Isolated Mongolia: Deity, DS version


Mar 13, 2009
Moved Settler, found I'm on an island with space for one city. I usually win by the 1600s but that's with huts and neighbours. No idea how to start this game, ideas?

Horrible blurry smartphone photo of screen below.

Spoiler :


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I know it's way too late now, but in that scenario I'd have knocked out a warrior then a galley, and then sailed off to find barb huts elsewhere. I probably wouldn't be able to rush any capitals early on in the game, so I'd just build up my military so I can conquer the weakest civ, and then build up from there.

It also depends what civs I'm playing against. A few games ago I was the Spanish, I had the English in the game, and since I was going for an economic victory and I didn't want any competition or threats from them on the high seas, I eventually blockaded every one of their coastal cities :)
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