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Is there any way to condition trade route yields on religion?


Jun 9, 2014
So, I'm working on a mod civ which gets extra gold and faith from trade routes, but I'd wish that would only be the case when the destine city follows the same religion as the original.
I've looked everywhere in the game's .xmls but there's no such modifier or requirement (there's a requirement set about cities belonging to your religion, applied to certain beliefs such as Feed the World, but I've tried with that and it doesn't work). The idea is to find a requirement that's about religion and apply that to the Spanish UA (extra gold from intercontinental trade, changing intercontinental to intrareligious).
Do you know of any way to make this possible?
I'll probably subscribe to that mod if you make it.
I made an ability like this for my mod "Atlas' More Interesting Religion"

-Pilgrimage = changed to Foreign Trade Routes to your cities of this religion with Wonders generate +4 Faith for sender and +4 Gold +2 Faith for you

It worked, but that was back in Vanilla. I don't have the files anymore since I've switched computers, but you can subscribe to the mod on Steam and check it out if you want to see how I did it.

Edit: Note that this is an Enhancer ability. I found no way to properly check the religion of the starting city. This is checking that the receiving city's religion matches that of your *founded religion*, which is not the same thing as what you want! But it might give you an idea.
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