JASC Animation Shop 3.11


Oct 12, 2005
JASC Animation Shop 3.11

Jasc Animation Shop is a powerful yet easy-to-use program that creates animations from one or more graphic images and offers a wide variety of effects and transitions for enhancing animations. Used as a standalone application Animation Shop allows users to easily create animations for use on a Web site or in a presentation. Animation Shop's straightforward interface allows anyone to create effective buttons, banners or other animated effects without a steep learning curve.

Users can easily import multiple-layer images to automatically build animations or use the Animation or Banner wizards to assemble and create new animations. Animations can be quickly and easily modified using features like drag-and-drop editing, registration marks, automated cropping options, frame culling, flip and mirror frame adjustments, and a selection of painting and drawing tools. Once finished, animations can be optimised for the Web with the powerful Optimisation Wizard, which provides a comprehensive selection of file output options.

Uses for Civ 3: Creating Leaderheads, and for creating animation previews

Supported OS: MAC OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows XP
File Size: 10.6 MB
Version: 3.11
License Type: Freeware

New LINK 7-16-17: https://mega.nz/#!ywFVlQqC!hyA4ks0Ptp8O_DQIUCEy9dh-0GtmtMPr19S2TNjjEtM
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Can you please explain in more detail how to make or modify Leaderheads.
my English not know, only with the translator.
This puts the graphical elements together and saves in the correct format FLC for a leaderhead. You can use it to make single frame leaderheads also but many use something like Poser to animate a leaderhead first, or you can 'import' graphics of your choice. There is probably tuturials already made for how to do so; Here are a few I found: ...

Hope that helps!
Thank you very much.:)
How to make a 121 frame animation flic in animation shop leaderhead?
I am unsure if it supports Windows 10, but 3.11 freeware version I still have. If anyone would like that freeware version, you can PM me. If I am given some kind of official notice that it may not be freeware any longer, then I won't be able to provide it.
Sure I want it so a can make a leaderhead for my mod
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