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IOT: Chiron - The Final Hope of Humanity

Robert Can't

Dec 7, 2007
The Barricade

"Soon after the new millenium begins, humankind’s oldest enemies — war,
famine and disease — are winning the battle on planet Earth. The United
Nations decides to attempt the mission that has been the dream of countless
science fiction writers and fans for generations: the colonization of a New
World, before it is too late. The establishment of a new outpost for mankind
as an alternative to the decaying situation on our mother planet seems to be
the last and best hope for the continued existence of mankind.

Code named “Unity,” the plan is simple. Send enough men, women and supplies
to the earthlike planet, Chiron, orbiting the primary star in the Alpha
Centauri system. Give them the seeds for planting a new society — technology,
knowledge, and experts of every kind. Insure that the mission, U.N. sponsored,
stays on track by carefully monitoring its progress from Earth. Then,
when the time is right, and if the need still exists, begin shuttling others to
the New World at Alpha Centauri.

But space travel is a difficult undertaking, even now. It is hard to reach our
own moon. Even if we had the capacity to make it to a distant planet, will we
be able to bring the travelers back? Once firmly established on a distant world,
will we be able to cooperate with one another there long enough to establish
a new society that can attain the same levels and quality of life that we have
achieved here after almost 5000 years of civilization? But the deteriorating
conditions on Earth leave us little choice."

Imagine; Imagine a world where everyone was free and equal where the peoples of the world prospered and everyone was happy. A perfect vision of a perfect future. Everyone has 3 cars which are clean and healthy for the environment, everyone can watch whatever TV they want whenever they want. Everything is an easy going joy. Everyone has access to free, clean and healthy water and can go home at night to hearty meal of their favorite food. Imagine that, wouldn't it be brilliant, wouldn't it be beautiful. A world where every man got his girl.

Keep imagining.

Hold on to that dream.

Hold on to it like there is no tomorrow.

Why? Because this is not that world. This is the opposite, the people starve and war wreaks havoc throughout the lands. You aren't ever sure where your next drink will come from, let alone your next meal. You wake up everyday with the continual fear that one of the shells may his your house and destroy what little is left. That is if you are lucky... If you are unlucky you will wake up in a cardboard box in an unused underground railway will countless millions of others. They are all starving, there isn't enough water either, disease runs rampant and the constant threat of a patrol of soldiers with shredder guns coming down to kill everyone there looms over you.

You don't have to imagine this...

This is reality.​

Joining the game:
Spoiler :

Firstly... Welcome! Its good to see you here.

Secondly... Goodbye! You are about to be whisked out of your comfortable life and thrust into the bitter, horrible wold of Sid Meier 's Alpha Centauri. Here you will stay... Until a ship bound for the nearest habitable planet blasts off leaving the dregs of humanity behind.

But that's in the future, for now you are stuck on earth.

So, Lets go through what you're going to need:

Spoiler :
Firstly, your going to need a name, a good one, no fooling around or a stray shell could easily blast your house to smithereens.

Spoiler :
Secondly you need an age, this means the amount of years since your birth (rounding down, naturally) and you may even feel inclined to provide a date of birth as well. Being aware that the current year is 2060

Spoiler :
So, now we have the basics out of the way, where are you from? In this fractured world you must be from somewhere... anywhere. So what's your nationality, your hometown.
Of course if you can't remember... I feel for you, brain damage from shrapnel is commonplace these days.

Spoiler :
Now I know that this is quite a private question... You don't have to answer it if you don't want to... But if you could kindly reveal weather or not you have breasts, if your female, or if you are not a female... If you don't want to answer that's fine. I'm sure we will all be able to guess from your name.

Spoiler :
I'm also getting a bit short sighted, radiation poisoning does that you know, so I can't see you properly. Thus it would also be nice if you could offer a short description of yourself that I can use for mine own malevolent purposes. Can be as in depth or as shallow as you want...

Spoiler :
I'm getting to know you a bit now. But I wont have time to get to fully know you in our short time together. So, how's about you tell me all about your personality, that would be really nice of you.

Spoiler :
Right, now I know basically who you are. From your sweet face to your ugly name. But I don't know much about what's made you you; what events have shaped your life? Did you grow up in the slums of Cuitadella or the Ivory Towers of Cambridge. Tell me everything... I really want to know.
Also if you could just mention what your previous job was, that'd be handy too.

Spoiler :
One more thing. I just want to get this straight... Are you a member of the Spartan Federation. I'm not going to judge you if you are and if you are please don't do anything violent. Its just key that I know.

Finally, being the kind gentleman I am, do you think you could fill in this here form with everything you've just told me. Remember, the more you write the better chance that someone will read something they like...


Also please specify whether or not you are a member of the Spartan Federation.

Upon completing this form I'll be happy to confirm or deny your petition to become a member of the crew of the UNS Unity. Should you be accepted you must sign the confidentiality agreement, make an oath to the UN Charter and anything else that Captain Garland sees fit.

Good Luck, I hope you make it off the damned rock.

Do not post or I will eat you.

1) Don't be stupid.
2) Don't do bad internet stuff
3) Don't do drugs, except for medicinal purposes
4) Respect each other
5) Respect me
6) Do what I say or rocks will fall
7) Spam is a bad thing
8) If you RP like a pro then you get bonuses.
9) If you break the forum rules the Mods will come and eat you.
10) If you don't work as a team then you are going to die... Sad but true.
11) If you powergame then you're doing it wrong
12) If you pretend to powergame then something is wrong

Now, On to Gameplay...

The Game is going to be split into two parts, firstly the Journey part.
This is where we are at the moment, you create a character who gets accepted onto the Unity Project and the UNS Unity sets off to the stars. While on its way bad stuff goes down... This is when you wake up!

This first section will be based almost entirely on Roleplay and actions. You can interact with other Player Characters and the Big 7 NPCs. You can also engage in actions which can be anything. To attempt an action put it in Bold Red type and I will roll a D20 to determine its success.

You can do as much or as little as you want. Updates will probably be 2-3 times per week.
Crew Manifest

Spoiler :

Senior Staff:

Captain John Garland
-Commanding Officer

Commander Pravin Lal MD
-Chief of Surgery

Commander Prokhor Saratov DSc
-Chief Science Officer

Commander Sheng-ji Yang PhD
-Chief of Security


Lt. Commander Deirdre Skye
-Chief Botanist/Xenobiologist

Lt. Ruth Fairbairn ScD
-Engineering Specialist

Carles Verdiell PhD

Cyrus Arthur McGill PhD


Commander Pravin Lal MD
-Chief of Surgery

Lt. Commander Samantha Jackson MD
-Assistant Chief of Surgery

Brian Lyson MD


Commander Sheng-ji Yang PhD
-Chief of Security

Lt. Commander Ciro
-Yang's Breastless Assistant

Ensign Amiya Mizrachi
-Security officer

Lt. Corazon Sanitago
- Security Team Leader

Lt. Robert Flagstaff
-Intelligence specialist

Colony Team:

Lt. Commander Nikoli Catharson Segonovitch
-UN Mission Adviser

Samuel Nicholas Johansson

Leonhard Shen

Ruy Castillo

Elizabeth Cromwell

Samuel Alexander

Dona Helena Jerzinho
And reserved
And Eating will still continue.
Aaannnd Post away My Friends.

Sign Ups Open
Name: Doctor Cyrus Arthur McGill

Date of birth: 25th of January, 2018

Age: 42

Born: In York, England.

Citizen of: Free Scotland.

Former career: social science researcher at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in sociology studies on group pressure.

Gender: male

Description: short, slightly overweight, bald, ginger bushy beard, rose cheeks, wears a dark coat and blue tinted glasses. Plain white shirt. Dark blue trousers and black boots. Wears white gloves.

Personality: patient and humble but envies’ and tends to be a bit of a control freak. Is honest but likes to commence a “true notion from a certain point of view” if needed. Can be rash and dismissive at times.

Faction loyalty: freelance at the moment but sliding either to what would become the University of Planet or the Human Hive.

History: Born in York Cyrus went back to his middle class parents homeland in 2028 to Glasgow. At age 20 he began to study sociology at the University of Edinburgh, where he has lived since after completing his masters and doctorate in order to commence further study in the fields of his specialist field: of how groups can pressure individuals. Much of his life been focused in study areas, mainly leaving to visit outside Scotland for his studies and for lectures on sociology. Applied to be part of the UNITY in order to test out further his theories with the use of the ship as a experiment model for his studies and to basically get out of Earth to escape the chaos.
You don't get to see it yet, we're on a spaceship.
Name:(ex-) Major Nikoli Catharson Segonovitch
Age: 30
Nationality: Russian
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, brown hair.
Personality: Likes to drink Vodka, is secretive and introverted when sober, is the opposite when drunk.
History: Nikoli was a Major in the Russian army until recently. He joined when his family was killed by a raid by the horrible separatist movement. He was an excellent soldier who fought hard to keep the separatists down. He could understand that they wanted change, we all wanted change, however he knew that the change could only come peacefully, he despised the violent way they tried to improve things, he knew that this would only bring chaos. He dedicated his life to his work and his drink, but his work became much more important when the military merged with the police force. This was concerning to Nikoli, but he knew that Russia was still a democracy, so this change would not be a bad thing and it would help keep the separatists down. Or so he thought.

One day he was walking down a dark alley when he saw a person attack a homeless man. Nikloi arrested him on the spot. The man said that he was a major politician's son and that he would pay for what he had done. He was right. Not only was the son released from prison, he was dishonourably discharged for no reason. He tried to report this horrible breach of justice to the press, however, they were too scared by the corrupt politicians who would destroy them if they reported this.

Nikloi was so angry, he did not no what to do. Anger turned into despair. Even his beloved Vodka could not make him. For about a month he was like this. However, on the way to the bottle shop, he saw an advertisement for passage on the UNS Unity. For the first time in his life for a long time, he saw hope. He had another great calling. He would ensure that the corrupt, vile nature of this world would not spread into this new planet. He signed up immediately, hoping that he would get in. He was fairly confident as he knew Russian, French and English, the languages being the only lasting gift his parents ever gave him and he was in good physical condition. He had nothing left on this old planet, so now he saves up his Robles from the bad paying cleaning job he has. And every night, he dreams of the stars.
Name: Strelok (No last name!)
Age: 39
Nationality: Ukrainian
Gender: Male
Tall, pale, and scarred. Very little hair left and his face is slightly deformed from radiation. In excellent physical condition.
Personality: A loner. Though the friends he does make are exceptionally close, he tends to stay away from others to do his own thing.
Hailing from the Ukrainian Special Forces "Stalker" division, Strelok has traveled around the world, fighting other people's battles. He soon became tired of the constant warfare, however, and retired as soon as he could - and is now signing up for the colonization project.
Name: Robert Flagstaff
Age: 30 (Born 2030)
Nationality: Midwestern Free Republic
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average build, brown eyes, brown hair, a vest with a lot of buttons on it.
Personality: Charismatic and a planner.
History: Robert's history before 2055 is unknown. Over the past five years, however, he came on the scene quickly for being the "man who wiped out corruption" in the MFR. The no-name outsider quickly entered regional politics, won elections, and proceeded to use a mixture of extralegal and legal maneuvers to oust corruption. Once this was complete, he left politics after having made many friends.
Name: Samuel Nicholas Johansson
Date of Birth: 18th January, 2036
Age: 24
Place of Birth : Jølster
Nationality: Kalmer Union
Citizenship : Kalmer union
History : Samuel was the younger of the 3 siblings; growing up away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and township. Their family was known for their commitment to the armed forces, for since the by gone age of the Viking forefathers, one member of the family was always a part of the armed forces. He used to be fascinated by the tales from his grandfather;
When his elder brother went into academics, it was only very natural of him to apply for the armed forces. Recruitment day was a funny affair, for it seemed some of the people were his fathers' drinking partner in the local bar. He somehow got the name of Little Nick then onwards.
Honorary member of the Blitz Rangers. 2nd Battalion, Quartermaster

Appearance: 6'3", red haired with blue eyes. he always manages to carry a smirk on his face. his days in the army meant that he was physically well built up.
Personality: A happy-go-lucky kind of fellow, he is quite known among the town for all sorts of wrong reasons, especially among parents with young daughters. He is known to cheat to win.

Reasons for joining : Selected by the army of the Kalmer Union to join UNS Unity
Name: Amiya Mizrachi
Age: 26
Nationality: Israeli
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'9", tan with brown hair, she looks like a typical Sabra and is never far from her Aviator Ray-bands.
Personality: She has a no-nonsense personality, and she can be quite intimidating for her size
History: Born in the rough neighborhood of Qiryat Haim, outside of Haifa, Amiya grew up tough. She was one of the first female members of the special forces unit Sareret Matkal (similar to the British SAS). She was selected by the Israeli government to represent Israel on this new planet.
Name: Ciro
Age: 27
Nationality: Italian
Gender: Does not have breasts[male]
Appearance: At 6'2, he's pretty tall. You probably wouldn't guess he's Italian because he's albino. That is to say he has pale skin, white hair, and red eyes. He normally has his hair messy-looking.
Personality: He's not an individual to get excited easily. He is pretty serious in nature normally, but not to the point of being uptight. In general, he prefers being in the crowd to being in a small group, feeling the latter to be awkward sometimes.Of course, he puts up with this when he's working in his profession of body-guarding all the time.
History: Ciro was born in Italy on the sixth of January, twenty-thirty-three. Being middle class upbringing in the poor state usually meant you were poor, and his family was no exception. In his second year anniversary of dropping out grammar school in favor of helping the family by working, he decided to go back to school, eventually engaging in a foreign exchange program to Britain. There he got his twelfth year of school whilst attending martial arts and firearm classes. With a decent education for the time and knowledge of ways to kill people, he went back to Italy to help support his family through working as a body-guard. The times had warranted those jobs, as many were targeted even outside Italy. His prowess, meaning he was able to live through being a bodyguard for several months, had him get international interest as a bodyguard. The unexpected increased income helped him set up a comfortable life for his family. Until the war, famine, and disease that were all rampaging around Earth made it so that he couldn't return home from one of his jobs back in the UK. He lived in a double-room apartment in London when the UNS Unity was announced.
Name: Christos Augustos
Age: 29
Nationality: Greek, born in New York
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, with blue eyes, black hair and muscled
Previous Job: Assassin
Personality: Cold, doesnt care about anyone, he cares only about completing his mission. He is also very smart.
History: He was born in 2031 in New York by a Greek Family. His family was killed when he was 10, and he was taken under the protection of Alex, the Crime Lord of New York. He was trained for 8 years and when he became 18 years old, he started to carry our Assassination Missions for Alex, together with his friend Nick. In 2058 he had a mission to assassinate a 27 years old female FBI agent, Mary. However, he fell in love with her and refused to kill her. Nick, his best friend, was send by Alex to kill Mary and Christos. Nick managed to kill Mary, but was killed by Christos. Alex, in order to get revenge for the death of Nick, send assassins to kill Christos. So Christos had to leave the planet and joined UNS Unity
Name: Unknown Wolfe, called "Martel" and to a lesser extent "the Hammer"
Age: Unknown; between 25 and 35 by looks
Nationality: Unknown; Speaks English, French, Spanish and Mandarin, but has a native understanding of German
Gender: Male
Appearance: Caucasian, no specific ethnicity comes to mind. Curly Black hair, to his eyebrows of the same color. Thick stubble coats his strong jaw. His skin is especially white, even for a European. Not quite albino, but if he didn't have a small smattering of freckles on his arms and piercing green eyes he could pass as one on a dark night. Quite hairy, from his feet to his face; it is well groomed. A white streak of scar tissue runs up the inside of his left arm, and there are minor burn scars peppering the left side of his body. A paper thin scar cuts across his face, from the right corner of his forehead over the bridge of his nose, ending at the cheek below his left eye. He is roughly an inch over six feet tall, and of a solid stock reaching nearly two hundred pounds of hardened muscle. His rough body is a stark contrast to the fine features of his square face, providing a haunting beauty to his personage.
Personality: Stoic, rarely showing his emotion. A smile graces his face with unexpected warmth all too rarely, and his calculating glare hides a rather considerate man. He is concise yet not unkind in conversation, but a joke is as alien to him as hedonism. A strong sense of duty drives his every action, to what exactly is unknown even to himself. He is perfectly comfortable handling a crowd, but tends to be more of a lone wolf, coincidentally enough.

Pain. Flashing lights. Whirring noises. Shouting voices. The first complete memory in his possession is that of being submerged in a suffocating liquid as an air mask was shoved onto his face. Then, a long nothingness.

He awakes in a vast room, partially dilapidated and mostly empty. His bed is one of eight tightly organized in a corner, lit by a small string of lights far above. A beeping machine activates as he sits up, looking around. He is the only one in the makeshift hospital, and the cool night air lands a few snowflakes on his bare chest from a broken window far above. Shivering, he reaches out of the viscous liquid which previously held him static, and grabs a damp medical jacket laid over the now furious machine. A needle protrudes from each of his wrists, and as he removes these the medical device next to him gives a final beep. Shrugging on the jacket, a size too small, he stands up and takes a stumbling step towards a table at the end of the beds.

MISSIVE: DUSSELDORF exclaims the single sheet of paper resting on the stark steel table. Its description of the bombing of the annual Fair on the Rhine is extremely disconcerting, and he wonders how he came to be resting next to such an incriminating document. Then he sees a second bolded line on the bottom of the page listing agents assigned to the act, ending with


And the inkling of a memory sprouts forth in his mind. In a flash, a full realization comes to him. He is Wolf- a fine code name for a man named Wolfe. And thus he regains his name.

The air seemed to lose degrees as he stood there examining the paper, and with a start he turns to peer into the darkness. At the far end of the warehouse, for that was what it must be, a small dot of light comes in from the window of a large door. He takes a step towards it, then two, gaining balance with each. Soon he is at a run, then sprinting to the unknown. Reaching the door, he takes almost comical care to turn the handle. As he steps outside, he closes his eyes. After several deep breaths of the refreshing air, kindling the fire of his body, awakening his mind, he raises his self-imposed blindness. Lightning jumps down his spine and attacks his very core, interrupting the serene moment of seconds before. He understands the true implications of the message hurriedly scribbled on the bottom of the sheet: Success.
Out of curiosity, what's so special about the Spartans? I've played SMAC back to front, but I'm guessing there's some back story I'm not aware of.

Also, will this game draw on Alien Crossfire as well, i.e. can I hold out for the Progenitors? :mischief:
What is this Spartan Federation you're talking about?

Also, assuming you mean the city in Menorca, RobertCan't, it's called Ciutadella, not Cuitadella ;)
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