Issues with Zoroastrianism


Apr 11, 2012
I decided to try "Babylon into space run", the goal being to ignore UHV and trying to win in modern era.

The original plan was to use my first prophet to bulb priesthood. I desperately needed more culture to unlock extra wonder slots and making Babylon holy city would help with that (not to mention the long term benefits). But i was stopped by two issues, both seeming to be quite counterintuitive.

1] To my surprise Babylon is incapable of founding Zoroastrianism. I am aware that DoC region locks religions i like that. But in this particular case, Mesopotamia religion value for Zoroastrianism is zero(according to world builder). This means that the religion won't ever spread there and if converted with missionary, it will disappear as soon as it would in i.e. Scandinavia. But historically Zoroastrianism spread to Mesopotamia swiftly and was prominent there for more than a millennium. It's not like i am complaining that I can't bulb Taoism there.

2] So I loaded the autosave, "fixed" the map in world builder and bulbed again. This helped, the religion popped up in Babylon. Only to find out, that I can't build pagan wonders anymore and my ziggurat is gone (so much about helping me with culture). This was totally unexpected because previous spread of Judaism didn't do that. So I assumed, that as long as i don't change my state religion i am fine. It turned out that Judaism is special case. Again this make little sense from historic point of view. The Seleucids did in fact erect Hellenic temples all over Persia and actually converted portions of Zoroastrian population to Hellenism. In the game Greece flipped to Zoroastrianism as soon as it's conquerors took Shushan.

-Expand the religious map of Zoroastrianism. At least historical for Mesopotamia, but i would argue for core, as that would make the religion not necessarily exclusive to Persia. Levant could count as periphery and Anatolia with Egypt could count as minor. I am sure anyone attempting the religious victory would greatly appreciate that.

-Treat Zoroastrianism similarly to Judaism, so when i.e. pagan Greece takes over Persia it can still build it's temples there.

-Please consider expanding the Civilopedia. Simple minor entries would help immensely (like one sentence about Judaism not converting pagan temple, under the Judaism tab). I had to extensively search the forum and resort to datamining to cure my confusion.
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