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Iran Iraq War Mod+Scenario

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by stolenrays, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. stolenrays

    stolenrays Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2009
    IRAN IRAQ War Scenario+Mod v1.7 for BTS 3.19

    The Iran Iraq War scenario-starts in September 1980 and ends August 1988
    Iran and Iraq start at war, and the Afghan Mujahadeen are at war with Afghanistan and the Soviet Union

    ------Civilizations (17)--------
    Spoiler :
    80’s style of w/starting civics and state religions, city names, and flags:
    Saudi Arabia
    Soviet Union
    Afghan Mujahadeen
    The United States

    -------Leaders (17)-------
    Spoiler :
    With some new artwork, fav religions, traits, and civics
    Hafez al-Assad
    King Fahd
    Jaber III
    Ayatollah Khomeini
    King Talal
    Yitzak Navon
    Amine Gemayel
    Yaser Arafat
    Hosni Mubarak
    Saddam Hussein
    Ahmet Evren
    Leonid Brezhnev
    Babrak Karmal
    Ahmad Shah Massoud
    Mohammad Zia al-Haq
    Ronald Reagan

    ------Unique Units (~450)------
    Spoiler :
    Naval Mine Sweeper (MSC, MSO, T43)
    Naval Mine
    Naval Mine Field
    Merchant Units (Gas Truck, Oil Tanker)
    Workers (Middle Eastern, Turkish, Russian)
    Great Generals (All Countries)
    Missiles (Scud, Long Range Missile, Hussein, Chemical Missile)
    Artillery (25pounder, M101, M102, D30)
    Rocket Artillery (BM-13 Katusha, Astros II, & MLRS, ML20)
    Mobile Artillery (2S1, M109, SU76)
    Anti-Air (AA, M45)
    Mobile SAM (SA8, SA9, SA13, MIM-23, MIM72, ZSU-22 Pickup, ZSU 23-4 Shika)
    Paratroopers (All Countries)
    SAM Infantry (All Countries)
    AT Infantry (All Countries)
    Infantry (M16, AK47, LNA1 weapons)
    Machine Gun (Modern Gun)
    Marine (Revolutionary Guard, Republican Guard, Maghaweer, Soviet, Emiri Guard)
    Kurdish Rebel
    Tank, Medium Tank, & Modern Armor (Charioteer, Merkava, Centurion, T62, M60, Chieftan, Type59, Type69, M47, M50, M60, M84, M48, FT17, T55, T62, T72, AMX-30 Leopard 2A6, T34)
    Early, Medium, and Advanced Jet Fighters (Mig 29, F1, F4, F5, F14, F86, F16, F15, Mig 25, Mig 23, Mig 21, MiG-17, MiG-19, Mirage III, Skyhawk, Texan)
    Bombers (Tu-22, Tu-16, SM79, II-28, C-130, Mosquito, B-57, AVRO, Hawker Hunter, Ouragan, SU17, Tornado, Vampire)
    Scout Planes (Balloon, C130, EA6, F1-Recon, RF4-Recon, MiG-25 Recon, Piper, E3-Sentry, IL-76)
    Mech Infantry (AMX10, M113, BTR152, BMP1, BRDM)
    Recon (Pickup, Cascavel)
    Gunships (Gazelle, UH1, Mi24, Mi24 Iraq, Mi8)
    Missionary (Zoroastrian, Shia, Bahai)
    Frigates (Alvand, Koln, Leander, Lupo)
    Destroyers (Udaloy, Gearing, Perry, Skorry, Summner)
    Cruiser (Dido, Kirov, Petya, Spruance)
    Carriers (Kiev)
    Patrol Boats (al-Sadiq, Dabur, Esterele, Failsal, Istiqal, Osa, Boghammer, SOC, Nanchuka, Tracker (2), TNC45)
    Submarines (Agosta, Atiay, Kilo, Gal, Romeo, Typhoon)
    Corvettes (Assad, Badr, Bayandor, Descubierta, Koni)
    Transports (Assault Ship, EDIC III, Sarucabey, Polncony, Delvar)
    Hospital Ship

    Spoiler :
    Categories include:
    Improved Radar
    City Garrison
    City Attack
    Coastal Attack
    Coastal Defend
    Multiple Target Acquisition
    Air to Air Missiles
    Air Defense
    Swamp Fox
    Land Warrior

    Spoiler :

    Imam Ali Mosque Holy Site
    Sphinx (Wonder)
    Ishtar Gate (Wonder)
    Palestine HQ(Wonder)
    Assembly of Experts (Wonder)
    Azadi Tower (Wonder)
    Al-Shaheed Monument (Wonder)
    Bath Party HQ(Wonder)
    OPEC HQ(Wonder)
    Suez Canal (Wonder)
    Chernobyl (Wonder)
    Grand Bazaar (Wonder)
    Kuwaiti Towers (Wonder)
    Lollywood (Wonder)
    Cyrus Cylinder (Wonder)
    Folk Music (Wonder)
    Egyptian Military Academy (Wonder)
    Saddam's Palace (Wonder)

    (National Wonders)
    Petra Shrine of the Book
    Ministry of Defense
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Soviet, Generic)
    Ministry of Culture
    Ministry of Education
    Ministry of Finance
    Ministry of Intelligence
    Armament Financing
    Advanced Mine Tech Center
    Chemical Weapons Facility
    Air Defense Network
    National Pipeline
    Academy of Gondashapur
    Modern Palace
    Hagia Sophia
    Persian Palace
    Cave Network
    National Theater (Soviet, Pakistan, European)
    National Epic (Middle East)
    Heroic Epic (Middle East)
    Parade Grounds
    Public Works
    Secret Army Base
    Special Ops Base
    Strategic Air Command
    Strategic Grain Reserve
    Supreme Court
    Universal Health Care
    UN Mission
    Naval Academy
    Sports League
    Labor Union
    National Highway
    Enrichment Facility
    US/USSR Embassy
    Desalination Plant
    Oil Depot
    Convention Center
    National Archives
    Particle Accelerator

    Betcholim Hospital
    Lebanese Bank
    Saddam Monument
    Oil Refinery
    Ab Anbar
    Pakistani Terrace Gardens
    Zoroastrian Buildings
    Shia Islam Buildings
    Modern Forge/Aqueduct
    Oil Refinery
    Gas Plant
    Civic Square
    City Hall
    Fuel Warehouse
    Plane Factory
    Rocket Assembly Plant

    ------Resources (added)------
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :
    Modern Mine, Watermill, Lumbermill, Fishing boats
    UNESCO Site

    ------Religions (7)------
    Spoiler :

    Shia/Sunni/Judaism/Christianity/Bahai/Hinduism/Zoroastrianism accurately placed
    Holy cities of Najaf, Haifa, and Jerusalem

    Spoiler :
    New Huge Middle Eastern Map
    Plenty of cities
    Accurately placed resources, terrain, and rivers

    Spoiler :

    Semi-Arid Desert
    Salt Flat
    Salt Lake

    ------Unique 80’s Techs and modified Tech tree------
    Spoiler :
    Kurdish Insurgency (Iran)
    Tanker Warfare (Iran)
    Chemical Weapons (Soviet Union, Syria, Iraq)
    Naval Warfare (Soviet Union)
    Attack Submarine
    Submarine Warfare
    Aerial Bombing
    Other techs disabled for certain civilizations

    Pedia entries for everything
    Flags/images used under fair use

    Mods Merged Partially/Fully
    Spoiler :

    -Pacific War, RI, Rewritten, AND, C2C, TTT, Fury Road, SOI, Late Game Mod, MaxridaMod, modern mod , 20th century, history in the making mod, Mine Warfare Mod, nations in war, Europa mod, petro mod, Eusibius mod, Classic religion mod, Orion veteran, Iraq Mod, Islamic Republic of Iran Mod
    -Captured City Art Mod v1.3
    -Unique Great Person Mod v0.2
    -Super Spies v1.8
    -DCM v2.2
    -Motivation Defenders Mod v1.2
    -Extra Pillage v1.3
    -Advanced Automations Mod v1.6
    -Common Era Mod
    -Test of Time
    -Multiple Favorite Civics Mod v0.1
    -Ethnic Spies
    -Events Minipack
    -Great Diplomat Mod
    -Antilogic Events Pack v1.1
    -Expanded Civics Mod
    -Better BUG AI DLL v1.3
    -Advanced Diplomacy v1.2
    -Scrolling Civic Screen
    -Mod Popup
    -Civics Balancer Mod v1.0
    -Mastery Victory v1.0
    -Surround & Destroy MOD v1.0
    -RuthlessAI Mod
    -Religious Victory
    -Yield From Combat Mod
    -Great General Progress Bar
    -Larger gamefont MOD
    -Cultural Citystyles v.99
    -Extra Pillage Mod
    -Partisans MOD v1.2
    -Culture over Trade Routes Mod v0.2
    -Bombard Experience MOD v1.2
    -Pillage Experience MOD v1.2
    -Multiple Production Mod v.003
    -Multiple Research Mod
    -Motivated Defenders Mod
    -Commanders v.1.0 beta fix 1
    -Adv Cargo Mod
    -Lemon’s spy mod
    -Better Air Interception
    -Expanded Commanders
    -Fort Attack v1.1
    -Dawn Of Man Screen Mod v0.2
    -Starting Popup
    -TechWindow 1.g1
    -Better BTS AI v1.02a
    -Raw Commerce Display
    -Main Screen Mod v2.57
    -Longer Techbar
    -Sevopedia 2.3.2
    -Era Specific Fishing Boats
    -Modern Workboat
    -Fix for SEVOPEDIA leader head stretch. v1.0
    -History on More Civilopedia Screens
    -Advanced Combat Odds v2.01
    -Influence Driven War v1.1
    -Route Pillage Mod v0.4
    -Defender Withdraw v2.0
    -Gold For Disbanding v1.1
    -Occasional Promotions
    -Great Diplomat Mod
    -HealthCare Mod
    -Expanded Civics Mod v0.1
    -War Prizes with Siege v1.2
    -Air Combat Experience v0.3
    -Culture Control
    -Tech Diffusion
    -Lead From Behind
    -Surround and Destroy Mod
    -Show Hidden Attitude Mod
    -wonder messages
    -Mountains: back to service
    -modern roads
    -TLOTags v0.40
    -Great Doctor mod v1.1(w/teach a skill)
    -AI attitude icons v2.0
    -longer City Bar
    -Advanced sentry actions v.091
    -Enhanced Foreign Advisor v2.1
    -Top Civs v0.1
    -Better Espionage Screen v1.1
    -PLE/BTS Fix
    -RevDCM PLE buttons
    -Project Help Tag v0.1

    Very importantly thanks to the following mods/artists:
    snafu, modern infantry units, zerver, srael f16 skin, Ikmek, mpaler, Psychic_Llamas, fk2006, Arian, HROCHland, dual, asioasioasio, The_J, JustATourist, The Conquests, Refar, jbryant, Sabolieth, Romaty, and Baldyr for Python help

    Spreadsheet of Units I'm creating (green is to be done)

    To be added at a later date
    Spoiler :

    -Fixed Cancelled deals/K-Mod comment
    -Fixed pLoopDeal error in C++
    -Removed Python and config code from Culture Over Trade Routes Mod
    -Culture over Trade Routes GameOption Added
    -Culture over Trade Routes Messages GraphicOption Added
    -Culture over Trade Routes config options moved to GlobalDefines.xml
    -TXT_KEY_BONUS_ON_PLOT missing Text
    -Added K-Mod GameText
    -Added Graphic Options for Show Era, Great General Bar, :gp: Bar, City Culture Expansion Turns, :gp: City Turns.
    -Removed Main Screen Mod code for Combat Counter and :gp: Bar
    -Removed many Main Screen Mod options
    -Updated Great General Progress Bar to v1.3
    -Fix Unusual Meshes (F14, MiG-25, doubleshided shika, Rear satchels float
    -Fix Bright Meshes (Amx 10 is too goldy, Su17 too bright, imam ali back is too shiny)
    -Team Color Fixes (M48 has weird teamcolor)
    -button for occasional promos
    -Motivated Defenders v1.3
    -Lifepreservers Mod v1.2
    -Slider bug
    -BUG missing text on raw commerce city display
    -Basements for all Buildings
    -removed from MSM combat xp counter
    -removed MSM options for :gp: Bar
    -Removed :gp: City info icon from MSM
    -Removed unnecessary GG python
    -Double Hired War Ally text fix in C++
    -Rename Aqueduct to Sewage Treatment Plant
    -BOP should defend against gunpowder units
    -Great Doc Utilities removed
    -War Machines by Platyping
    -Migrating GP
    -Kmod v1.42b
    -attitude eval
    -ple for bug
    -BBATAI 2.1 source
    -TradeRoutes Mod
    -Mine Warfare from Orion
    -RevDCM additions
    -Super Forts
    -Maintenance Modifiers by DPII
    -Victories Plus
    -Add Tourism Mod
    -Add Rebuildable Wonders Mod
    -Add Treasury Interest Mod
    -Religion Affected Bonuses Mod from Realism C++
    -Realistic Culture Spread Mod from CCV
    -Culture Conquest from EOW Mod
    -New Blockade Actions
    -Monopoly Mod
    -Fresh Water Aquifers (Realism C++)
    -Happy Golden Age Mod
    -Denev's Adv Rules ModMod C++
    -MSM Improvments
    -Stack attack from Orion
    -Advanced Automatons C++ from RI
    -Gas Refinery should be animated
    -Replace Bank with Modern Bank art
    -Barracks is modern barracks art.
    -Forge has updated button
    -Modern Granary button
    -Modern library art.
    -DXT5 compression for dds
    -Tarpit is on water in finterface
    -Revise Buttons (Shayet13, Pakistan Infantry)
    -AL and Mining can't be built by a great person?
    -No state religion enabled in worldbuilder?
    -Strategic Rivers-When Worldbuilder bug is figured out
    -BUG Python?
    -CaptureChance from Test of Time replaces War Prizes (remove python)
    -add to doctor, priest, scientist, artist. specialist enhancements of :health:/:happy:
    -Visas Modpack Doctor AI, ad to Great Doctor-Merge
    -Realistic city sizes request by Tigranes
    -Events from Headlock, C2C, RI, CCV, Texts
    -Military Support cost has happiness in thousands listed on same line (k_mod text?).
    -Turkey in Northern Cyprus request by Tigranes
    -Rearrange UUs.
    -Add Units (Mohajer-UAV for Iran, F16 as Jordanian adv fighter, Add Atomic Bomber plane for Soviets, Scud Launcher, Mongol Camp, unique great people art and missionaries)
    -Updated, strategies, Descripts, Concepts.
    -Missing Strategies (RF-4)
    -Missing Pedias added (Great Diplomat)
    -Pedia Fixes for weird text (Buildings, etc.)
    -Foundry renamed from Forge
    -Updated Mod Info
    -Updated Screenshots
    -Effects in right areas (gunships, recon ZSU, recons, MG, etc.)
    -Remove unneeded .ini files
    -Update Mod Components
    -Better attitudes to Jordan/Saddam to stop war declarations, Egypt & Saudi, Egypt/Iraq
    -Consolidated all GlobalDefines in 1 xml and deleted uneeded ones from C++
    -New total War Feats
    Spoiler :


    -Correct scale of Units (increase bog scale/animation)
    -Add Great farmer and to buildings
    -Resources (Titanium in Egypt, Poultry from C2C, look at art for titanium, tea, tobacco art from c2c.)
    -Fix python for multiple fav civics for Leaders
    -gametext manager for missing missions, recon?
    -More workers to start for bigger countries
    -Recons should start with some free bonuses or promotions
    -Too many resources in city display overlap
    -Possible Projects:
    Spoiler :

    a. Mideast peace process<ForcePeaceWithCivilization> from FFH2 Fall further Peach with Israel/Palestine.
    b. Paris Club-War Funding/Debt Relief-redces maintenance in all cities
    c. Gulf Cooperation Council-Coastal City, increases scientific output
    d. Council of Arab Economic Unity-industry, food, or route commerce increases
    e. Organization of Islamic Cooperation-All unity if Islam state religion
    f. Nonaligned Movement-free xp for unitclass Spies
    g. ISS from AND, C2C,
    h. IMF-Great Merchant Points
    i. Penicillin-Increase health in all cities or healing in all cities
    j. Supreme defense council-increase military output, free military instructor or building?
    k. guns & butter-reduces war weariness (ROM, total war penicillin)
    l. national reconciliation-happiness in all cities, cultural output of cities

    -Finterace in Pedias for Units (Bamiyan, chaburji, gorgan, khatun, Shalimar pedia, soldier monument too big)
    -FInterface in Pedias for Buildings
    -Correct Unit Shadows Scale
    -Add Buildings with art (Great palace, lebanon, afghan, palace afghan, national gallery afghan, to add buildings)

    Version 1.7
    Spoiler :

    -Boghammer texture fix
    -More Naval AI C++ Additions
    -Visas 3.0 SDK Additions
    -SOI/Sengoku SDK additions
    -Update C2C SDK additions (AI Andy, Koshling)
    -RI SDK Additions
    -CCCP SDK Additions
    -Worldpiece SDK Additions, Bonus discovery
    -Merged Mod SDK Additions
    -Expanded Commanders
    -Fort Attack v1.1
    -Krasnovodsk was Soviet name for Turkmenbashi
    -CCV Mastery Victory Fix
    -Missions don&#8217;t wake up-espionage sleep fix in super spies
    -Typo in withdraw
    -Anti-air strategies instead of mobile sam
    -IMPROVED AI from Test of Time by DPII
    -many meshes fixed/improved i(flickering in suez canal)
    -Captured City Art v1.3
    -Lower Interception Probability for ships in port (CCV C++)
    -Carriers use Fighters and Helicopters to defend themselves and get a higher combat value (CCV C++)
    -Better Values for AI (CCV C++)
    -SD: Specialist Doctor START-additions to specialist enhancements from (CCV C++)
    -Gameplay (CCV C++)
    -Improved Construction AI-DONE for great people (Realism C++)
    -Realism Great General Logic, (Realism C++)
    -lead from behind option, (Realism C++)
    -Division By Zero Bugfix (Realism C++)
    -Ranged Combat Experience, (Realism C++)
    -No Ranged Strikes While Cargo. (Realism C++)
    -Affforess calculate score in (C2C C++)
    -Ensure free specialists from team/player (techs/civics) get placed on city founding (C2C C++)
    -Fixes a bug when the buildingclass count falls below zero (C2C C++)
    -Don't bother saving gold if we can't trade it for anything (C2C C++)
    -Better AI Resources Evaluation (C2C C++)
    -if the plot contains fort, its influence (actsAsCity) must be transferred to the new owner, fort removed, pillaged, destroyed, (C2C C++)
    -Infinite Loop Fix(C2C C++)
    -Attempt to break stack apart for human after initial attack. (C2C C++)
    -check movement info and route cost, (C2C C++)
    -AI missionaries automation fix, (C2C C++)
    -Update Health and Happiness when culture expands (C2C C++)
    -new terrain defined (C2C C++)
    -Promotions removed on unit death (C2C C++)
    -Efficiency (Realism C++)
    -K-Mod Combined Air Combat AI
    -Pedia Fixes for weird unit
    -Damage Textures Grey/Black
    -Added Missing Damage Textures
    -Removed unneeded isSSEnabled GlobalDefines entry
    -Removed unneeded aircombatxp .ini entries

    Common Q&A
    Why are so many units red or items pink?
    A: Please be sure to put the folder in the BTS/MODS directory under program files and not the Mygames Directory

    Q: Can I help with something?
    A: Sure! The above lists have some things I'd like or plan to ad to the game. Pick one and mod it for me if you want.

    Please let me know if something doesn't work or if you have general comments to help improve the game.

    Download Iran Iraq War Mod+Scenerio

    SVN Version

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
  2. dreadknought

    dreadknought timelord

    Feb 15, 2002
    DOCTOR WHO 2005
    This looks interesting as a mod I am surprised no feedback posted yet, I will try it as soon as time permits.
  3. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    awesome mod!!!
  4. stolenrays

    stolenrays Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2009
  5. The_J

    The_J Say No 2 Net Validations Retired Moderator Supporter

    Oct 22, 2008
    Germany / Netherlands
    Looks like an interesting scenario :).

    But it seems you forgot to credit -sr for his map ;).
  6. stolenrays

    stolenrays Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2009
  7. The_J

    The_J Say No 2 Net Validations Retired Moderator Supporter

    Oct 22, 2008
    Germany / Netherlands
    Ups, sorry, it's not his map, i didn't look precisly enough.
  8. dreadknought

    dreadknought timelord

    Feb 15, 2002
    DOCTOR WHO 2005
    Ok Im starting a game on monarch level with Iraq, will let you know how it plays out next few days, map looks cool, 95 turns to achieve some sort of victory looks like. Not sure how the smaller countries could win or figure into things unless they just pick a side? This map could be fun to simulate a Israel/Arab type regional conflict as well.

    Noted that I can still build a regular marine as well a republican guard, also basic fighter is available at start.

    Noted Iraq can build Statue of liberty, broadway, pentagon, various other WW, not sure if you wonted them in or not.

    I didnt realize Iran had so many cities,lol.

    First turn Cypress declared war on Mujahadeen.

    Nov. 1980, first incursion into Iraq, BMP-1 defeats Iranian gunship.
  9. stolenrays

    stolenrays Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2009
    Thanks for the input and I welcome more:

    With the smaller countries, I just wanted all to be playable. Regular victory rules apply. I guess I could change things if I knew what to do or got some tips.

    Forgot about the reg marine available. Don't think it is a big deal, but could delete if it is a problem.

    Didn't realize basic fighter was available. Think I should delete it? Some of the countries had those basic fighters I believe, but I doubt they figured into the conflicts.

    Yeah, I didn't mind about all the regular world wonders available since my new ones didn't cover all the bases.

    I've also fixed the pink promotion problem that occurs on mini promotion icons whenever the Mod path has spaces in it. You can research Kurdish Insurgency, but it appears obscured by Chemical Weapons in the tech tree. I'll fiddle with the tecn tree. I'll try and pack the art files for faster loading as well.

    I wanted to put camps in there from the Mongol Warlord Mod for Palestine/Mujahadeen, but couldn't get them to work. I also wanted to mod the Apostolic palace into OPEC to do trade embargos, etc., but didn't know how.
  10. dreadknought

    dreadknought timelord

    Feb 15, 2002
    DOCTOR WHO 2005

    To me the wonders being in seem stranger than the marine or fighter, I guess I cant imagine Iran or Iraq with the statue of Liberty:lol: but not a big deal really. A few turns in and fighting is slow to develope and I have changed to hereditary rule which helps quite alot. I get the feeling once I research rocketry and get a few troops built then I can press the border cities quickly.

    Yeah OPEC would be interesting, not sure how to put that in esp. with the narrow economy the game runs on.

    April 1981 we capture ILAM, Iran is point leader though 1734 to 1435.
  11. nudden

    nudden Chieftain

    Jun 9, 2008
    just a quick question: from where do you get the t-62 model? it doesnt seem to have the right .kfm file (now it's the tank.kfm). is it animated at all?

  12. stolenrays

    stolenrays Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2009
    Yeah, I can't remember where I got the t-62, but I remember reading that it doesn't have a .kfm file. Sorry about that. I could replace it with another medium tank they used. Any suggestions? (Complete congrats on the Late Game Mod nudden. Would not have been able to make this mod without the hard work from your team.)

    Also, fixed the tech tree this morning.

    Anybody else think I should take out the Statue of Liberty and Broadway to make it more realistic? Sounds reasonable enough.

    Also, the spionage icon seemed to disapear on the upper left hand corner. Any suggestions how to fix it?

    And for the Marine...guess we stumbled upon how to make multiple unique units for a class:goodjob:. Would come in handy for instance if you wanted the US to make F-14's and F-16's or if countries imported a viariety of weapons like soviet and U.S. tanks.

    I'll try and upload a new version soon.
  13. dreadknought

    dreadknought timelord

    Feb 15, 2002
    DOCTOR WHO 2005
    I would probaly take out Statue of Liberty, broadway, pentagon, though you could probaly just switch them for something more regional, I built the pentagon and Statue of Liberty in my game in Iraq. Im about halfway through and a couple of strange things have occured so far, will add more about it later tonite.

    Ok well, August 1982 Iran was elected head of the Apostolic palace (seems odd for this scenario), and shortly after the resolution to stop fighting w/ brothers of the faith was passed and the war was stopped between Iran/Iraq. Then the Saudis declared war on me. I took one Saudi city (Arar) by Dec. 1982, and then Saudis gave me some gold for peace. Iran asked for tribute 1 time which I paid out so we have stayed at peace up to 1984.

    In the mean time Iran has picked up at least 3 vassels and gained a huge point lead on e-1 and I guess the smaller civs play an important role as vassels in tilting the power structure.

    So the vassels and the fact that the war can be stopped and then include other countries are all things to consider here. I guess it depends on how realistic you wont things to play out. Im having fun trying it, it moves along quickly, and there alot of little scenarios you could try with that map.
  14. stolenrays

    stolenrays Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2009
    Glad to hear it is fun. Wanted to play the scenerio, but it didn't exist!

    So, I guess take out the Apostollic Palace?
    Up the vassal rating for the leaders? I did that with a few since Talal and Mubarak were always beging to be my vassal from turn 1.

    Well, with the other countries declaring war on Iraq, I guess I could increase their attitude rating towards the Iraq if you think that'd help. Late in the War arab troops were involved in the conflict for Iraq. Egyptian troops is all I remember, and Iran attacked a lot of arab oil facilities and tankers.

    BTW, added graphics for some of the buildings today. Also modified the tech tree so that only the soviets get carriers and battleships. Added a national wonder of armorment financing (leonardo's workshop) so that upgrades are half price in that city.
  15. dreadknought

    dreadknought timelord

    Feb 15, 2002
    DOCTOR WHO 2005
    Yes on AP(out), and the attitude adjustments, new wonder and art sounds nice, I think with some tweaking and testing you can get some other Arabs to join Iraq or at least not oppose them. Really like the units, maybe Iraq long range missel needs model name, Looking forward to the updates:goodjob:
  16. stolenrays

    stolenrays Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2009
    Which countries in particular became vassals and declared war on whom? This will tell me what to change.

    I believe changing attitudeplayer in worldbuilder changes likelihood of declaring war? And the vassal entry in the leader if raised makes them resistant to become a vassal?

    Are wonders easy enough to build as well? I had a feeling they might take too long so I'm gonna reduce their cost.

    Adding a new button for the al-Shaheed monument. Hollywood becomes Lollywood. Adding Kuwaiti Towers, Faisal Mosque, and the Cyrus Cylinder replaces Statue of Liberty, Broadway replaced by Baghdad Opera House perhaps. Rock and roll replaced by folk music.
  17. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    how about adding revdcm - so the betterai will be included?
  18. dreadknought

    dreadknought timelord

    Feb 15, 2002
    DOCTOR WHO 2005
    OK here is the current vassels/ March 1986 (29 turns remain)

    Afgans---vassal of Russia

    Jordan--Lebanon vassals of Iran

    Pakistan--Kuwait vassals of Turkey

    I know Iran had Jordan at one time so I guess they switched. Most of the other countries are cautious toward me except Israel is pleased with me.

    The wonders build pretty fast in Iraq once the cities grow some so the build times seem good, there are several Iraq cities that have alot of shields and food once they get some decent size. It is important to get workers going fast with just 95 turns. Really the Iraq economy is very good if you build it out. I dont believe there is time enough for a culture victory and probaly not enough for a spaceship victory in 95 turns. In my game Iran had 3000+ points compared to around 2k for turkey, Iraq, Russia. The victory condition here would be fun if they still had those victory flag points like in civ 3.

    Im not sure of the exact tweaks on attitudes, should be some modders around that can advise on that. The new wonder changes sound really nice!

    You may wont to consider which civs to keep open to play, do you wont to let those smaller ones to be playable? and if so how will they win. Its tricky having nukes in as well, I guess they were around but its not realistic to see anyone use them in that time period.
  19. stolenrays

    stolenrays Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2009
    I have really no idea how to do that. If it is easy and doesn't require python or sdk I could prob do it. Maybe if you gave me some tips also. Also, after I finish this version, if you wanted to add it to the version, we could do that! thanks for the tips.

    As for the vassals, i could also make them at permant peace with iran/iraq.
  20. dreadknought

    dreadknought timelord

    Feb 15, 2002
    DOCTOR WHO 2005
    Playing a new game tonite as Iraq again , I rushed Abadan and took it and destroyed those air units which was fun, going to see how far I can push into southern Iran now.

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