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Is Espionage bugged?


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Apr 27, 2011
So here's the situation. In my last game, Washington caught one of my spies stealing tech and killed him, then came to me and told me to stop spying on him. Since I was going for the diplomatic victory and didn't want to anger potential voters I agreed. When my spy got replaced I assigned him to another civ instead. Yet somehow I still ended up with the "You promised to stop spying, then broke that promise" negative modifier despite the fact that I never again spied on Washington. The only thing I can figure is that maybe when I caught one of Washington's spies in my city later and killed it the game somehow registered this as me spying on Washington? Or else the modifier is simply broken and gets randomly assigned on occasion. Either way I'd call it a bug, defending my cities from other people spying should not count as breaking that promise. Anyone else experienced this?
Happened to me too but with different civs:p. I find it annoying.
Indeed those might be related, although one is caused when you refuse to promise in the first place and the other was caused when I DID promise and kept my promise but the game thought I broke it somehow. Not really the same but possibly related to one another, it seems like the game is not reading certain situations properly.
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