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Is Rise and Rule better than Rhye's of Civilization?


May 19, 2023
I am interested in playing with mods and Rise and Rule seemed to be very deep and complex, is it good and polished or does it have so many things that it ends up being not that good to play?. I am also interested in Rhye's of Civilization but i wanted to try Rise and Rule first, however, I dont want to invest a lot of time and then realise it is not that good. What do you think?
The most up to date version of Rise And Rule is "RAR Revisited" (RARR), curated by @Civinator, who is one of the most knowledgable Civ3 modders that I know of, so it is certainly worth your time (as is his own epic-game mod, "CCM").

I think I only tried running Rhyes' mod once, and didn't get on with it very well at the time. But that likely reflects my lack of ability/ patience at that time, rather than any problem with the mod itself.
Potentially unpopular opinion on this part of the forum: The Rhye's to try if you've never tried one is Rhye's and Fall of Civilization, for Civ IV (it also ships with... Beyond the Sword I think?). With its historical victory conditions per-civ, it's a completely different experience from traditional Civ III or Civ IV games. And even though IMO the pacing is too quick, and the map would benefit from being 20% larger, it rapidly became one of my favorite scenarios after trying it.

I've played the Civ III Rhye's of Civilization, and if I'd played it before Rhye's and Fall it may have made more of an impression, but alas, I discovered the Civ IV one first. (Rhye has also done some Civ V work, but I haven't tried it, as I'm not a fan of that iteration of the series. Although from what I've seen on its forum threads it follows in the spirit of RFC for Civ4 and is also likely to be quite good, albeit being on a Civ5 base).

So assuming you are sticking with Civ III, I would also recommend RARR first.
If you do try the Civilization IV one, try the modmod (continuation of the original mod) called 'Dawn of Civilization'. It is a masterpiece that I would write more about were I not in a train.
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