Issue with window/task changing and Civ6 being unresponsive


Apr 12, 2012

Been struggling for a long time with Civ 6 making the game unplayable to me. I only play offline. Often I'm using Firetuner meaning I will have to swap tasks/windows (ALT+TAB) within the game to change between Firetuner and Civ6. This has always worked nicely without any issues. Some time ago (haven't played it for a very long time due to this) this was not possible anymore. Now what happens if I change to Firetuner and try to go back to the game again the game is frozen, meaning I cannot click or do anything. I can't even change back to Firetuner. Not even quit or save the game as everything is unresponsive. The only way to quit the game is to use CTRL+ALT+DEL and click on log out. I'm running Windows 11.

Help would be greatly appreciated!
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