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It always falls apart in the renaissance

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Multiplayer' started by Ugoff, May 30, 2013.

  1. Ugoff

    Ugoff Chieftain

    May 30, 2013
    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get a little multiplayer advice for the renaissance and forward.

    Every time I am in a game with friends I start out really strong. I have the most science, good amount of cities, (always 2nd in population for some reason though), largest army and highest income. And this is not with a specific civ, we play with random civs.

    I usually can easily take over a neighbor (or enough to make them no longer a threat), and puppet his cities till I can catch up on happiness. It is at the point where we reach gunpowder that everything falls apart.

    As I'm raising production in my cities with forges and the like, as well as raising up my happiness to help integrate the new cities, I realize that my income has dropped dramatically (with the military still going on, and with building maintenance) and waring has become much harder. For some reason I can't really get a balance of attacking cities with musketmen and riflemen, and my canons usually don't last very long when I do start attacking cities. I just hit a point where I can't push an advantage, have to back out and just tech up, even if I have a stronger army. And then everyone just passes me up. I fall in science (even though I've been building science buildings and the like), income I fall to like 3rd or lower, and then I'm just playing a defensive game hoping for artillery or bombers to try and get back in it.

    A few things with my how I play: I usually don't build many farms around my cities, normally they grow at a pretty good pace that I don't have to build infrastructure or farms and it keeps up with happiness (obviously this changes a bit from game to game though). Attacking cities I usually get a few archers a couple of catapults and swordsmen/pike-men early on and generally a friend who was mainly getting wonders, or busy elsewhere gets rolled. On downtime for my cities I focus in order on 1)Happiness buildings if close to 1 or 2, 2)Money making buildings, 3)Production, 4) Science.

    It's just after this where everything grinds to a halt and I become a huge underdog (that and damn spies eventually tear my apart with with my own spy camping my city (they usually then hit another city since all are pretty big targets)).

    Any advice for waring around that time period, or how to properly maintain a building balance? I feel if I stop making the buildings, I will fall more behind in science/money/production, that all my friends start rapidly climbing in.
  2. EEE_BOY

    EEE_BOY Deity

    Jan 13, 2007
    Very typical in FFA for over aggression?

    Run scientists with university?

    Happiness buildings to counter all puppets unhappiness? should have rely on trading if you make your aggression look temporary. better to focus on
    1. food 2. science 3. production 4. money 5. happiness
  3. Sir Spanky

    Sir Spanky Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2009
    Simple and easy way... burn every city down that does not have a wonder to save on Unhappiness and Money.

    Second, the new Era has higher costs for units, happiness, and city maintenance.
  4. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Cut your lousy hairs!

    Sep 17, 2010
    Machinery or Chivalry can be teched before Education. After that, YOU NEED Education. Run scientists in all cities with a university.

    Now for the important part : What to do with your gs?

    Artillery/Cavs beeline : Jump your science rate at 160+ bpt. Stay 7-8 turns at this rate and burn 1 or 2 gs to slingshot to dynamite.

    China/England : Use your gs to get industrialization instead of dynamite.

    Scientific theory bypass :

    You feel safe and want to develop even more your actual cities? Get this tech before stronger military techs. This will let you a nice edge over time when players need to reach the modern era because they are stalemate. You might want to build Pisa(Printing Press) and rush a ge for PT or Taj(build the other one). These 3 great wonders are a great locomotive for the next stretch.

    The idea of gs is to use them at specific oocasions. To get stronger science techs or military techs, these gs will help you to stay at a good pace in term of strategies against strong players.

    Don't be afraid to burn 2 or even 3 of them to make a big jump to these techs and work new buildings/units ASAP :

    Scientific Theory
    Planes techs(with oil)
    Uranium tech
    Armored units techs
  5. Ugoff

    Ugoff Chieftain

    May 30, 2013
    Thank you so much, I've been following your advice and I have made it pass that era in our newest game with hardly any noticeable difference. I'm still not great at waging war with cannons and the armies at that time, but my civ is a lot more stable.

    Only thing I have to figure out now is how my friend has 500+ science... I have most of the science wonders, 1 extra city, and universities in all my cities and he has near double science production of what I have in my golden age. Well at least he says he has 500+, at first I didn't believe him, and then I found out I dropped in literacy to 2nd. (we are just before dynamite) so I might have to launch a campaign across the water to knock him off a bit, or run all science specialist in all my cities, or try for another win condition. (He's Arabia, and I'm Byzantine)
  6. Pye

    Pye Chieftain

    Feb 5, 2013
    He could do the same things as you do, but he could also have 3-4 observatories.

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