Is it just me or...


Oct 1, 2006
Ok, I don't know how many of you all still play RFC Rand, but I've taken a liking to it over the last 3 or 4 months - even with it's balance issues...

But one thing that really makes me scratch my head is the random spawn dates: I haven't done any scientific experimentation on it, but just going from memory I would have to say that I get the low-end of the bargain well over 50% of the time - probably closer to 75% of the time I get a spawn date many turns after the "real" RFC spawn time. Quite frankly it is really annoying because of two very important things to me:
1)I always am going for UHV, so if I have a set time-table to achieve my goal and suddenly that time table is cut by 10 turns because I spawn late, I am already that far behind the ball - and I am a very casual player and so I don't like a challenge like that
2)I hate wasted time - and since I always go for UHV, if I start late I will almost always start over. Sure I could be doing something else while my computer churns out the turns until I find out I'm 8 turns late, but it is still wasted in some way.

Now, the real question is: it is so consistently late that it must be coded that way, but looking in the civilopedia it says that the random # of turns can be later OR earlier than the expected spawn date...

Am I really that unlucky or something?
well sercer88, for me, i usually get earlier than usual for some reason... like Germany, i might start in the BC's for no reason, but sometimes (very rarely) am late, and then really late (1500-1600).
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