Is charging 20 dollars for a CD ridiculous?


Apr 5, 2007
I think it is.

Tom Petty would be pissed at the CD store in my town. They are selling his CDs for 25 dollars, when Tom himself said that 20 dollars is 'ridiculous.'

Also, from the Tom Petty is Pissed interview:

Spoiler :
Tom Petty's determined, sometimes defiant attitude has collided with the music business throughout the years. For instance, in 1982 Petty recorded Hard Promises with the Heartbreakers, only to find that his then-record company had plans to use his name to initiate a new, higher $9.98 list price for albums. Petty withheld the tapes and threatened to retitle his record $8.98 in protest.


Spoiler :
It's ridiculous to make people pay twenty dollars for a CD
"It's funny how the music industry is enraged about the Internet and the way things are copied without being paid for. But you know why people steal the music? Because they can't afford the music. I'm not condoning downloading music for free. I don't think that's really fair, but I understand it. If you brought CD prices back down to $8.98, you would solve a lot of the industry's problems. You are already seeing it a little -- the White Stripes albums selling for $9.99. Everyone still makes a healthy profit; it might get the music business back on its feet."


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I think the market has pretty much proved that 20 bucks for a 10-13 track CD is way too much. People are not typically willing to pay more than a dollar a song.
It is ridiculous. BUt the problem is those those fat cats in the recording industry and there pitbull attack dogs in the RIAA need to make money some how. Most big time musicians don't make much on the CD sales. They get most of their money from concerts. Also why would you pay more then $1 a song when many digital format places sell songs for less then $1 a song. Most of the time there is only 3-5 good songs on any CD.
I don't buy much music, and the expense is one of the reasons why. I wouldn't mind paying $10 for a CD I really want, but $20 is pretty ridiculous, unless it is a special edition one with four different CD's inside.

It takes about what, 50c at the most to manufacture one of these things? Add in another fifty cents for transport, another two bucks for the store's commission, and the record company and artist could still each take home $3.50 per CD in profits for each $10 CD. It doesn't sound like much, but if you're selling 100,000+ copies, that really adds up.

I dunno, they can charge what prices they want, I guess. But I don't think many people are going to keep buying CD's for $20 a pop when they can get it for free illegally, or half that legally online. Seems to me that it'd be better to take a smaller profit off of a lot of sales than a lot of profit off very few sales, but then, I'm not a corporate big shot, so what do I know. ;)
Yes. 5 $ a Cd now could be a little too much ... 5 $ for a collection of songs that is the size of one DVD would be a right prise.
Since people are still buying the CD's...
Who bys Cds?Really? Theyre to expensive to be buying anyway so it doesnt even really matter. I have five thousand songs onmy Itunes and I didnt spend tens of thousands of dollars to get them.
CDs are losing value anyway. iTunes > CDs
I stopped buying CDs at the store a long time ago, because the prices are indeed getting ridiculous. Too many times have I spent twenty bucks for a CD and found out that the one song that I heard on the radio is the only good song on the entire album. They've got to find a way to reduce the cost to this consumer, else I will not consume their products.
20 dollars for a CD IS ridiculous. Newer CDs need to be 10 dollars, and everything scaled cheaper.

You realize there is inflation? $8.98 from 1982 is worth almost exactly $20 today.

Actually, he was saying something about charging 8.98 for his CD's in the 'Pissed' article. It was back in...'03 I think.
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