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Is this supposed to happen?


Jan 22, 2002
Georgia, United States of America
When playing as the Japanese I had a MPP with China and a ROP with England, while Egypt and England had a MPP. I could smell war brewing, and quickly mobilized for war, creating as many tanks as possible.

China attacked Egypt, and of course England was drawn into the war. When Egypt struck back, I was pushed in it. So, I signed a ROP with China to get to Egypt, and then attacked England. Soon after destroying them, Egypt, China, and I signed peace treaties.

Later, I planned on warring with Egypt again and asked China for a ROP. They tell me that they could not, and that they remembered my sneak attack on England. WTF? :confused: I was protecting and helping them, since we had the MPP.

Is this supposed to happen? Is there anything to do that could prevent this? :scan:
Yes, this is the way it works out because you went to war with England before your ROP agreement had run out.
Similar things like this happen, say, if you made an alliance with a country, attacked their enemy and made peace with that enemy before your alliance could peacfully expire.

As for this being prevented, in your case I would say no, because the China initiated the war before your ROP with the English had expired.
yeap, and it doesnt matter wht you have ever done for them, or how much you have given them, you can never change it, you will be boycotted for the duration of this game. I have learned, just forget any ROP, and only Use MMP when you intend to go to war, wipe your close compeditors out, Close your borders with troops, and then sell all the ROP you want, dont worry about the AI aatcking, they will do that anyway if you seal yourborders and thereis some land on the otherside of you. LOL, My basic point here is dont think of ANY ai Civ as your friend.They do not have any concept of friend.They only respect you when they know you can beat them militarily.Thats the only time they will "act" as your friend."This deal is not in France's best Interest, But since your Military is so strng, we have no choice but agree." Something similar was said to me once by the AI. Thye only respect you in fear.They will only be your friend when they fear you, and when it comes to moveing a settler across your land, they have no fear.They dont care about anything, if they plan on moveing a certian way, and you have a unit there.Its off to war.They would spend 1000 years in war aganst you who gave them Iron,Saltpeter,Spices,and Ivory,and New York City, just to claim a single desert square surrounded by your cities with no resources on it.Just to have it culture flip to your controll 10 turns later. The AI is soooo stupid. I often do this kinda thing just to get a war going. Sign a bunch of MPP,Get civs at war and then cancell my MPP, and make peace, let them duke it out, then in the meantime, I am building my culture and building my best military units, then when I think I am strong enough, or enough damage has been done. I will go mop up the losers towns.Then move on to the next weakest, and so fourth, A little quirk I leaned from the Ai.
You get in a war, through, MPP,Then you take out say 20 of the enemies 30 cities.Meanwhile the civ that declared war has sent no troops and done no fighting.You did it all, then, when they are sufficeintly beatedm, your AI friend comes over, starts bulding up troops, Then as you nearly defeat aa city, you turn ends, say you lost 20 tanks takeing out 6 pikemen(whatever)
There is one pikeman with only 2 health remaning, after you have done the work, fighting and conquering, the AI send over 3 spearman, and take the city.Totaly wasteing your time, and effort and cash.Just to steal the city you just all but captured.This is where My MPP is out the windo. cause if they take the city. Then I just declare war and wipe them out and takei it myself,if its one I wanted for strategic reasons, other wise I would just raize it useually.But you can bet it pisses me off to no end wen this happens.They do it often too. That really needs to be fixed.A friend shouldnt be allowed to attack a city you are attacking without your concent ya know?
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