Issues after switching laptops


May 22, 2020
So I got a new laptop, but running the game on it hasn't been the same. Here are the problems:

The game's editor has issues as it says "Error, couldn't locate..." and thus can't display the map art. At least the Quintillus editor can open saved files fine.

The scenario when played can't tap into the right folder that it has been assigned to in the scenario properties.

I have no explanation to these issues. Has anyone encountered this?
More information may be needed, e.g. (at minimum)

— Operating system used (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and version?
— C3C version used (CD, GOG, Steam, other)?
— C3C install-location (version-default or custom)?

That said, the Editor-failure problem, specifically, seems to be related to/ caused by Windows updates. @AnthonyBoscia recently posted another thread in Tech Support along similar lines.
Windows, Steam version and install location: Windows10 (C:).

The difference from my old laptop is that back then I installed it in Program Files. Does it make any difference?
In the linked thread Anthony Boscia linked to even more threads and posts about those problems with the Firaxis editor. The appearance of that problem after windows updates and solving the problem by setting the editor to Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and run it with administrator settings was the method I was able to handle it for my pc. Having it on a new pc, seems to be a different version of the problem.

At present I have another problem with my Firaxis editors. I have three versions of C3C installed independently on my pc: One cd-version of Civ Complete in the program(x86) folder, an old German C3C installation in the program folder and the GOG C3C installation in the C folder for the GOG games. After using heavily the GOG installation of C3C in the last months, now, when I want to use the Firaxis editors in the program(x86) folder, the editor needs the text files and the unit_32 file of the GOG installation at C and as they are different to those files in the program(x86) folder, I have to copy those files to the GOG C3C installation and rename the old GOG files, so that I can work correctly at the biqs in the program(x86) folder. :crazyeye:

Therefore now I think, there must be a little leprechaun in our pcs, who tries to do some pranks to us humble C3C modders. :nya:
Now the game just refuses to read any new buildings in the designated folder though it can read the tech chooser. When I tried copying those extra building icons into the vanilla icon and conquest icon folders it still refuses to read.


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