Is there any way to change Yield (Amount & Type) via Lua Coding?


Oct 9, 2020
I wanted to create a New Table for Buildings That changes their Yields with Civics/Techs (with Lua Coding, beause I don't want to use modifiers) like The Improvements with "Improvement_BonusYieldChanges" Table, but came upon an obstacle: Lua Objects. There is no such thing like "ChangeYield"/"ChangeProductionYield" for Buildings (or anything else), There is only a "GrantYield" but thats for players, I want it for Buildings or at least the City where the Building is.

So does Anyone have an Idea how I can Accomplish this (If it's possible)?
If that's Impossible to do, and I would make it with Modifiers, would The AI build Buildings with negative Yields (just in Modifiers/not in Tables)?
You will have to use Modifiers.
Thanks LeeS for the Answer! How about the negative Yields in Modifiers, would the AI still build Buildings with negative Yields?
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