-Columbian North America. I couldn't pick a favorite book, but The Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen's Persuasion, Ecclesiastes, and The River Why would be contenders. Favorite poets are Kahlil Gibran and John Donne. Favorite Shakespeare play is King Lear. And my favorite food is paneer butter masala. I'm also an Aspie.
  16. tedhebert

    tedhebert Emperor

    Aug 6, 2016
    Montreal, Canada
    I'm a 53 years old French Canadian, live in Montreal, father of 2 and still in love with my GF of 32 years... Am an IT Application Architect at a major Canadian Financial Institution, specialized in payment systems. Started playing CIV 1 on my Amiga in the early 90s, then REALLY fell in love with the game when CIV2 came out, played a little CIV3, almost no CIV 4, an awful lot of CIV 5 and a lilttle of Beyond Earth. Am now at 1000 hours on CIV6.

    Always been a big gamer, played a lot of RPGs over the years, still a once a week D&D player with a bunch of friends, and an avid reader, mostly SF and Fantasy.

    Did a lot of sports earlier on, Hockey, baseball, softball, badminton, raquetball... was an elite diver in my teens, ,did a lot of national level competing. Now, well... not so much anymore ;-)

    Ah, yes, I'm a wine lover !

    ***EDIT: MALE *** ;-)
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  17. Chasethemage

    Chasethemage Chieftain

    Oct 12, 2017
    I am currently working on being Southern Historian (History of the southern US) and currently an intern for the Texas Historical commission in Rural Texas, My hobbies are Horseback riding, playing the Banjo and the Roneat Ek, and preserving "Southern" Art. In addition to my Southern Heritage, I am part of the Cambodian - American Buddhist society of North Texas. I heard of Civ when I was hanging out with some friends, particularly, Civ 4.
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  18. TomKQT

    TomKQT Prince

    Oct 25, 2010
    I'm 38, engaged, living with my fiancée in the Czech Republic (Europe), no children. I have Ph.D. from robotics and I'm working on an university as a researcher in robotics. I would say I'm a programmer, although I've never studied any IT (all self-study). I'm applying programming in robotics.

    I played Civ1 a lot when I was about 12 years old (in 1992) and it was one of the very first PC games for me (DOS, 286 PC, no mouse, no sound card...), before that I played on Commodore C64.
    I didn't fully understand some rules of the game, but I was learning (with my brother).
    I've never played Civ2 nor Civ3. Then, in the Steam era, I played a lot of Civ4, Civ5 and now some Civ6.
    I'm not playing games much anymore and I would say that Civ5 / Civ6 have almost been my only games for the last 4 years.
  19. Gorbles

    Gorbles Load Balanced

    Nov 24, 2014
    Coming up 30, recently married, have had two kids (not personally, but you get the gist :D). First software developer, now web developer, of several years. Do a lot of hobbyist stuff on the side (games mods historically, these days more into tools and tech-building).

    Played an unhealthy amount of Civ 1 (and then SMAC) when I was around 10, got too busy with school and (wasting my) education in general until I picked up CiV towards the end of my uni days. Historically prefer building / culture, still love the aesthetics of that slow kind of play, but got really into Beyond Earth (sorrynotsorry) and upped my domination play significantly. I flip between the two styles these days, depending on the mood. Still not used to playing for a religious win, in any of the games.
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  20. Mesix

    Mesix The Allfather

    Mar 17, 2006
    I'm 42, married, 2 kids who are both interested in Civ, and I have been playing since the original game when I was a kid. I live in Germany and work as an engineer at ESA, so I am working towards a science victory.

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