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Introducing "Quo's Spheres of Intrigue"

I will update it after getting a feel for the latest changes.

If there is any specific feedback about various features, balance, etc please feel free to share.

I was hoping we'd be getting stronger mod tools around now, but it looks like that's a ways off.
The malus to Asian Expanse civs (no Industrial Zone) is probably too punishing at this point, with the recent changes to IZ.
With it being much easier to build a powerful IZ now, being locked out of the previously meh IZ is rough. If you could limit Asian IZs to just being "meh" that could be enough. I'm not entirely sure the best way to do that; cut all adjacencies in half? Make it so they don't get the +2 from dams/aqueducts? Cut all GP points from IZs in half, or eliminate them entirely?

Just spitballin' off the top of my head.
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