Japan sucession game


Oct 15, 2001

Wassup..... need 4 player for a succession game. It's the first time I play it, but I've read some and know how it work.

It's a regent level games, standar map size, 8 civs and climate, age and landmass are normal.

here's the history of the first Japanese millenium.

4000 BC the great city of Kyoto is found.
The minor tribes that was within our border has teach us the science of Mysticism.
Our scientisits are starting to study bronze working
Attachtatuk the 1st priorize the creation of a warrior group to defend and explore the future mighty empire.

3750 BC Warrior is build. He's sent to the Est to explore.

3550 BC An other warrior is created. He's sent to the West

3450 BC Our woker is ordered to connect Kyoto with the wine ressource near by.

3300 BC The worker has done his job. Wine is now distribute every where in Kyoto.

3200 BC A region rich in furs is spotted to South Est

3000 BC Settler is build to expend ourself (we're probably late compare to others)
The reing of Attachtatuk the 1st is complete.

So I need 3-4 more player to continue... let me know and I'll send you the game.
Can I try? I never played on Regeant level before (Warlord at the most, and only Diety once, and I got VERY lucky one time with 3 civs close by! :)).

I have the 1.07f version. Does this one have the patch? I'll have to look for it, though.
Go on but you will need the last patch released (1.16)

anybody who want to play is welcome.... need 3 more players
I will play! I have little experience with succession games but I tend to own the computer pretty badly on Regent. Also, I love any religious civ. So, just tell me when to play my turn and I'm yours. Chieftess should probably go before me in any case, since I posted afterwards.

I will also be around for the long haul and not drop out after one turn, like what happens in some games. :sad:
Well, judging from my play style, and it's the Japan Succesion Game, I'd certainly be good at a good old fashioned Japanese Isolationist Policy! :D

BTW, I'm also studying Japanese, so I'll add some stuff in for flavor. I enjoy storytelling (and yet, none of my stuff was ever posted on the Apolyton/Civ2 Viking Scribes...)

Anyway, I'm currently downloading the patch now. My network isn't working right, so I'll have to chop it up a bit (Civ2 is on my Pentium 4 - I use the Pentium 2 for the Internet - I bought it from a student on-campus)...
To the first to read this,

just download the file and comfirm it on the forum and play for 20 turns.

And I wish you find rivers

see ya:goodjob:
(finally! An MS-dialup that cooperates! - long story)

anyway, I'll go first (or 2nd in this case). I wanted to get it done tonigh (well, last night, now - my time), but I'll do it in the morning, and post a story.

anybody who wish to be 3rd or 4th just comfirm it on the furum

I just cant wait to see how it as evoluate
If there's still an opening, I'm up for it!

I've actually been playing the Japanese in my last few games. Been exploring the military attribute.

Great leaders are great! :cool: :soldier:
You'll be next after chieftess.... I prefer a peacefull game but I think that militaritics is one of the best civ attribute, no other civ can rivalize (in war) with a militaristic civ.

so just comfirm you're in and wait for the game

see ya

Need only 1 more player.......
haha, with a name like that, I don't really have to guess where you come from ;)

So, I never been on a succession game and I usually play warlord/Regent... If you want me aboard, I'm your man...

Just one thing... how much time do we have to play our 20 turn?
Unless attachtatuk has some kind of objection (which I strongly doubt) both of you should be in. Time limits are up to game founder, so ask attachtatuk. I will take my turn as soon as Chieftess finishes and posts summary. Good luck to all of us! :D
What's up,

You're both welcome,...I have no objection but you two are gonna be the last one

So hope you're good kicking AI ass

and comfirm you re in


and for the time limit try to do it in 24h but I wont throw anybody
out so take your time .....but not to long
Originally posted by Sullla
Unless attachtatuk has some kind of objection (which I strongly doubt) both of you should be in. Time limits are up to game founder, so ask attachtatuk. I will take my turn as soon as Chieftess finishes and posts summary. Good luck to all of us! :D

Hey, I just noticed you're from Baltimore too! :)
Let's give everyone here a big "Welcome to Bawmer Hon!"! :D
The birthplace of Sid Meiers Civilization! (Well, in Hunt Valley atleast...)

Anyway, I just completed my turn.

Japanese - 3,000 BC

The Himiko Era

The Himiko clan inherited an era of expectant expansion. The heads of the Yamanaga Shogunate, Himiko's generals of the day, presented news of a newly discovered village far to the east of Kyoto, dubbed 'toumura' by the villagers. A Japanese warrior dispatched to the region is now prepared for possible contact. Meanwhile, a second Japanese warrior was dispatched to the southwest, to an apparent peninsula.

The heads of state have also laid out the groundwork for "First Expansion". Most notably, the shores to the southwest of Kyoto, and to the east were spotted several possible settlement locations. There is a strong possibility that the shores will see the second Japanese city. Some furs for possible trade were also spotted in the far east of the island, and south of the warrior. The location of this city may change, depending on what the warrior finds in the village. While a few resources also exist in the central region, several unexplored territories remain to be explored to the south.

The Shogunate of the military has devised an expansion plan for our civilization. The warrior to the southwest is to explore the last remaining land in that territory, then head back towards Kyoto. The warrior to the far east is to make contact with the village, then head north to explore the northern area of our territory. Kyoto is to build a settler, then a military unit, which will take the route with a priority of 1. If Kyoto can build a second unit, that unit will take the second route.

Independent land scouts from our villages have also rumored that we may be on an island. But, it may be that only few are brave enough to traverse the treacherous Datama Mountain Range.

( See attached J_3000.jpg image )

3,000 BC -
The eastern warrior enters the village of the Zhou tribe. Fearing that the warrior was some sort of raiding party, the village was absquatulated (disbanded), and three Zhou warriors descended upon the sole Japanese warrior.

Meanwhile, the southwestern warrior advances south, and finds another village within the next area. This will have to wait until the next turn. The settler has also begun its' journey, and will arrive in 3 more turns. The Kyoto worker has begun to mine the grapes in the vicinity.

At the end of the turn, the Zhou warriors gave a valiant fight, however, the Japanese warrior proclaimed victory, becoming a veteran after two battles, and elite after the third!

2,950 BC -
The southwest warrior found the village to be a Mongolian village. These too, were in fear for their village, and they sent three warriors to attack! Meanwhile, the other units are moving as planned. Perhaps the Mongolians and Zhou villages where at war over precious resources? After all, some gems were found by one of the mountains next to the Mongol village.

At the end of the turn, the southwest warrior was victorious! Like his eastern counterpart, he too, became a veteran after the second battle, and elite after the third. These warriors seem destined to become legends in the Himiko Dynasty.

2,900 BC -
No major events of importance

2850 BC -
No major events of importance

2800 BC -
The settler has reached their destination, and not one, but two fish resources were found! Thus, the city of Osaka was founded! The palace was also expanded during this period.

2750 BC -
No major events of importance

2710 BC -
The Kyoto barracks were built, and an addition warrior was started.
More resources were also found, thanks to the eastern warrior.

2670 BC -
The eastern warrior is now continuing to the northwest.

2630 BC -
A village to the northeast of Kyoto was discovered. Fortunately, this village tribe, the Hsung-Nu, was willing to join the Japanese army as a conscript! Because of there proximity to Kyoto, the Kyoto warrior production was no longer needed, and a temple production took its' place.

2590 BC -
The conscript is heading towards the west, and the eastern elite warrior is exploring the north. So far, all indications are pointing to an island.

2550 BC -
No major events of importance

2510 BC -
The road to Osaka is nearing completion. Along its' way is a wheat resource. The citizens of Kyoto were also whipped into hurrying the temple production. It will be complete in the next turn. The conscript to the north spotted a barbarian encampment; unfortunately, the conscript was ambushed, and killed.

The treasury also reports that funds are running low. Science was lowered to 80%, and luxuries to 10% as a temporary measure.

2470 BC -
With the unfortunate death of the conscript, Kyoto went to producing warriors after the completion of the temple.

2430 BC -
There is now much suspicion that this is an island. Priority has been set to naval improvements.

2390 BC -
Osaka has completed a warrior, and is producing wealth to stem the negative cash flow.

2350 BC -
The eastern elite warrior has found a small desert in the extreme northeast portion of the land.

2310 BC -
After being ambushed by barbarians, the eastern elite warrior is resting for a turn or two, while the southwest warrior heads on up to assist.

2270 BC -

No major events of importance

2230 BC -
The road to Osaka is complete!

2190 BC -
The eastern elite warrior, having healed his wounds, headed west towards the barbarian encampment, and discovered another village to the north. Upon inspection, the warrior found a tribe, the Shangians, who were willing to share the secrets of pottery! The worker by Osaka is also creating improvements to the land.

2150 BC -
Kyoto has finished its' warrior production, and is now producing Spearman. The two warriors are approaching the barbarian encampment, and are 95% sure that we are indeed, on an island. Either that, or we are on a corruption-causing peninsula.

But, there are other matters at stake! After a 950 year reign, the Himiko dynasty comes to an end with the death of the last heir to the throne. There are others waiting to take the place of this dynasty, a dynasty which saw almost legendary fighters and epic travels. News about the next dynasty is buzzing in everyone's ears! What era will this next dynasty be known for... ???

The circles in yellow are resource areas. The central area seems high on resources, thus that is our next area of expansion. The one in pink was a resource discovered only after Osaka was founded. It is unreachable via the city radius. I have also found 4 possible city sites for expansion. Note that the Fur Trade city is one square to the northeast, as there's more grass, and the remaining fur can be gotten by roads after the culture value has expanded. Kyoto could continue to produce its' spearman, or build a worker to expand eastward. There are still a few squares left undiscovered. If it does turn out to be a "bottleneck" feature, it would be a perfect location for a city!

( See attached J_2150.jpg)

(I'm haven't attached anything to here before, so bear with me...)
Thanks for the chance to be part of the empire.

While I'm not a warmonger, playing a militaristic civ passively doesn't use their great advantage: more Great Leaders! :soldier:

I'll try to keep my more aggressive side on a leash. . .
:cool: :lol:
Here is the year 3000 BC map.


  • j_3000bc.jpg
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And now the J_2150BC image.
Ok, I guess it got through. Anyway, here's the zip of the j_2150.jpg image.
Fearing that the warrior was some sort of raiding party, the village was absquatulated!


From the American Heritage Dictionary Online:


SYLLABICATION: ab·squat·u·late
INTRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: ab·squat·u·lat·ed, ab·squat·u·lat·ing, ab·squat·u·lates
Midwestern & Western U.S. 1a. To depart in a hurry; abscond: “Your horse has absquatulated!” (Robert M. Bird). b. To die. 2. To argue.
ETYMOLOGY: Mock-Latinate formation, purporting to mean “to go off and squat elsewhere”.
REGIONAL NOTE: In the 19th century, the vibrant energy of American English appeared in the use of Latin affixes to create jocular pseudo-Latin “learned” words. There is a precedent for this in the language of Shakespeare, whose plays contain scores of made-up Latinate words. Midwestern and Western U.S. absquatulate has a prefix ab–, “away from,” and a suffix –ate, “to act upon in a specified manner,” affixed to a nonexistent base form –squatul–, probably suggested by squat. Hence the whimsical absquatulate, “to squat away from.”
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