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[Vanilla] Is it normal to play one game for thousands of turns?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by eternaldude, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. eternaldude

    eternaldude Chieftain

    May 11, 2016
    My last game of Civ 5 I played 4,352 turns.

    With Civ 6 however, I have had some frustrations because it would crash in the late game, so I got an update and reloaded my old save but a few things are weird, which I'll get into later. But it kept working. But it also had all these new features, and I wanted to try the new not yet another earth map like I had in Civ 5. I put 25 players on the map on marathon and went to work, planning to play for 4,000 turns or so. Alas, late game crash.

    So I have reloaded my old Civ 6 game that works now, but everyone is a chiefdom except me and Australia, because for some reason, they all switched to the chiefdom form of government. It doesn't matter, I won the game a long time ago with the "science" victory and I just really liked the game so much that I just decided to overlook it because the gap between me and everyone else was already so wide that it didn't matter what government they had.

    I'm now on turn 1,922. Prince difficulty, epic speed, huge map, 12 players, 24 city-states (to start) I don't know why it says chieftain on the left, maybe that's my rank on the forum? lol

    Anyway, Why keep playing? Well, it's addictive. I feel attached to my Civilization. There are some annoyances. Barbarians constantly spawning, presumably because the AI can't keep its citizens happy. So the plunder 1 or 2 trade routes every other turn.

    And I wonder if anyone else does anything like I do. I have what I call a defense "standard" that works something like this....

    Nearly every city has an encampment that has a rocket artillery army and observation balloon and mobile sam, every city has a mobile sam and machine gun army, and almost every city has an airport with 6 jet bombers and 2 jet fighters, the jet fighters patrol and cover every tile because the mobile sams can block missiles and the jet fighters block the bombs, so it would probably be very very hard to get a nuke off on me. every airport has either a modern armor army or modern at army on top of it...I have 22 aircraft carriers positioned around the world specifically for dealing with barbarians in the places that my airports can't reach

    I'm spending 3697 on units and 1772 on WMDs every turn and netting over 4,500 gpt with 44 cities if anyone cares about specific numbers like that, though i don't know why they would

    i have alliances with everyone, two players were eliminated the rest are allies so i can see everything, and i've seen them build up their armies and navies and airforces and then suddenly massively downsize then some time later build up again, it's kind of strange

    but my game is technically a little broken and i'm surprised it even work at all but other than the government thing ...well there's one other glitch....

    i was a democracy and my 30% bonus to projects went to 0% so i switched back to communism then back to democracy to get it working again, now i have a 50% legacy bonus!

    anyway, to be completely honest, i could easily conquer the world at anytime, and with just a few turns preparation, i could pull it off in one turn, just have to move a few things around...i have a massive nuclear arsenal of course and have no fear of retaliation because of my defense network, and if i conquer them all in one turn it doesn't matter anyway....

    oh and

    I have 1.8 million gold so, and this game is on epic so a modern army armor is 12,000 gold and a rocket artillery army is 12,500 but really i could airlift things from remote regions (like frozen wastelands that i built amazing awesome cities on and are ridiculously over defended) and probably not need to buy anything, but let's say I wanted to do it without nukes, I have enough gold that I could probably take over the world in one turn without even using nukes, if I spent my money

    so why am I still playing this? I guess I want to see what else there is to do.....there always seems to be something that keeps it interesting....new developments, etc....I mean its a pretty stable, peaceful world...not everyone gets along but there hasn't been a war (besides when I took Moscow for its wonders) in a long long time. And yes Russia became my ally again after that, tho I have a permanent -18 relations hit for occupying his cities. But, while I was warring I was renewing my alliances with 35+ warmonger penalties, that's how good relations are

    I actually never started a war until very very late in the game, in fact, after achieving science victory. We carved up Brazil, but I got most of it. I was a good guy, peaceful. But I crunched the numbers and calculated that I could take 2 cities from Brazil at a time but had to have 40-50 turns of peace in between and then I could still maintain the alliances. So that's what I did. When you think about it in terms of thousands of turns, you can really play the long game and plan way ahead and pull off things you might not otherwise realize you even could. I'm still contemplating how to conquer the world without using nukes or even having to fight everyone all at once.

    if anyone has questions or requests or even reads this or cares let me know, and especially, I would like eto know if anyone likes to play for thousands of turns too!

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