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Iran by Dumanios

Discussion in 'Civ4 - New Civilizations' started by Dumanios, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    This civ was a request by mediterreania.

    Flavor Units:

    Spoiler :
    Row 1: Settler, Worker, Scout, Explorer, Warrior, Swordsman
    Row 2: Axeman, Maceman, Spearman, Pikeman, Musketman, Rifleman
    Row 3: Grenadier, Anti-Tank, Infantry, SAM Infantry, Mobile SAM, Marine
    Row 4: Paratrooper, Mechanized Infantry, Archer, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Chariot
    Row 5: Horse Archer, UU, Cuirassier, Cavalry, War Elephant, Tank
    Row 6: Modern Armor, Gunship, Cannon, Machine Gun, Artillery, Mobile Artillery
    Row 7: Frigate, Transport, Destroyer, Attack Submarine, Fighter, Jet Fighter, Bomber

    Late-game Settler, Spy, and Great General

    The leaders:

    The Unique Unit:

    The Unique building:

    Become the Shah here

    Spoiler :
    Abbas: From Sword of Islam

    Mossadegh: From Esnaz's Israel, was originally Ben Gurion

    Khomeini: Ekmek

    Qizilbashi Cavalry: Bakuel

    Bioresearch Centre: CivGold

    Explorer, Mobile Artillery, Warrior, Attack Submarine: Varietas Delactat

    Swordsman, Axeman, Spearman, Archer: Bakuel's Achaemenids

    Maceman, Pikeman, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Knight: Bakuel's Islamic Persians

    Musketman, Cuirassier: Bakuel's Renaissence Persians

    Rifleman, Grenadier, Cannon, Cavalry: Bakuel's Industrial Persians

    Infantry, Anti-tank, SAM Infantry, Machine Gun: Coffee Junkie's Modern Middle Eastern units

    Frigate: My Arabian Civ

    Anti-Tank, Infantry, SAM Infantry, Mobile SAM, Marine, Paratrooper, Mech Infantry, Gunship, MG, Artillery, Transport, Destroyer, Jet Fighter: Stolenray's Iran-Iraq War mod.

    Modern Armor: Snafusmith's Iranian T-72

    Fighter: JF00's Iranian Hawker Hurricane

    Tank: Wolfshanze's Persian TNH Tank

    Bomber: Snafusmith's Iranian B-25 Mitchell
  2. stolenrays

    stolenrays Deity

    Aug 2, 2009
  3. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
  4. strijder20

    strijder20 Wallowing in irony

    Jun 28, 2010
    In Dystopia
    I think the UB is a little bit underpowered, perhaps give it +1:health:?
    In comparison : the Babylonian garden gives +2 health instead of one, is a lot cheaper and is already available in the classical era.
    The UU is great, though!
  5. BlackoutLP

    BlackoutLP Chieftain

    Apr 22, 2011
    St. Petersburg, Russia
    Great! It's better than standard Persia:goodjob:
  6. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    Iran Reuploaded/Updated

    1. Bioresearch Center now gives +1 Health
    2. Add diplomusic for Khomeini, from Murphy613's Iranian civ for Civ5. (Only one song)
    3. Added unique Flavor Units, based off my Persia.

    Changes from Persia's units:
    1. Added Middle Eastern Chariot graphics
    2. Removed Knight graphics.
    3. Replaced Middle Eastern AT Infantry, Infantry, SAM Infantry, and Machine Gun graphics with Stolenray's Iranian graphics, from the Iran-Iraq War Scenario.
    4. Replaced Middle Eastern SpecOps graphics with Stolenray's Iranian Paratrooper
    5. Replaced the Persian Marine graphics from VD with the Revolutionary Guard.
    6. Replaced BTR80 with an Iranian M113 from the IIWS.
    7. Replaced Mi26 gunship with an Iranian AH-1 Cobra, by Stolenrays.
    8. Replaced T-34/76 with Wolfshanze's Iranian TNH.
    9. Replaced Polikarpov i-16 with an Iranian Hawker Hurricane, skin by JF00, original model by Nautil
    10. Replaced Tupolev TB-4 with Iranian B-25 Mitchell, by Snafusmith.
    11. Replaced T-84 with an Iranian T-72, by Snafusmith.
    12. Added an Iranian MIM23 for Mobile SAM.
    13. Added Iranian D30 Artillery, by Stolenrays.
    14. Added Iranian Delvar transport for the Transport.
    15. Added Summner-class Destroyer for the Destroyer, by Stolenrays.
    16. Added Iranian F-14 Tomcat for the Jet Fighter, by Stolenrays.
    17. Added Modern Iranian Great General, by Stolenrays.
    18. Added late-game Settler and Spy, by Sparth.

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