Is Civilization VI SP for the INFP "Dreamer"?


Dec 11, 2001
Deep inside...
The Strategy Gamer published an intriguing article today, linking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with the "perfect" strategy game for each type.



According to it, Civ 6 Single Player is the "perfect" game for INFP ("Dreamers") types. I wonder if they have a point? Is this why some people seem to love this game more than others? I know I am not an INFP, so I have to wonder...

What do you think? Fun reading, by the way.
As someone who is probably ENTP, but scores back and forth between INTP and ENTP, apparently I need to get Stellaris as well.
Apparently I should be playing Co-Op Starcraft II.

I haven't played Starcraft since like the early 90s...
Yeah it was an interesting to read. Civ and divinity are probably my two favorite games on that list. Bizarrely I tend to beeborderline Ior E - often depends on the mood imI in when I take the test. Not really NFP though.
I am an INTP (although I also scored close to being an INFP), but I don't actually enjoy Stellaris, there's too much to manage for me.
I think I also match either INTP or INFP, will give Stellaris a shot too :) I do enjoy StarCraft II online as well though it is pretty stressful at times. Glad to see so many strategy game suggestions though, would like to go through each one and see which ones I might want to pick up as well.

Edit: StarCraft II co-op is nice too! It's the 1v1s that get a bit hectic.
92% INFP. I enjoy Civ and Stellaris but CK2 is probably my favourite strategy game. I don't like multiplayer which does fit my type I suppose but I like playing RPGs and boardgames with real people. I supect my dislike of multiplayer is because unlike face to face gaming it isn't very social rather than because I'm quite introverted.
I guess I'm a dreamer then. Reminds me of a Dio song (I could have been a dreamer).
I think though there's enough to Civ 6 that you can enjoy it as long as you like strategy games. I don't think of it as a hardcore strategy game, but rather a fun and accessible one that can invest you into building a story. I think it has enough appeal for players who aren't looking for the toughest strategic challenges. For that I'd say the grand strategy games would be more suitable, though of course you sacrifice accessibility and will have to spend quite some time investing in learning how to actually explore the strategies of those games.

I tend to think of different games when I'm in different moods. These days as I'm waiting for GS I play a lot of Overwatch - I can take it seriously when I want to and at other times just practice my sniper skills with widowmaker. I'm trying to get back into XCOM2 as well, though I try to not lose any soldiers while playing on ironman (no reloading saves) so that gets challenging... I should avoid ironman until I've finished the game once :D
INFJ--I tried CK2. Pass. :p

The Myers-Briggs test is complete pseudoscience
No, enneagram is complete pseudoscience. :p If you expect a personality test to tell you who you are or what you should do or who you should click with or if you try to read it like a horoscope, then yes, it's nonsense, but as a method of classifying personalities I think it has its value. Myers-Briggs is at least nuanced, unlike the aforementioned enneagram (the popularity of which leaves me baffled--you'll get more specific answers from a fortune cookie :p ).
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