Is it possible to change AI traits ?


Apr 23, 2005
I am doing a test right now. I am trying to create 6 very aggressive AIs (artificial intelligence) because yesterday the game was quite passive, because the AIs happened to be very civilized. I do believe the traits are randomized or something.

I thought it was possible to change the AI traits with JCivEd but apperently not ? I am currently trying 0.0.19a

The only possibility I currently see is to change the AI from say babylon to russia, but this is not what I want. I truely want to change the AI traits. I thought I had seen a way to do it earlier... some weeks or months ago..

I am dreaming ? Or is there a way to do it ? Perhaps a different editor ?

Copied text from this thread, is cool:

Every civilization has 3 characteristics: aggression (friendly, normal, aggressive), development (perfectionist, normal, expansionistic), militarism (civilized, normal, militaristic).

Combining them a civilization behavior can result in a higher or lower aggressiveness: mongols have the highest (aggressive, expansionistic, militaristic) and babylonians the lowest (friendly, perfectionist,civilized).

To tell the truth I haven't seen a big difference among them, at least at prince/king level, with the remarkable exception of the mongols that are often the strongest civ in every game.

This is also a very cool link, explaining the default civilizations, definetly worth a visit !:
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