Is there a way to access any of the content in the expansions and DLC assets in the asset editor?


Feb 10, 2003
Hi all! The problem is in the title; is there a way to urilize any of the assets from the expansions and DLC's in the editor?

I'd love, for example, to make a custome civ using Basil II as the leader, and trying to give the Tagma a different helmet, or even using the Tagma armor as the basis for an infantry unit.

But really, getting access to any of the DLC stuff would be nice.

If there is a way to do this, even if it seems obvious I would REALLY appreciate a walk through for it, as coding and file systems is not my usual area of dabbling. :)
The Assets for Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm are in the SDK Assets. The DLC and New Frontiers assets are not released and it’s possible they never will be.

You can however use elements from the DLC or NFP assets in your mods without editing them. So giving Tagma different helmet is possible but giving Infantry animations to the Tagma Armor isn’t. You could give Infantry anims to any Armor from Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm that uses the same skeleton (There are only 2 human skeletons in Civ 6, Medium/Thin and Heavy/Buff).
Is there some trick to finding them? I've downloaded the SDK assets, but when I open modbudy and load the previewer I dont seem to have access to any of the assets.

Is there a load step I'm missing?
You need to create a project and have something like this at the bottom of your *.Art.xml.

            <name text="Shared"/>
            <id text="725760e3-7fc0-4be7-abf1-17bc756d5436"/>

Also you'll probably need to rename the json files in ..\Sid Meier's Civilization VI SDK Assets\ to Expansion1-asset-deps.json and Expansion2-asset-deps.json instead of exp1.json and exp2.json if you want Expansion assets to show up. If you want to see the expansion assets then your requiredGameArtIDs block should be:
    <name text="Expansion2"/>
    <id text="b1b63999-6b16-4dd2-a5b6-eb19794aa8ca"/>
    <name text="Expansion1"/>
    <id text="7446c8fe-29eb-44f8-801f-098f681cc5c5"/>

Thank you so much!
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