Is it possible to create custom scenarios through mods ?


Apr 22, 2022
Hello everyone,

I played yesterday the “War Machine” scenario as SP and I really like it, even if AI is pretty bad (I was able to take back most of German cities…). Unfortunately, I would like to modify the scenario either to adapt it to WWII (maybe add real Great Generals, tanks…) or just to balance it as I like for SP. I already looked at the files of the scenario and discovered it's pretty much a mod. Thus, could I create my own scenario and play it with friends or post it on Steam Workshop ? I already tried some things, but it broke, either the map wouldn't load or my custom ruleset wouldn't apply (like 9 CS ??).

Then, does someone know some resources (guides or other people's works) that would help me ?

Thanks in advance.


May 4, 2014
So... I've managed to get a custom scenario running in single player using the below guide to turn a map into a mod

Some slight caveats i should mention - you need to set the no. of city states and specify the city states as well as specify the civs in the game at the setup screen point or it will crash on load up AND a big flaw with the process is that any city states not part of the base game (MODS are fine but not expansion ones) will crash the game on start up if placed on the map directly. You can get around this and have expansion/dlc city states active in the map if you set starting locations for them and include them in the CS selection list - they will just spawn as a settler that way but at least they're in the game - You can also set techs/civics for them as usual (include them in the player list, just don't place them other than a starting location) so they are not behind the rest of the civs.

See the below info thread for more relevant stuff to making maps too.

Lastly, this process for me at least only worked for single player games - I could not get my custom scenario to work through multiplayer (it has mod civs on the map though so if you minimise mods directly on the map and stick to official civs/CS it might work on multiplayer), i have no idea though. If you manage to get a scenario running multiplayer using the above techniques then please let me know how you did this :)
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