Iron and Blood 3: Rapid Fire


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Jan 11, 2006
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A fast paced IOT, based on the simplicity of RISK, and the detailed map of Iron and Blood.


In the year 1825, or is it 1835; who knows? - Learn More

When the Congress of Vienna failed to bring any sort of order to world, the leaders of the old empires and nations returned home. However, when news spread that the leaders of the world could not reach an agreement on some form of order for the future the people were angered. They rebelled and overthrew all the old regimes.

But it was actually more than that. They went through a rage of anarchy and destroyed, books, libraries, old institutions of learning, religious buildings, political buildings, royal palaces and castles. All destroyed! The people seemed to think that if the leaders can’t achieve order on the world stage why bother to have any order at all.

However, the consequences of this wanton destruction, was a massive increase in disease, famines and deaths. The populations dwindled in many areas, and many had returned to living at a subsistence level. All the once mighty empires of Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, and many others had all gone; their armies gone; their leaders gone. All gone!

The people had made some basic observations that plants don’t grow well when it is cold and do when it is warmer. They called these the cold seasons and the growing seasons and eventually a planting routine was developed and some sort of basic order established itself. They had no idea what year it was and did not really care, so long as the seasons turned and food grew and was stored for the cold seasons.

Eventually, some leaders arose out of this chaotic time and tried to bring some form of order to the regions they resided. Some heard stories about an old Roman Empire that existed years in the past and modelled themselves on it. Others were content to form their own style of order.

Any form of diplomacy is now all forgotten. The leaders do what they like and attack who they dislike and try to exert control of neighbouring regions, either by coercion or force. It will not be long before these leaders will come to blows against each other.

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Welcome to Iron and Blood 3: Rapid Fire

State of the World as at Turn 12 (see updates for latest map)

Original World
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Statistics and current players
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New players are welcome - find a clear region on the map and allocate 80 IC on spending on initial provinces and units.

Link to the current rules

Game Start date: 1 August 2012 - GMT+12 - Updates one per week (hopefully) -

GM: Orders Lock in 7 days, with 1/2 day to do stats updates.
A red diamond thread? Things just got real.
6 IC into Factories
4 IC into Units

8 IC into Texas
2 IC into a Factory in Louisiana
All into Factories.
Cthulu said "We do not have enough troops to conquer everyone! Force all the Citicens to rape each other."
Kali said "That would incite a massive revolt."
Gajah Mada, Leader of Acehnese R'yleh, Steps in to the room and says "I Recommend building Massive fields to increase food output"
I claim Texas, Colorado, Sonora, Chihuahua and California to form the United Republic of Texifornia!
The Grand Slave Republic of Blood and Decadence would like to trade her slaves with the country that's in the South and also the countries in Latin America.

We only trade our slaves for sexual favors though so get crackin' on those cracks.
8 IC into two Sicilies
2 IC into factory in Greece.
South Africa Spending:

10IC – 5 Factories
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