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Dec 27, 2001
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Is it possible to modify the .bic file that you have used in a saved game without it affecting the saved game upon reloading it...?

In otherwords, if i load a scenario with modded rules, then save the game, exit, and then modify the scenario's rules again.... what happens?

Would the rules be changed on subsequent reloading of the saved game?

Or does the saved game remain unaffected?

Or could this be detrimental to the saved game such as CAUSING INVALID PAGE FAULTS later on?

Thanks in advance.
If you modify the rules of a scenario file (which means the file is not saved as Civ3mod.bic) for version 1.16f, it will not affect your savegames as a copy of the rules is saved together with the savegame. ;)

However, if you modify rules in the Civ3mod.bic then it might affect your savegame. If you change rules on requirement for units, tech or add new units then old savegame cannot be loaded. However, if you are just changing the stats for the units then the savegame is ok.

Hope that helps.

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