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[BNW] Iska's Stones to Stars and Empires Ascendant (Multi-Expansion Sized Mods)

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Modpacks' started by Jiska, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    Hey CFC people! My mods have evolved a lot since I last posted here (or rather, in components), so I thought I'd make a new thread to strut my stuff.


    <> Empires Ascendant <>

    This is a beta. I'm still updating this. I might be away for extended periods of time, but please leave a comment with feedback, suggestions, or bugs if you have any. This is a compilation of all my previously released and unreleased mods. It's intended to be be played with my other mod Stones to Stars, and is fully compatible. Things I intend to do before this is no longer a beta:
    - Fix all known issues
    - Write Civilopedia entries for everything

    This is not compatible with Vox Populi, Rise to Power, or Extended User Interface.

    This is a large mod that alters core game files and data and necessitates a cache refresh, clear it by deleting Documents\My Games\Civilization 5\cache\ & \moduserdata\, or you may experience severe game issues.

    <> Stones to Stars <>

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  2. AndreyK

    AndreyK Prince

    Mar 31, 2017
    Yakutsk, Russia
    Looks great!! Seems very complex and interesting, lots of work. Why 2-tile cities? Isn't it very difficult (almost impossible on large and huge) to manage that many cities?
  3. hambilus

    hambilus Chieftain

    Oct 19, 2014
    The latest versions of your mods disappeared off steam. I'm rather enjoying a game with them right now. Great work. I hope they are returning.
  4. notaspambot

    notaspambot Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2020
    I have tried playing playing this mod, and it has been an interesting run. Thank you for your work on it.

    That being said, I've had a few bugs and some complaints (EA only, no Stones to Stars):

    1. Cultural Stylism/EDICT_GRANDEUR_3 (+3 culture for World Wonders) does not apply correctly. Iconography/POLICY_GRANDEUR_5 worked fine, however.
    2. Cathedral does not have the yields as described in its follower belief; instead, it uses a nerfed version of vanilla, at 1 happiness, 1 culture and 1 art/artifact GW slot. It could use at least the +1 faith back, and perhaps an additional yield or two to keep it competitive with the other faith buildings.
    3. The city view's yields panel is cut off by the production panel on lower resolutions. It would be nice if there was some way to make the city/empire yield headers in the yields panel collapsable, or some other adjustment for lower resolution settings.
    4. A warrior turned into a holy warrior has no icon on the strategic view.
    5. Lag is very noticeable compared to other mods. This is the main reason I've been playing EA without Stones to Stars, as I've been afraid of reducing performance even further by adding another mod on top of t.
    6. Approved Knowledge/KNOWLEDGE_4 is a bit misleading, in that you would expect "free" to be like a free social policy- i.e. not increasing the cost towards the next one. I think the description could be better worded to not give off that sort of false expectation.

    In the future, I think it would be nice if the mod could support EUI compatibility/integration, as the lack of EUI was very noticeable. They've mostly been small things like the lack of a EUI-style production queue, or needing to click my way to the diplomacy screen all the time, but they do add up. Another thing that would be appreciated is additional civiliopedia support. I don't think I've found any outside documentation for the mod, and I've had to resort to searching up the game code multiple times to better understand specific mechanics.
  5. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    Hello; thanks for the kind words and feedback.

    1. Thanks, will fix.
    2. Not sure why this is, not intentional, will fix. (Some vestige of a leftover Machiaevaelli mod? weird)
    3. Definitely something planned for the future.
    4. Strange... will investigate.
    5. This one is a bit disappointing, because while this has been embarrassingly true since I published my mods, the last version (45? Whatever the current version on steam) contained no changes except for about a week's worth of optimizations, which for me greatly reduced between-turn stutter/lag to almost indistinguishable in the early game. Improvements can still be made in some areas, but the latest version is definitely smooth like butter compared to previous versions - I don't suppose you were using a version other than the current one?
    6. Will make sure costs are not increased for next version.

    EUI is something that's been very heavily request by my users, but the truth is that it doesn't really appeal to me that much. It has a few features that I really like, like the Production Queue and and more elegant Toppanel, along with some no-brainers that should really have been included in BNW, but overall it's a little too much of a change for aesthetically conservative me. I'm pretty divided on this; there are several factors I've been weighing about whether or not to just bite the bullet and rewrite my UI files in EUI format. However, in the meantime, EUI and VP were pretty much the reasons I released the Lite version of the mod, which should be compatible with anything. (Ironically I jumped the gun on that, should be compatible with EUI, but VP compat will come soonish.)

    Lite: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2273595650

    Writing Pedia articles for all my new mechanics and features is something I've been meaning to do since I very first published them... unfortunately laziness is one my stronger characteristics and since I plan on making a few small additions to the Pedia (a Governments section for instance), and because the amount of necessary pedia articles to write has grown and grown is now quite large, I don't foresee myself actively wanting to do this, and have settled for waiting until inspiration strikes me while in an altered state of consciousness. As I get closer and closer to "moving out of beta", whatever that means, this become more likely to happen. Not arguing that information can be obscure, but I am wondering what was too esoteric to understand through tooltips only?

    Regardless, I've spent a strange amount of time on this and always appreciate when people share their feedback and thoughts. Thanks for playing and making a post!
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2020
  6. notaspambot

    notaspambot Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2020
    Thank you for the detailed response.

    To begin, here are a few more issues I've found:

    1. Grand Mosque of Djenne doesn't require the Piety branch, but its description states that it does.
    2. The description for the Piety policy branch mentions a Temple of Kukulcan, a wonder referred to in the rest of the game as the Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza's description also does not mention a policy requirement.
    3. The Legal Chambers building has a specialist slot without having a specialist type defined.
    4. The description for the Patronage policy branch only states "Forbidden Palace".
    5. Friendly AI are offering what looks like blank trade deals every now and then.
    6. Science gain from vassal seems to be only 1% of the intended value.
    7. Vassal levies do not seem to be working properly. I have advanced an era without receiving any new units.
    8. Peace deal AI seems to be either surrendering too easily, or perhaps to the wrong target. I've made a few joint DoWs and proceeded to barely lift a finger after the fact, but was able to get the AI to hand over all their money and capitulate on multiple occasions.
    9. Playing on a Pangea Plus map with all religions founded, but the myth section on the pantheon screen is still empty.

    This is more of an opinion, but I don't really like how Honorable Conduct/EDICT_GENERAL_5 works. While I'm not too sure about its balance, it's a bit jarring to see AI randomly jump from classical to medieval throughout the early game and without much to really come out of it. It makes the era distinction rather moot as an indicator of technological progress.

    I've been playing v48, and while lag is definitely present, the mod is quite tolerable at the moment. The early game's a bit more of a slog since there's comparatively less to do, but the experience (if not necessarily the raw performance) does get better later on into the game. It's just not something that I'd like to add onto if possible. It does make me wonder why city states take up such a large amount of time though.

    The things I've specifically looked up for was: Unique Wonders available through the Grand Architect and how they work, sources of Piety/Karma gain as well as the calculations behind its usage, and Myths. I didn't bother to look it up, but a list of edicts and what they are locked behind would also be nice.
  7. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    Thanks very much for your reports!

    1. I must have goofed with the way the data files were loaded after the last large rewrite, this should be present, I'll be sure to fix this
    2. Same as 1.
    3. I was going to add an Authority centered Specialist (and a Health one) but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll snip this loose end for the next update
    4. Think this is the same as 1
    5. This one I've been having a bit of trouble tracking down, pretty sure it has to do with Alliances. They were a mechanic I originally made for some other people, but that all sort of fell apart, so I might just take them out.
    6. :crazyeye: C4DF. The version I integrated into my DLL was the old OLD version, which I (incorrectly it seems) assumed was less buggy than the current more firmly embedded in VP version.
    7. See 6.
    8. I haven't been sure if this was anything new (I don't think I touched these things, but C4DF might have) or just ye'olde BNW AI, but I felt like I was noticing this too recently. 'll keep an eye on it.
    9. Jumped the gun on the Myths a bit with the last update, haven't enabled them yet. Probably should have put a big red NOT YET IMPLEMENTED somewhere

    "I don't really like how Honorable Conduct/EDICT_GENERAL_5 works. While I'm not too sure about its balance, it's a bit jarring to see AI randomly jump from classical to medieval"

    I hear your feedback on GENERAL_5, surprised a bit because that's one of the few I've elsewhere got specific feedback on being pleasantly spicy; the opportunity to leapfrog ahead in tech at the expense of choosing an accumulatory Civic Tenet later I thought was good balance, but as you've pointed out it does take some of the meaning out of the era mechanic, and can lead to some frustrating or cheesy combat strength advantages.

    "why city states take up such a large amount of time though."

    The excess CS turn time is a hmmm for me too; I'm not sure what specifically is causing this, so I might just start disabling features for CS until this improves itself.

    "Unique Wonders available through the Grand Architect and how they work, sources of Piety/Karma gain as well as the calculations behind its usage, and Myths."

    Yes, these are all things that should (and hopefully will eventually) be in the pedia.
  8. notaspambot

    notaspambot Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2020
    Some additional notes:

    1. A correction to my previous post, Chichen Itza does have the piety policy requirement in its description. I seem to have overlooked it the first time due to the lack of green-text.
    2. Vassal levies triggered correctly this time, two warriors from advancing classical to medieval. The notification had a localisation error, however.
    3. Vassals are capable of making alliance treaties with third-party civs, which seems contradictory with their vassal status.
    4. There has been a general trend of the AI suffering from chronic gold deficits. They tend to be fine for the first few dozen turns, but go on a downward spiral thereafter.
    5. The AI has been offering GPT in trade deals when it already has a negative GPT.
    6. Cities will sometimes spawn with no owned tiles instead of 1.
    7. Emergency Food Reserves/EDICT_GENERAL_3 seems to never show up, presumably due to not having a ReqEra defined. Is this intended behaviour?
    8. I'd appreciate if you could give me a step-by-step guide on how to build the Grand Architect's unique wonders, as I've been having no success with them so far. The AI have been building them, so the mechanic is working somehow, but I've not a clue on how to do it myself.

    On a more subjective note, I've been finding the early game to be a bit too restraining/volatile (emperor/epic). Early scouting/expansion feels incredibly punishing due to the ever constant threat of barbarians leaving you penniless looming over the horizon. You already want two combat units to garrison your capital (a single warrior is possible, but will generally not be enough to protect your improvements), and investing even more hammers/gold for scouting/expansion feels like it puts you too much off tempo for little gain. It also leaves your map rather dark, and not being able to occasionally pop over to other parts of the map to see how the AI is doing can be rather boring. It is possible that I might be playing a little too conservatively, but I feel like I would be gambling with the RNG otherwise.

    This also limits chiefdom, an extremely important unlock, to just the 5 pop option, which also has its own share of problems of being too RNG/start dependent. The variance you will see in a game with a low-food start compared to a high-food one is like night and day, and a little too much of a variance for what is effectively RNG. The one-tile city start compounds the problem- it can make bad starts even worse, or seemingly good starts just as bad. In either case, the feeling of being robbed of player agency at such a crucial point in the game isn't very pleasant. For example, I've had the misfortune of mistakingly settling right next to two gem luxuries once, and the game punished me straight away by using my first two border growths on them instead of food tiles. If this was simply about having a slower early-growth, I might be able to grin and bear with it, but due to the way it interacts with chiefdom, I could already see how much it would set me back for the rest of the game, and quickly lost the motivation to keep playing that run.

    Most of these can be toggled off/removed from the game, but they still are the default options, and would probably do well with some revisions if they are to remain being so. Of course, if you feel that I'm simply playing the game incorrectly, do feel free to correct me or give me advice.
  9. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    2. I've noticed this too, I'll fix this for the next update.
    3. Hmm yes, I'll try and fix this too
    4. This isn't something I've noticed from observer... how does this manifest in gameplay and does Mercenaries work without StS? (This has a pretty big impact on AI spending)
    5. That's a strange one I haven't noticed... I'll investigate
    6. The one-plot city spawns code can be a bit iffy right now, this being one of it's two flaws; this happens when there's a better tile they can access outside of the initial ring that you already own.
    7. Huh strange. Any Tenet ReqEra set to nil should be enabled from the start of the game... I'll investigate this one.
    8. Architects are unlocked by opening the Grandeur Tree, and their progress can be tracked from the GP info panel, same place Generals or Engineers or other GP. Progress is gained towards them per Building or Wonder constructed, and after having spawned can either be moved into a city were you should get the ability to do a custom mission (same place as create GW or Improvements for other GP) to construct an Architect-exclusive Wonder in whatever city the Architect is stationed in. They can also just Hurry Production like an Engineer, which will be the only option if other players have built all the currently available (they're unlocked by Tech, but this I don't think is shown anywhere except in the GameData) Architect-exclusive Wonders have been built.

    I hear your feedback on the early game. I find it very similar to how you describe it, and I find I prefer it this way. It's never made sense to me civ games (except for the future ones like BE) that right from the start of the game, when your people have just settled their first city and have barely moved out of their hunting-gathering society, they can send an explorer to perfectly accurately map out the world and instantly send the info back. I know, I know, civ doesn't really go for historical accuracy and it's more of a board game, and there are all sorts of in game explanations you could point out for better reasons to suspend your disbelief, but, idk, I just prefer that in the early game players are forced to focus more on defending themselves and preserving what they have from foreign entities that don't have enough political clout to warrant their own name. I too have found that I'm usually forced to eke out a military unit before deciding on my first eco building, and again, I think I prefer this change.

    Please bear in mind the shape of the tech tree plays a big role in how the early game plays out, and I've been fine tuning StS for a couple of years now to be more wide and entertaining set of options in the early game than BNW. Also, pretty much everything in EA was designed around the user playing with StS, so even I've been pretty careful to make sure EA doesn't depend on it, I think without playing with it you're kinda missing how EA is meant to be played.

    While it's true that chiefdom is a powerful bonus in the early game (and maybe is kinda necessary so you can begin accumulating Authority as early as possible? haven't felt this one out yet), you can alternatively skip it, and open up one of the prereqs for either Monarchy or Republic one policy sooner. Just wondering if it's not obvious that it's not a prereq for monarchy/republic or if it just feels like you're being punished for not taking it asap.

    This is somewhat intentional - I wanted to increase the disparity in growth between Cities that have access fertile lands and Cities that are stuck in god's barren armpit. This is also further amplified by unlocking fertilizer early on and a buff to wheat/maize/corn food, which gives Cities that are in better positions far higher earlier population and resulting other yields.... just like irl! I've found that when starting in poor areas I'm simply forced to resort to warmongering and making sure I get enough of a foothold in more fertile areas early on, before the disparity grows out of hand. I'm thinking of adding Food as something that's gained when Pillaging Improvements/Encampments to further promote this trend.

    Admittedly tho, this is never good

    Yes, I've experienced similar frustrations. I think the solution is either a supperrr simple (but probably still quite complicated under the hood, but idk haven't really done any prelimniary work) piece of UI to let the player choose which tile a city grabs next (or maybe even something simpler in the city screen like allowing the player to highlight the next grabbed tile), or maybe just alter the plot-value-city-expansion AI to make it prioritize food.

    Do you think there should be an additional way of unlocking it? Again, it's not necessary to get to the later governments.

    Well, yes, I think you summed it up here - these are my personal gameplay preferences in my gameplay mod, but I went to the effort of making them optionable because I knew inevitably some people would just not like them. That said, I really do appreciate other points of view, and you've made some excellent points, many of which are in line with my own thoughts, and nothing is set in stone yet.
  10. notaspambot

    notaspambot Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2020
    I've been doing a quick run through the logs to track down what's been a pretty consistent CTD during AI turns in the medieval era, and it seems to crash somewhere during RefreshHirableHolyOrders(). I've also found this unrelated error elsewhere: "Iska_Mercenaries.lua:112: attempt to index local 'pUnit' (a nil value)", as well as another tidbit which I assume is from a lack of Stones to Stars:
    The problem I'm having is that the custom mission for the Great Architect never appears. The Hurry Production button appears just fine, but the button for the custom mission never appears despite having a Grand Architect garrisoned in a city throughout the near entirety of the Classical-Medieval eras.

    Regarding the early game discission:
    Chiefdom itself isn't as important as the access to authority/tenets. I had presumed from the way the civic tree graphic is drawn that Monarchy and Republic had Chiefdom as a pre-requisite, but while the backup plan is nice to have, I think I'd rather dip two policies into Tradition for the extra food if my start is bad enough for it to be a consideration. Although it's nice to know for a Honor playthrough.

    Regardless of which method you gain access to them, authority/tenets still feel important enough that getting a delayed start on them can feel pretty bad. Even just the semi-free jail and its +2 production alone can be huge for the early game. That being said, I do recognise that I'm playing with an imperfect vision of your mod, so I'd take it all with a grain of salt. Especially since due to the way the tenets are era-locked, I'm likely playing with more powerful tenets than would have been available with Stones to Stars.

    Anyway, it's been an interesting run with the mod, and I appreciate all the effort you've put into it, so thank you for that. I do think I'll ultimately be hoping for a VP-compatible update to the lite version though. I do like a lot of the mod's concepts, but it looks like the ones I particularly like will still be in the lite version in some form, while small things like the UI or lack of access to some CP functionality still bug me.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2020
  11. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    Gah. I'll implement the band-aid fix that seemed to prevent Mercs from spasming and dying from a similar bug in mid game for the next update.

    Yes, those are all (the absence of) StS Units.

    Hmmm. I'll do some investigating, but I'm pretty sure this works - is it possible that on Emperor the AI just beat you to all the Wonders? How large was the map?

    I'll keep this in mind. Possible alternative unlock prereq might be 3 military units or something.


    To each their own. I've been meaning to do this (for a week? idk) but I shot off onto another other project:


    I've been celbrating the opening of an LCBO on my block, so for the last week and probably until I have a particularly bad hangover and reign in my baser urges and return to my usual patterns, the short period of time before I fall into a drooling stupor in my bed watching television is spent either writing those or replying to comments or messages. I'll try and do that in the next few days - it really shouldn't be that much more complicated than some SQL triggers to update the BNW happiness Policies to VP ones. You obviously know your way around how civ 5 works, if you want to take a crack it before I get to it, feel free to go ahead.

    We keep tooting each others' horns here, but thanks again. I have a few major features planned for the next update along with the inclusion of some long overlooked things like pedia entries and myth beliefs, but the mod is (despite it current flaws) finally in a stable enough place that I don't feel an urgent need to find bugs and put out a new version asap. All things in time.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2020
  12. notaspambot

    notaspambot Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2020
    Probably the last batch of reports:

    1. EDICT_AESTHETICS_1 is not giving the free GP on war.
    2. EDICT_AESTHETICS_3 does not work- its dummy policy is not properly implemented. It also has an associated dummy building that seems to serve no purpose.
    3. EDICT_RATIONALISM_3 gives yields to GPT improvements that are inconsistent with its description.
    4. EDICT_INDUSTRY_2 description has a typo. It also does not seem to be actually implemented.
    5. EDICT_INDUSTRY_3 does not seem to be actually implemented.
    6. EDICT_GENERAL_11, EDICT_GENERAL_12, and EDICT_GENERAL_13 never shows up during the game due to a typo with ERA_RENAISSANCE.
    7. EDICT_GENERAL_17 description refers to the "Underground-Transit System" building, which is inconsistent with the building it actually grants, "Mass-Transit System".
    8. EDICT_GENERAL_18 does not grant Atomic Theory.
    9. EDICT_GENERAL_19 description refers to buildings exclusive to Stones to Stars.
    10. EDICT_DYNASTY_2 has an issue with InfoToolTipInclude.lua.
    11. WLTKD notifications have localisation issues.
    12. The Incorporation technology is located in an incorrect position on the tech tree, and hides Replaceable Parts from view.
    13. AI will sometimes stack a combat unit on a tile with a pre-existing player-owned combat unit.
    14. Power does not seem to be working properly. I've built multiple buildings said to require power iin their tooltips without building an actual power plant.
    15. More of a QoL issue, but I think it'd be nice if the Oligarchy civic's double yield for National Wonders effect could be moved from lua to sql. It would be more work, but it would make the building tooltiips show their correct yields. I was confused for a moment about whether it was working or not until I looked at the code.

    Coming back to a few points:
    As a correction, it more seems to be that the AI is doing a poor job of recovering from early losses. AI that gets barb raided or undergoes some sort of financial troubles early on seem to find it difficult to recover, while civs that seemed to have had an okay early game continue to maintain relatively healthy balances. I'm not sure why they would be having troubles with GPT in particular though. Perhaps they're overspending on unit maintenance?

    Standard-size map, and I can confirm that there are plenty of wonders that the AI have not built by looking at the diplomacy screen.
  13. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    These reports are so much more full of useful information than the regular kind, thank you so much.

    Re: 1/2/3: Will fix.
    4/5: I thought I had gotten around to implementing these at some point, obviously not. (I might have just procrastinated on making them more interesting until I just forgot about them.) Thanks, will fix.
    6: Woops, that's embarrassing
    7/8: Will Fix
    9. I've never really figured out if I want EA to depend on StS fully and just making them two separate parts of one mod, or keep the as complimentary and separate. I've been pretty careful to make sure nothing breaks without StS, but things like this, along with more subtle things like previously discussed lack of early game options, are kinda just because I don't ever play EA without StS, and it only exists at way for testing purposes. (Lite is a thing, after all) But then again, I've always kinda intended to eventually make EA completely standalone, so I guess I should tidy up the references.
    10. ? Will investigate
    11. Yes I've noticed this too, it was working at one point but something broke and I haven't gone looking to see what it is yet
    12. See 9
    13. This is a "feature" of unit stacking, you can do this too by ordering your unit onto an enemy unit's tile and then declining to declare war.
    14. Huh, admittedly I haven't actually played a game that lasted long enough to actually test this since I included it a couple of updates back - I kinda just assumed it was working. Obviously not. Thanks, will fix.
    15. I'm actually terrible with SQL, if you know how do do this quickly and conveniently, I'd shower you with blessings

    Ahh, again we're gonna have differences in gameplay due to the lack of StS, which includes nothing's "all units 1 maintenance" mod, which does exactly what it says. It has a pretty dramatic impact on early game expenditures. I can imagine the AI would be a bit more gimped without it. Or maybe I'm just so used to whatever penalty you're seeing that it doesn't even register with me anymore?

    Big hmm then, I'll do some investigating.

    One more time:
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2020
  14. notaspambot

    notaspambot Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2020
    1. EDICT_GENERAL_20 doesn't grant the bonus culture from broadcast towers.
    2. World War code calculates for a dummy building that gives flat yields based off a city's total yields. In most cases, this will just mean the calculations are a bit off, but all hell breaks loose if a city ever reaches a 100%+ culture modifier.

    I'm not so sure as to quickly and conveniently, but it seems to be a matter of simply copying entries from the building tables to their associated policy ones and then do a mass replace to ensure correct formatting.

    For example, if you wanted to double the yields for BUILDING_Y:
    INSERT INTO Building_YieldChanges
    	(BuildingType, YieldType, Yield)
    	('BUILDING_X', 'YIELD_FAITH', 1),
    	('BUILDING_Y', 'YIELD_FAITH', 1), <- copy this entry
    	('BUILDING_Z', 'YIELD_FAITH', 1);
    INSERT INTO Policy_BuildingClassYieldChanges
    	(PolicyType, BuildingClassType, YieldType, YieldChange)
    	('BUILDING_Y', 'YIELD_FAITH', 1), <- paste here, replace the comma with a semicolon if it's the last entry, and then run a replace for "('BUILDING_Y'" with "('POLICY_X', 'BUILDINGCLASS_Y'"
    	('POLICY_X', 'BUILDINGCLASS_Y', 'YIELD_FAITH', 1); <- like this
  15. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    Thanks, appreciate the help :)

    I'm back on the civ5 modding train, and found the cause and solution for the Great Architects issue - I broke it while making optimizations and just didn't notice. Going to try and fix as many bugs as possible before the next release, instead of just procrastinating and adding new features like usual instead of consolidating what I have. (Couple of new features; Myths/Currencies anyway lmao)
  16. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    Hello all, just made a big update to this, following is the changelog (or most of it):

    -Added Currencies mechanic
    -Gave Aksum additional UA relating to Currencies
    -Added Myth Beliefs mechanic
    -Added Health from Fresh Water
    -Removed Alliances
    -Fixed issue where AI would declare war on being asked opinion of another Civilization
    -Fixed issue where Emigration was sometimes not working
    -Fixed issue where Power wasn't being generated by Power Plants
    -Fixed issue which prevented human players from expending Great Architects for unique Wonders
    -Fixed issue that prevented Vassalage from being enabled
    -Fixed issue where Cultural Stylism Civic Tenet didn't work
    -Fixed issues with Policy requirements for Wonders unlocked by Policy Trees and corresponding text
    -Added missing Venetian Arsenal Wonder unlocked by Industry Policy Tree
    -Switched non-functional Disposable Labour Policy for new Sanctioned Revelry Policy
    -Fixed issue where Legal Chambers had a broken Specialist
    -Fixed issue where Emergency Food Reserves Civic Tenet wasn't being offered
    -fixed issue where 3 Renaissance-Era Civic Tenets weren't being offered
    -Fixed issue where Evangelical Missions Civic Tenet didn't grant Missionaries
    -Fixed issue where Beauty Through Suffering Civic Tenet didn't grant free Great Person
    -Fixed issue where Fashionable Society Civic Tenet didn't work
    -Fixed issue where Scientific Methods Civic Tenet granted wrong bonus Yields
    -Fixed text issues with Industrialization and Underground Systems Civic Tenets
    -Fixed issue where Bootstrapped Nuclear Program Civic Tenet wasn't granting Atomic Theory Technology
    -Fixed text issue with We Love the King Day Localisation
    -Fixed issue where all Players would be notifified when an unmet Player founded a Caliphate
    -Fixed an issue where Faux-End Turn Buttons wouldn't hide themselves on entering CityView
    -Fixed text/effect disparity with Ceremonial Festivals Social Policy
    -Fixed image offset issue with Knowledge Branch Civic Tenet Icons
    -Added delay to several text popups to reduce overlapping text from multiple popups
    -Corrected text discrepancies with Virtue Explanation ToolTips
    -Fixed issue where Human Players could select Wonder-exclusive Pantheon Beliefs
    -Fixed issue with misassigned Xia and Goths Alpha Atlases
    -Fixed issue with empy trade deals
    -Added additional Natural Wonders by adan_eslavo
    -Rearranged Ancient/Pre-Classical Technologies so all tiers require techs from the previous tier
    -Adjusted Pathfinder text and removed Goody hut Choice Promotion.
  17. Lt_Karan

    Lt_Karan Chieftain

    Jan 24, 2021
    Great work! Some of the most exciting and revolutionary ideas I've seen in a mod for Civ 5. Can't wait to see more progress.
    PS: How do you think some of the new mechanics would fare as a MPMOD?
  18. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    Thanks! Not sure how this would hold up to multiplayer, haven't tried.

    New patch; changelog:

    - Fixed an issue where Holy Wars weren't starting properly
    - Fixed an issue where Abolition Civic Policy was disabled
    - Fixed an issue where Pollution was being miscalculated
    - Fixed an issue where Food from Health wasn't being updated correctly
    - Fixed an issue where Corporations broke when loaded with Events
    - Fixed an issue Where Great Prophets couldn't generate Great Relics
    - Fixed an issue where the Great Work Popup TopIcon would become stuck on the Great Relic Icon
    - Removed Pathfinder's free Promotions
    - Hid Machiavaelli's "Created" Promotion from the UnitPanel
    - Hid Machiavaelli's Religion Dummy Buildings from CityView and Civlopedia
    - Fixed an issue where Colonies would pop up an undismissable Production Choice button (next turn still allowed)
    - Nerfed Floodbringer Belief
    - Slightly increased the Science/Production costs of Neolithic Technologies and Wonders
    - Increased the Authority cost of Civic Tenets
    - Fixed Terracotta Army Help text -> Requires Honor
    - Fixed an issue where Human Players could found a Myth even if a Myth had already been founded by an AI Player
    - Fixed issue that broke Government UI for one turn after Ideology adoption
    - Included Great Performers, Inventions, and Sculptors mods
    - Fixed being able to select already chosen Currencies
    - Added text to CityBanner ToolTip showing progress on Currency spread
    - Added Jiayuguan Fort Wonder
    - Prevented Faith to Favor conversion when Government or State Religion not founded
    - Fixed Islamic Brotherhood Civic Tenet
    - Corrected slight errors in Myth game text
    - Hid Purchase and Change Production buttons when viewing Colony's CityView
    - Fixed an issue where Slaves weren't granting Production
    - Prevented Players from gaining Glory on Peace.
    - Rearranged DiploList Buttons
    - Fixed Hereditary Occupation text popup on City captures
    - Fixed issue with negative Piety or Karma text
    - Fixed issue where Favor could become negative
    - Added Diplomatic modifier for differing Religion
    - Fixed issue where Patron of Carpenters and Keeper of Remedies minor Beliefs weren't working
    - Truncated title text in DiscussionDialog to match LeaderHeadRoot
    - Reduced time between World Congress votes
    - Fixed CityView to show Directors as Artist Specialiats
    - Included Performers, Sculptors, and Directors in Citizen Class calculations
    - Added a Popup for Dark Ages
    - Fixed issue where NewEraPopup wouldn't play a quote on entering the Pre-Classical Era
    - Fixed issue where Great Dignitary's Legal Treatise would give different Authroity than text popup
    - Changed Notification code so clicking on Civic Polcy or Tenet Avialable Notification opens Government Overview
    - Changed Barbarian Cities option from default on to default off (prime suspect for remaining crashes)
    - Nerfed Corvee Labour and State Architects Civic Tenets
    - Fixed Civic Tenet apostrophes showing as quotation marks
    - Fixed an issue where the Aztec's Floating Gardens would disappear from Cities
  19. Jiska

    Jiska Warlord

    Apr 23, 2016
    Just a bump to let anyone who's interested know I'll be back to working on this very shortly :)
    LipskiPolska and Lt_Karan like this.
  20. Nappa8000

    Nappa8000 Chieftain

    Jan 7, 2016
    This looks AMAZING!

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