Is Civ 3 on different platforms?


Feb 3, 2003
Cincinnati Ohio (U.S.A.)
I was watching G4 tv on cable and saw a piece on Civ 3 which of course caught my attention.It looked as if civ 3 was on a different platform other than pc like maybe x box or playstation 2 if anyone has any insight on this please post in this thread or pm me or e mail me at Click here to e mail me any information would be appreciated.:D
yes and i got hooked on Civ 2 for Playstation
Originally posted by archer_007
Does anyone think Mac will get C3C?
doubt it but I wish.
Well as i stated before I saw something on a channel called G4 and it wasn't the civ 3 for the pc someone said they had it for playstation I've been checking on civ 3's site yet nothing anyone know how to e mail firaxis or sid meijer?As for padma's comment about civ 2 on playstation I've played a lot fo civ 3 now and I know the difference between civ 2 and civ 3 I have them both so the one I saw definitley was civ 3 however my brother has a playstation so I will have to look into getting civ 2 for playstation so thanks for the 411:D
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