Iran-Iraq Scenario


Jun 24, 2006
State of Denial
Hot of the heels of Stolenray's great rendition, I've completed this offering. Here are some of the features:

New units: Pasdaran, Republican Guard, MiG-23/29, F-4/14 (had to use a 16 since no one had made a 14), AH-1, Mi-24, SCUDs, Chemical Missiles, SA-2, I-HAWK, SA-6 and SA-7 infantry.

While infantry units are relatively cheap, mechanical units are very expensive to simulate the fact that both nations could not make their own weapons, since the tech paradigm is set very high, you should not worry about discovering new techs and simply jam on the money. Police state allows money-rush and military police.

Iran and Iraq are locked in war and the game is set to go for just over 100 turns.

The music for the game is authentically middle eastern, taking some patriotic Iranian war music, Iraqi and Arabic pop hits of the 80s to create a richer environment.

Oil wells are worth 50 gold a pop, take these out and ruin your opponent's economy.

Make sure to leave a kind word about the title screen, my poor wife had to do it, she's artistically gifted. (although she's an anchor in she's your ally in civ)

Civlopedia updated.

So anyway, give it a whirl and let me know if it's any good, or if there were any bugs. This is my first successful mod, so don't be reserved about pointing out suckitude, it's the only way I'll learn!

I'd like to give credit to the following people:
StolenRays (I stole some off his Iran-Iraq)
SnafuSmith (Great units!)
zenspiderz (for the Pasdaran)
The_Coyote (Tu-16)
TopSecret (lots of help)
The_J (same deal)
mechaerik (helping me with the Marines/Marine issue)

Iran Iraq

Some screen shots:

You should check out NotSoGood's 19th and 20th century mod. I bet you could make some good modern scenarios there :goodjob:
Im trying to understand this map, you lifted Iran-Iraq off stolen rays mod and left out the other countries? Im playing his mod so I might wont to check this out. Are the victory conditions any different?
Well I took very few things from his mod. I used the shia symbol he had, along with the xml stuff related to religion he had in there. I also used his chemical weapon item. Pretty much everything else is original. I was just trying to give credit. The scenarios are not very much alike at all, other than the centerpiece is Iran vs Iraq.
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