Joao (AI) beelines Optics


Jul 17, 2007
(look at what Joao is researching compared to eveyone else)

He's already got compass and after this he goes on to get optics in like 300AD. He's obviously not teching that fast, although machinery did take less time than shown here (he obviuosuly moved the slider up) but hes clearly making a beeline for his UU.

Im not sure however that this move is entirely justified - im playing a continents map so theres nowehere to colonise. The only thing he could do is sent pillaging stacks to some random AI he meets, safe in the knowledge he cannot be attacked. (i havent played far enough along to get optics myself so i dont know what he's doing with his new carracks atm (apart from defending his seafood))

This is not the first time i've seen this kind of thing. In a previous game Charlemenge got engineering very early. I didnt think much of it at the time -i thought it might be a one off... now im not so sure. Is the AI programmed to do this kind of thing?

Edit: Wrong forum - should probably be in the BTS one. Never mind......
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