Is it possible to Win with a tribal age civilization?

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May 7, 2009
So someone could get confused.
Are Missisipian a tribal age culture or a Classical age culture?

Are Vedic Tamil Indians tribal age or Kali yuga age culture?

What is Classical age culture? Does it come before or after stone age?

And Tribal? Does it come before or After Stone age? Anyway...

Victory conditions seems to be so off given the game focus on era stars... Why should era stars stop???

I want to be able to win a game in Tribal age with Minoans, Missisipian, or whoever suits me... against a space racing civs...

game stops when a random Meteorite Resets the Earth back to Ants Eating and underground cities....

Why does it seems that EVERY civ; advances ages at all difficulties? What is the point of this Mario Stars victory mode??

On paper, it should be possible to score a victory playing as Sumeria, all the way in the bronze age, untill time lapses... In
reality there is no time limit, but the first that scores all the stars in the last age decides to end the game...
I know it gets difficult. I haven't well understood how it all works if I have to be sincere...
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