Israel as a Non-playable Civ


Lazy Roamer
Oct 27, 2006
I don't come up with ideas very often, but when I come up with something I think is good, I make sure to get it out.

I'm sure we've all realized (unless it's a fluke in my game) that Jerusalem turns into an Independent Civ around the time it would have in history. (1970s?) It would be nice to actually be able to talk to Israel and trade with Israel. So my suggestion is to add Israel as a Civilization to RFC.

Now I'm not sure how difficult this would be, and I know that there are no plans to add new Civilizations, but I would really like to see Israel as a non-playable civilization. Although, I do realize it would be hard for the small nation to prosper, so special abilities would be required, like "No Negative Stability due to Low Expansion" or something to prevent it from collapsing. Israel has had such a great effect on recent history, so it would be a wothwhile addition to Rhye's.

Feel free to criticise or comment.

(PS: I haven't been around much lately due to plenty of schoolwork, so if something has happened recently that makes this look really stupid, please tell me. :goodjob: )
Oh. Sorry to hear that. Is there any way it could be less of a waste? Maybe Israel could also be a very weak Civ at the beginning of the game that would be absorbed by the Arabs if not conquered before.
They can replace something like the Mayans in the 600 AD start, I never saw them really respawning.
I wouldn't complain there.
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